One Life, No Regrets

The biggest danger What we face in our life is regret It is the biggest danger And I face it And with great force And I do it my own way My way to confront it is not meditation It is not health or fitness It’s also not charity My method is my work Which I cannot give up Because I love him I love doing my job I like to challenge you And that yourselves I’d love to do this But through my work I will always keep up … the risk of remorse And educating people about the beauty of life without remorse I’d like to hear you tell me how bad your life is Or why are you helpless For one reason or another But your justification is incorrect Because if anyone can succeed It means you can too Stop making excuses Stop whining Nobody will listen to you People may pretend to hear you But the market doesn’t really care what you say What you need to do is open the door to happiness for someone And this person is you Only then will you be able to please others Do you know why I love making others happy? Because I am really happy So I hope from you To blame yourself one last time And you look at your face in the mirror And to ask yourself: Do I stand on the right path to success? Not just in your professional life but even in your personal life Because that is very important When you are happy in your personal life You will succeed in your career And my role is to make you do it To help you succeed During the last years …

… I am trying to give you the keys to success Such as intelligence – social intelligence – awareness – struggle … and others Do you know why? Because as I told you There are 330 keys to success We’ll go to all of these keys All are tried and true And one of them can touch you You will realize that your laziness was standing in the way of your hard work You are not keeping your promises The problem may lie in another cause the important is To find and discover it Have you decided to sit down? It seems that what I’m saying interests you right? Is what we say good? Will you remember it? – I will good We only have one life We will live it for once And finally I will leave you with this sentence because you will need it How to make money It is the most important question It is not the amount of money you earn How to make money is the most important question, not how much money you make Translation: Mustafa Al-Khatib

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