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The reason why I win frequently Is that I don’t care about the middle person. Did you get me? [Man] Yes. I didn’t change for their sake. They changed for me. Why? Because I focused on you. Yeah. You have your point. I just wish I could be happy. Don’t you want to be happy? “Digital Agency” exhibition in New York I’m so excited to be here. Obviously, it’s funny. This is literally related to my world And it’s fun because yesterday I was in Boston I spoke to 600 people A jewelry store owner And I was really excited because they are dealers. They have one store and they sell things.

Obviously, that’s where I come from. Hence, I had to come to the event Where a lot of people in this room, The vast majority are doing what I am currently doing. And yesterday it was interesting to remember And I challenge myself to think about what I did When did I have the money? And this is the focus of the conversation, Lots of people in this room They have an idea of ​​my business, I’m talking about a lot of motivating things, a lot of things. But the truth Is that I always remember when I was trying to change the story In 2014, 15, 16, I didn’t build a Wine Library. Only through social media.

Instead, I used “Direct Mail”. And search engine. And email marketing. And I didn’t talk about it because I knew there were a lot of people here They didn’t have a marketing budget. This made me remember something very interesting to me, Which is, the first week after graduation, I didn’t have a marketing budget, I have printed a bunch of flyers about a 20% discount on wine On an image I made using a program As old as Photoshop, I didn’t even use Photoshop. I was not good at using computers at the time. I didn’t even know what to do. And I remember there was a crab in the picture, Literally, a crab. There was a picture of a crab on the beach. And I thought to myself it’s okay, And I used it Then I made dotted lines and wrote 20% off. On wine box, and unsold items. I printed 100 copies, I came to the store the next day, I parked my car, ran, opened the store, And I told one of the children to watch the store, And I headed to Short Hills, The leaflets were placed on the windshields of the cars For an hour and a half.

The interesting thing for me is here Is that Vayner’s first day was so funny. The truth is, I didn’t know anything about the advertising sphere And I had to learn it. And I should have started. So it was fun for me to take on a challenge, as I try to remember What i did, Knowing that there is a large group of girls here They run a shop alone And others are trying to move from profits of more than a million dollars to profits of more than ten million. Very honestly, I really want to turn To questions and answers Because I think, judging On the number of people who have written to me on LinkedIn And “Twitter” for the past 24 hours about this, The majority in this room at least have them An idea of ​​what I will talk about or what I believe in. And I don’t think it helps you much. I think what helps you the most It is likely, it is fun to see Maribel here With which I worked closely for a long time, I am very proud of my practical abilities And all those amazing things I’ve heard Just in front, so brilliant And thinking about it really is like a dream.

What I promise you is, When I think about business, which I am proud of It is that 21 years ago, I entered my father’s store And he decided, Because he was so excited, Home renovation. This was like a family project, and I was commissioned. I have been in this business since I was 14 years old. Every weekend, and every summer vacation, my dad knew I was not an idiot, but capable of working Even in the last two years of university studies, I used to come home nearly every weekend, And I get to work. But I started And from that day until now, I did not raise capital. I had a salary to pay it. What amazes me, is that it’s different with Vayner. Because of the difference in size, But, I didn’t even have a line of credit for the Wine Library. Our bills were due for payment within 30 days Or the distributor will force you to pay cash on delivery, This will prevent you from being able If you buy from any other distributor. The discipline you grew up on he is Pay for what you have.

true? So I was fragmented to cut. I’m very proud Because for 21 consecutive years, I had a dues to pay it. And I paid it Processes. Build an actual business. And I reaped many of the fruits of it along the way, But the point of contact I feel is in this room very high I have a lot of ideas about attack and defense, And it’s on all of your minds. Therefore, I would like to bring the greatest possible benefit to you. So there are two microphones for asking your questions. I think it’s a good idea to line up. good. And I think it would be better to open up space for questions and answers I know you want to relocate For that paragraph I’m glad you are here.

