What is Marketing Today? With Seth Godin

hi I’m Seth Godin I’m the founder of the Alton ba and the author of a book called this is marketing marketing used to be a side effect we had a factory it was busy we said to the marketing team here’s some money Cosell average stuff to average people not true anymore marketing is at the core of what we do that unless you make coal or oil marketing is the story you tell who you’re telling it to why people are gonna buy it it’s the center of the universe and what that means is that you’re responsible they’re responsible for what you make how you make it how you bring it to the world what the side effects are who you’re talking to everyone works for you because what we know is that a product well marketed is a product that people want to engage you and an amazing product that no one knows about or cares about isn’t amazing because we don’t get to use it so I I coined this term modern marketer to identify somebody who isn’t a Holden to buying mass media TV ads to be in front of average people with their average product that’s old-school marketing that’s Mad Men it’s faded away it’s almost gone the idea that you can buy enough gross rating points to interrupt enough people to make enough money to do it again God and so what we’re seeing on the internet is a whole bunch of companies tried to simulate TV they tried to come up with viral stuff they tried to come up with scams and hikes just to get a lot of hot dogs it doesn’t work the fact is that TV was a mass medium and the Internet is a micro medium you can’t buy Facebook you can’t buy even buy Yahoo you can’t buy all the ads it’s lots and lots of tiny slices so pick your slice and measure when you need to measure don’t measure when measuring doesn’t make any sense and realize and what we are seeking as an asset is connection attention trust and not spam or interruption Simon is brilliant as always and understanding your Y is critical but it’s also usually awfully general my why is because I need to make a living my why is because the beach is too full my why is I want to feel fulfilled by doing this work which leads to the next question well what am I gonna do now which is how do I know if I’m doing a good job which is what is this all for and so for me it begins with seeing who we seek to serve and figuring out how to make things better for them not for me but for them because if I can make things better for them then I’ll get a chance to do it again and if I can keep doing it and doing it making things better weaving things together earning trust turning attention into a promise and that promise into a brand that matters then regardless of what I do for a living regardless of what my why is my practice is a professional one because I’m not leaving behind victims instead I’m opening the door for people to do better everything we do as a marketer has an effect I’m not even gonna say side effect just in effect and you have to own the effect that if you sell a product that’s gonna cause people to get lung cancer that’s on you you didn’t have to sell it they didn’t have to buy it either but if marketing works you’re on the hook because marketing works and you did the marketing so what we get the chance to do is make stuff we’re proud of and do it in a way that causes the effects to be things that we are proud of so yes you could build a social network that hits people against each other and gets them in each other’s throats that’s on you that each one of us has all these levers available to us little known fact that the person who invented the gas free on gas that put a hole in the ozone layer also invented leaded gasoline same God not a good run for him was on him those to invention what are we gonna invent can we invent things that will make things better because that’s how we change the world we better make things better by making better things hi it’s Seth Godin and I’m here on the HubSpot Academy Channel if you’re into marketing like I am subscribe and you’ll learn more

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