It was a good introduction. [Man] Really? Thank you. – Yes, it really was good [Man] Can I say one thing? Yes, say three things. – You said that, There was opposition when someone said, “You should come here and tell people That Gary likes to say “fuck” a lot, But then I said, “Oh man, cursing is a brilliant thing,” “It is a sign of intelligence.” “And I said, you’re sure we are.” is not it? Learn? I appreciate it.

– That’s ridiculous Listen Backstage Ryan asked me to pay attention to my words. So I kept the dialogue fairly clean. I’m so excited, But I know someone is going to ask a damn stupid question. I’m kidding, because there is no stupid question. A very important note, What I want to focus on, This is where I want to inspire some people Who are still sitting Because they’re either more introverted or, Or laziness, or who among us knows when you did not get up.

I am Really excited about operations How to build actual projects. It is very difficult to produce customized content. It can bring enough benefit which is why I don’t do it. Listen, I think a lot of you feel me. There was a very long time where I didn’t produce any content Be motivational Because I never care about being a motivational speaker Although I know many consider me as such. I’m excited. And optimistic. I am very grateful and happy. And I sincerely believe that is that perspective very important. Because if you thought you lost before you started, I lost already, and it’s true. Because it happens to me sometimes. And therefore I really believe this, but I promise you Please feel free to delve into the details I don’t have an operations manager. I have a thousand people working. And I don’t have an operations manager because I’m managing that I make a lot of management decisions In the back room, now. I thought a lot On how to create and publish content at a large scale, Corresponding to the platforms of interest.

But this does not erase the fact that I am serving Between 11 to 14 hours a day As CEO and Operations Manager In a global agency with a thousand employees. So I have a few ideas. I started from scratch, And therefore I can remember, understand and know What methods have worked for me and for others like me? What made so many people not get more than $ 700,000 Of revenue per year. So I really think I can help. So start by asking your questions. I am grateful to be here and appreciate it. thank you. [Robin] Hi, thank you, Gary. My name is… Is the microphone working? My name is Robin Wilson and I’ve been sitting there all day Because I learned that this woman is 55 years old She will have a chance to get here Only if it is close to the microphone and in the front row. If planning is helpful Planning smartly always works. [Robin] I liked it. So I have Specific question. I am only doing social media marketing in our agency. We just market by email and social media, social media often In that order.

But we are working with a private market. We work with auto companies We are a company run by women, We do social media marketing. Their leader is 55 years old, It doesn’t matter, does it? And we don’t just work with car companies, Rather, they specialize in working with auto loan agents This is what we are good at The market is currently interested in buying cars. This question occurred to me Because people ask me all the time, Do you also do digital marketing? It means “search”. And we don’t do that because I don’t understand it enough. So I don’t know if I need to partner with someone Or just keep going By allowing them to outsource to do that Because all digital means are not true. I get it, but are you doing the paid ads and the creative section? Or is one of them alone? [Robin] Both are. I got it. I think the answer is very personal. You and everyone are here You know that when you do not provide a service, You are a weak point It could result in you losing your own service, right? [Robin] Right.

– It is not very complicated. We’ve all been through this. I guess it comes down to, and this is actually … Thanks, Robin. This is a great way to start. I was behind the scenes, I just shot a video And for the people who follow me the most, I’m in a “post-production, filming my life” state Five or six years ago when I was looking straight To the camera to shoot a video of my thoughts, it was rare. The original programming of the video clip It’s rare for me these days, But I am very attracted at the moment For this belief that people are not familiar What makes them happy when managing a project. And everyone thinks only about growth Without realizing the next employee Or the next hundred dollars is a start A way that you don’t like your business This is your answer. Your answer is based on You know it is a weakness. On the one hand, it’s also a point of strength on the other.

You just have to ask yourself Are you happy with the level of work you are at? If not, then are you in place Where you think you can go deeper, Or do you think you need to go a little wider, right? Partnership, no. true All partnerships are at risk from their inception. It is impossible for there to be another business or human being He has the same interests as you And eventually something will happen. Again, this is what makes it fun. I see some shaking their heads, because they’ve gone through the experience. You thought about those stupidities that you did and didn’t work. is not it? This is why we have not partnered with anyone. Actually, I haven’t attended a single meeting To partner with anyone Because I know I’ll do everything alone Because I build everything for myself And I had no desire to claim that they were They are the people who asked me to do … I didn’t even want to put myself in a vulnerable position For someone pretending to be in a meeting where they were trying Convince me to partner with them, Whenever I did what they did, I was bad So I didn’t even go to those meetings Because I didn’t want a bad reputation Because I knew there would be no scenario Where I enter it in partnership with anyone.

I would have done everything myself. [Robin] Wonderful answer. Thank you. – learn, The answer is self-awareness. Let me say one more thing Because I know this will benefit everyone I also believe that when you intend to do anything else, You should not be doing something from the past, but something new. I’d like to see a lot of people here Those who are on social media only, do not go to search and banners, And programmed marketing, and they get started To be ready and able to market via audio devices within four years Because their business will grow a lot more. [Robin] I liked it. Thanks a lot – but one more thing. I apologize.

[Robin] I’ll be back. – Cause I say sound Is that I think marketing by voice is very close At the same time if you come to me and say Gary, it’s absolutely true. I’m going to advertise for “Blockchain” To ensure consumption. I will say this is further than you think. Or I’m building a VR store. There isn’t anyone you know who goes home and uses VR. This means that we are far from him. My strength is timing, Not just seeing that. true? I don’t talk about TikTok much now Because I just discovered it I was one of the first users of Musical.ly. I am talking about it now Because it grows from one stage to another, and for the same reason I talked about “Snapchat” Although I invested in it four years ago. I’ll wait for things to come to a different level So that the company includes more consumers. Timing. The reason why “Vayner” grew so big Is that I invested in the things I thought would work And I used to live with my sales until I reached success.

[Robin] Yes. Thank you. – Thank you. [Eric] Hi Gary. How are you doing? [Eric] Okay, how are you? Very well, what’s your name? [Eric] My name is Eric Yang. – Eric. I am from Paris. very nice. [Eric] I actually designed a web conferencing agency. We are based in Los Angeles. I was following your advice, Who is the content industry and documenting the entire way And what we do with our work. Fabulous. – [Eric] He did This was working fine for us Great. [Eric] And what’s interesting is the type of person Who are following us now are Asian entrepreneurs Under the age of 30 – Logical.

– This is exactly what I am. And I moved to Asia to be closer For that class. this is interesting. [Eric] And my question is, Besides “Podcast”, what advice would you give? For Asian entrepreneurs to build a personal brand? Well, I think the Podcast It will bring tremendous growth in this field. I also believe that the major opinion leaders are unequally ahead in Asia, Especially in China and other places. Thus your ability to benefit from “influencers” In that world too big. I also think there is a great opportunity On all social networks in the southeast. So we opened a branch in Singapore Because we believe advertising costs On Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, Even when we go to Japan and South Korea, Less expensive than America Our global expansion is completely based On undervalued ads Which is the thing we most believe in.

So the answer does not change. My answer is always the same. What do humans do? Accordingly, he provided them with interest in that channel. I know a lot of people are following from home. The fact that “Crushing It” was published 18 months ago And I never talked about LinkedIn Whereas LinkedIn has become what I’m talking about most now is something crazy. Here’s why It is nothing new, it is now undervalued. There is also a great chance that I will talk a lot For print ads, direct mail, radio and television Someday Because the market collapses and you become priced Really a good deal. I want to buy billboards on public roads when they remain And I can buy it for two months for $ 2000. Instead of $ 34,000 I am unemotional. I can’t wait to be at a conference like this in seven years I do not recommend social networking sites at all Because you have to understand.

I was not producing the content and you were not following me When I built my company on … You run the ads on Google as soon as they appear. I purchased Google AdWords ads for five cents per Click as soon as they appeared To advertise terminology related to wine. This was one of the biggest reasons for the Wine Library to grow. I did email marketing in 1997 and dived into it. That was all for me. My email open rate was 90 percent. This had never happened before. But it was new. The same rate at the moment, I receive a million, I receive 100, if not 1000, emails per day Or private messages from people thanking me for encouraging them By joining the TikTok app. It is a profitable investment. But people go deep with one thing they know They do not wish to eliminate what he brought them to. This is what happens in this room. You are not ready to eliminate something That brought you to success When it became no longer popular.

And you begin to justify yourself And mockery of everything new Which makes you stay in your place without progress Then you feel even more retreat This is the game. [One of those present] I believed. That’s the game. [Eric] Thank you. I got it [Eric] Just get an idea of ​​this. I am about to launch a podcast. I have six guests waiting. Will you be available to be my seventh guest For 15 minutes? Two minutes? Eric 15. No. And if it is two minutes? Just two minutes, one more question. You made a huge mistake and I’ll explain it. If you’ve booked four guests, I would have certainly done that. [Eric] Six people are waiting. They are already registered. – Yes, I see. But if I could be the fifth guest, I would’ve done it But now I’ll wait to be the 100th guest. [Eric] So when I have 100. When you reach 99, Send me this video and I’ll do it Eric agreed.

Thank you. [Smiti] Gary, it’s always nice to see you, my friend. Good to see you, my name. [Smitty] I want to thank you again. I always do that. I send you emails every once in a while I know. – [Smiti] To thank you. [Smitty] Something .. – I know, read them. [Smiti] I know. I appreciate you. You answered a message at 6:30 on Saturday morning I love you for that.

Following your advice helped me, you know, In the growth of my company in two and a half years From zero to A multimillion dollar company. You didn’t quite say that [Eric] Yes? Complete. Follow up on your conversation. [Eric] I have to tell you. I’m not nervous to talk to Gary, I was even touched a lot because this man is so real And really cares. Really cares a lot Because this does not come out of me. When you understand how much abundance there is in the world, It will change your behavior. [Smiti] Completely. I am giving all my advice for free, at scale. Do you know how many people here have made money By repeating what I say directly? I love that either This is what I want you to do. Of course I could have had all of these clients.

But I won’t Do you know how nice it is to hear this? Admiration always trumps money. go ahead. [Smiti] If At dinner two years ago, She asked me a question and it was Are you building this company “To build and maintain it?” Or build it to sell? I remember that. [Smiti] And now I want to take it to a higher level, To reach $ 100 – $ 150 million. OK. [Smiti] to sell. OK. [Smiti] I’m trying to figure out what’s next. I need more information to understand. I think building all of these companies here is actually … To build a $ 100 million agency, You must be in the HR field. [Smitty] Sure. Do you want to hear the truth? I spend all of my time in HR. This is the answer. We work on people. I don’t understand how you are not … You know how to make fun of Maybe Rachel talked about it one way or another But I’m not sure if I talked about it, When we audit we are the investors Firms that have a good customer acquisition cost, The bad ltv they fail.

You can get customers all day long, But if you need to stick to them for four months To make them pay And you lose them after two and a half months, your business fails. And then when the price rises Instagram and Facebook ads The higher your cost of acquiring a customer, you will be in trouble And we’re still not talking about LTV. Maribel, how many years have you spent at Vayner? [Maribel] Five. I mean, these are facts. When I started business, People… This is very funny Because I think now that I am.

Forgot. Lots of people came to give me advice I’m a nice guy so I was friendly, But I was thinking, “You idiot.” “My project will be bigger than yours within 36 months” And I don’t even know what I’m doing yet. So your advice is okay, But everyone was saying, “Your employees will stay.” For 18 to 24 months. And I was saying, “No, no, Your employees will stay for 18 to 24 months. “My staff will stay for 5 to 15 years “Because I really care about them.” The only way to create a $ 100 million business is … The reason the New York Jets team is in big trouble now Is that their offensive line is incoherent Because they don’t play together in any way. Agencies are like offensive lines. They need to hold together. I know how fast you’ll be when everyone feels safe And everyone knows what the other person is good at? And people are still afraid To lose … I remember one of the principles I created early on. If we lose a customer, nobody will be fired.

I remember knowing I had to solidify this principle. And things like that. All the things that no one talks about. She is so wonderful to me. I am a mystery. I do extraordinary things. I am talking about my unusual things, But everyone wants to focus on other things Because the things I do are difficult. Persons. Smitty and only one final note. Don’t listen to what he’s saying, do what he’s doing. Watch what he’s doing and get it done. I built my company Carry out his advice and do it exactly He shares his best advice. I owe you Not enough Wine Texts or Wine Library, Empathy I subscribe to every one of them. I know you know that too. I do this because there is not enough thanks I can give it to you For the value you gave me. – I’m trying to condemn Every person on earth Smiti is well done. Thank you. [Smitty] Thanks Gary. [Trevor] Hi Gary. Hi – [Trevor] My name is Trevor. Unlike the previous guy I am very tense, So I get the stress ball – hit the ball? From my friend, Eric. – Do not worry.

[Trevor] Take it back, But the reason I wanted to come here To thank you, I found your content two years ago From the Monday morning cry video That you offer all the time. And a 400 trillion video to one really affected me Because when this video came out, I lost my mother in a battle for several years against cancer. I’m sorry to hear that. [Trevor] I realized there was no reason for you to do things that you hate. Start. [Trevor] So I wanted– Incidentally, 25-50% of this room They hate their current job. [Trevor] I was as well. I was, honestly And you really changed my life So what I did is I arrived …

“I am very good at SEO.” I provided my services for free Because there is no other way for me to get into business And I say “I did nothing, “But I’ll make you money” I reversed that because of what you said And I ended up doing a lot of projects Companies and collect a lot of money. People say, “How much do we owe you?” And I say, “I don’t know. “I am only here to make a brand.” But I was not very good at building my own brand. This is my primary question Because now I’m ready to start expanding Because my goal is to return the favor.

Formed the 501C3 Foundation, formed a non-profit foundation, I started a charity on behalf of my mom That arose literally nothing And she gave everything she had. That really inspired me. Logical. – Many like your content. But now I’m ready to kind of … In order to do this Since I started working – yeah, but the good news is, You have established your own brand You carried out. [Trevor] Yes So you are actually in a much better place From a lot of people who have done well In gathering followers, but they didn’t do anything [Trevor] I don’t have a lot of followers, But the companies I work with Trust me.

They will give me their left kidney if I ask for it. True. Then you have to take it and sell it On the black market. Take it … I’m just kidding. Listen, what’s old is always new. I think the recommendations are strong. I don’t think they have to be boring As we saw in the 1990s But I think you have made your brand. Every time the companies with the big agencies try to make fun of me, And use the method: “Well, it’s Gary “And his relationships.” I say “Yes, GE and Pepsi “And Chase and ABI love me very much “So much so, that they’ve been my clients for seven, six, and eight years.” They stay our customers because they get results. Because we are implementing. Yes, maybe I was more apparent, The way you did, but you built your brand But you haven’t yet shown your worth You own now This is what I will tell you All the people here are looking for a new business in Al Zain At this point on LinkedIn, many of you have felt the good results, And many of you feel remorse for not taking the same opportunity In the golden age of Facebook pages is not it? – [Trevor] That’s right.

Can we all agree on that? You know that one way or another. You either took advantage of it, Or you wish you could benefit from it When I was shouting about it Most of you will ignore it. I’ll give you another chance now. This is happening right now. It’s called LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn is the same as Facebook in 2011. right Now. You may have no followers, and no one knows you. You’re making a video clip, image, written word, Deck Anything you post, And many more people than you think they’ll see. you are welcome. Thank you, Gary. You mean a lot to us. Linkedin, recommendations Incidentally, Not everyone is remarkably handsome and attractive.

[Trevor] I can’t be “Gary’s”. So not everyone should … Find out how you can best communicate One of the reasons I produced the cartoons is, Which I think some of you have seen on LinkedIn or Instagram, The reason is I am constantly trying to find ways to show you There are millions of ways to communicate. You don’t have to have the gift of communication, Or the ability to shoot one time. You may write incredibly well And the seven paragraphs that you write about the current situation For Longtail SEO, she posts it to LinkedIn and graduates It gets you three customers Someday this will end, because I’m screaming loudly. Some of you will, some will not, … Then it will saturate The supply of content will balance the demand Ads will enter the system. Do you understand? How often should you see this happen? is not it? How often do you need …

How do you think I took control of social networking sites? I started with search ads And I emailed, and then I thought, “Okay, now I get it. “I will not repeat the same mistake.” When I see it … Do you know how many people here struggle to get customers? Getting requests for proposals and getting new business? And the answer is LinkedIn now. I have said that now And 74% of you still won’t do that in the next week. This is how I arrived at “insecurity”, Parenting, perspective, right? Because I could not logically understand how this was happening now I know that 74% of you They won’t do that next week. So I said to myself, right. “They are afraid of judgments. “Right, they don’t want their uncle.” “To say they are stupid or when an unknown person says.” “They are bad, it kills them. “Right, they didn’t get the luxury of breeding conditions.” “I got it.” “So now let me give them that.” I just want to be the collective shield.

Blame me. No, no, I’m serious. Let’s do this now once and for all. When– What? [Audience] Gary did that. Just blame me. When someone leaves a comment and says you are stupid. Tell them that I told you to publish it. Point to me. I’ll go over there and rip that goofy off. [Trevor] Thank you, Gary. [Jeff] Hi Gary. – really hard How are you doing? [Jeff] I’m very good. I must tell you that I spoke a little while ago. Directly before you And I’m so glad I didn’t have to speak after you. Thank you. [Jeff] But I really enjoy what you do. And I want to say one of the things that made my question difficult, I work with experts. I help them to become empowered I help them to influence and influence So a lot of what we do is actually like Gary’s style, And confession # 2, I’ve already spoken At the headquarters of digital marketing marketers, Where I taught content strategy It’s a bit like your strategy, which you talk about.

This free guide published by Jana for many people A lot of money [Jeff] Yeah. No joke guys, how can you benefit from a video Converting it into quotes and social media posts And all those things And the use of programs to change pictures so that you can put them on Instagram Facebook, LinkedIn and everything And get the most out of your content, My question to you is, One of the problems that I face is, Because the experts I work with, They run companies. Often they are CEOs or founders Or agency owners. Logical. [Jeff] The problem I have, so difficult, it’s like pulling a tooth Get them to produce content, And invest in their personal brands.

This is why I invented “record and don’t innovate” [Jeff] Tell me more. They should photograph their day. [Jeff] Alright. I totally understand that People are busy. [Jeff] Yeah, they’re busy so– Or they should start recording a podcast Which becomes the top For creative post production across all platforms. [Jeff] is clever. Without neither, you cannot do it. It may be for everyone to know, if you are not recording a video Or a podcast Or decide to guest-star on someone else’s podcast, One of the things I benefit from is being a guest on someone else’s podcast Do you think I want to talk to that person from Paris? In Episode # 100? But the reason is that I do this. Is that I win twice I know, and it makes me happy because when I meet him, His guests from Episode 101 onwards will get better.

Because he would try to take advantage of that I was his guest It makes me feel good The second, when I do that interview, I’m going to photograph it. He would ask me a question, it would take me in a direction I probably wouldn’t have gone to him if he hadn’t asked me. And that answer becomes part of the content Who gets 1 million views on Instagram. [Jeff] Awesome So the follow-up question is, which customer Refuse to create that content, I will send them this video.

What would you say to them if they told me, “Jeff, I don’t have time.” Well then you won’t get the opportunity benefits. [Jeff] This is it. It is not very complicated. that is great. Don’t have time to go to the gym? You become fat If you have the time, you won’t be. You do not have time to spend many hours With your children And give them wisdom and love? Your relationship with them may be more difficult When they get old You don’t have time? You don’t get results.

What I would have told them is that they make the decisions And they rate something less valuable From this to grow their enterprises. [Jeff] Thank you. you are welcome. [Dre] How’s going Gary. Life is good. [Dre] I’m Dre Harris from Arizona. It is a real pleasure [Dre] Yeah, I was dreaming to ask you a question I watched around 600 of your videos thank you brother. – So yeah, I’m a fan. But I would consider myself a recovering Bro marketer, If you will, right? I was foolish and ignorant and used “marketing tactics.” The “Daily Marketing Tricks” – You Get It. [Dre] All that nonsense Yeah. Your content, The big motivating part was– Can I quickly tell you about that? Yeah. – Because that would be Useful. I always like that story, Because the thing that made you that man, When it is used in something more meaningful, It will achieve good results. I believe that. – I always see that. you know what? It’s just a change of discipline.

Dre completely. So your content, was the biggest motivator For me and my partner, for a change The way we grow our project. In the last two months. It makes me happy. – And so on– How are things going now? [Dre] Well, it’s going well. We give away a lot of things for free. So ask me after a year or something. I got it [Dre] So you’re talking about your bid For your best advice, for free. I think one of your last quotes was Cope with seven days of product testing. And if you are Let me explain. No, let me explain. I think it will work I’m not against trying the product for seven days. I am against the fact that the intention of those tests is Which lasts for seven days is to get the person to use the product And not giving them anything, to make them pay.

[Attendee] That is all. you are right. This is all. We are hugely unable to Not thinking of ourselves first. So when someone comes Think about it the other way, She or he can disrupt others. That guide is the “content guide” that I created Who makes money for many It affected the earnings of people selling the guide by $ 1800 It makes me happy. [Dre] No doubt about that. If that evidence is of value, Congratulations, but the reality is that we got in Into a period in internet marketing Where it isn’t 98% of the time. And that is something I think He must be stopped. It is no different from taxis or bookstores. If you do not bring the benefit to the final consumer, You must be arrested. Complete your speech [Dre] Yeah, if you’ve talked a lot lately In some of your videos About “Who can hold their breath longer.” Will win. If Can you explain that a little more? Yes, who feeds his customers and projects Instead of using them so that they can buy trivia To make people who do not like them originally to admire them It tends to build more wealth in the business [Dre] agreed.

Thank you. I just don’t get it. There are a lot of people here running … The reason is that many people have shops here Smaller than they think Is that they make a lot of money out of it. Of course you cannot expand. You don’t hire anyone because you are buying things. There is no person in this room Including me, he uses every room in the homes he owns. I think about this nonsense a lot. And I say “Damn it, “We are not using any of these rooms. “I wish I got the money back in exchange for …” you know what? That’s how I got to The issue of the house that everyone was angry with me because of. Complete [Man] I live in a small apartment Use all the space I have. let’s go! [Man] Someone who loves simplicity. let’s go [Man] How are you, man? You really made me In a good mood. – [good man, That was a great start.

Complete [Man] My dog ​​doesn’t like it very much, but he does. I got it. [Man] If I quit my job- Your dog might like it [Man] Does that make sense? He comes to the office– How do you know when he does not speak? [Man] Right, right. You might analyze his barking and looks, however People are confused and always think that I am someone else. [Man] Yeah, it’s the same here. It’s the same here. – I am serious. I think about that sometimes. By the way, I’ll add to that. Back to content production, There are a lot of people who ignore me The first time they see me Because of the way I say something, not what I say. Misunderstand conviction or energy. Plus I’m totally different here on stage when I have the microphone Than I am when … I mean, I’m sure, Maribel, you should have said that a million times. My interactive way on a personal level varies a lot.

It’s just the nature of the context for that. There is a part of me that saw a lot of Randy the Macho Man Savage. And Richard Pryor who is currently unfolding In a trivial version of those two in one. And so I think your dog might like it. [Man] Thanks. I will tell him. I will tell him that Gary In says that. go ahead. [Man] I quit my job three years ago To move into full-time entrepreneurship. I failed twice. Then LinkedIn released the videos. True? Since then, I have been one of the first to produce video content And my company launched …

It literally went from-$ 900 in my bank account to My company profits will exceed a million dollars soon If first you want to say thank you. Two, that’s a strange question. you said that, Someone asks a silly question. I am that person. Can I have a hug? Yeah – [man] I tried To meet you early Come on. Excellent. You’re cool, man. I am proud of you. You are gorgeous. I am proud of you. Let’s go! Wait a second, I don’t think they turned it on. go ahead.

Not yet. [Raphael] Hi Gary. This is Raphael from Mexico. Hi Raphael. [Raphael] I just saw you were fired YouTube channel in Spanish. What are the opportunities you see To start developing content in Spanish For US companies? Well, there are a lot of people Those who speak and understand Spanish [Raphael] Yeah, but what makes you take the next step? What made me do that? [Raphael] Yes.

The fact that I am building enough projects So that it enables me to hire more employees So I can push people to the next initiative. [Raphael] Yes. I want to remind everyone who takes advantage of an excuse Gary has a team, I did it all by myself For nine years without a single employee. And for all … How many people here were active on Twitter in 2007, Eight, nine, 10, 11? Raise your hands You all know Who was the person posting the most responses and content.

What you saw I always wanted to do that. I just methodically moved on to every initiative It was one of my top priorities. In the end, I had enough expansion in my team To access translation in the domain I need. [Raphael] So you think it’s a good opportunity To start producing content For an American company for a Spanish market? Yes I think so. [Raphael] Excellent – I think Anyone is confused From the growth of Latin flavor in …

That’s funny. When I hear people talking about categories … And it’s really fun to be here Maribel, Because we’ve had a lot of these conversations. Maribel has an incredible passion To her heritage and her community like many people. And I always told her, “We don’t build categories. “This is America.” So I think it’s a big opportunity. And when you start to dig deeper and look at the metrics, I also think Spanish It is a great idea as it has some content Half Spanish, Half English.

It’s incredible opportunities. I am so angry that I was born in Russia. If you were born in a country where they speak Spanish, I would be in control. See, I have no idea what you just said. [Man] Hello, how are you? I like your content. By the way, for people Who read my content, you know how much I love View my school grades report card. I was getting a very bad mark in languages. Failed German twice in a row. During my first and second years. And in New Jersey at the time, You had to pass two years of the language For high school graduation You have failed in German a horrific failure In the first and second year On the premise that the German language is similar to the Russian language. Then thank God, Greetings to Mrs. Kennedy My teacher is in Spanish. I know literally only three words in Spanish. I called my mom four days before I graduated And she said, “Mrs. Viannerchuk, I know we’ve never talked before.” “I just wanted to let you know “Your son will succeed and graduate from high school” But you have to know that he does not know not even a single word [Man] First and foremost, I love your content.

I started seeing you in the first place When you start delving into wine and Kosher wine From the Wine Library with Daniel Rogoff And all your opinions about wine. I remember. very good. – Thank you. [Man] On behalf of my community, I am Orthodox. Everyone wants to know when I’ll get kosher To be registered for Empathy Wines This is a great question, The truth is, I don’t know the answer, But I am inspired by things like this. If you email me on gary @ vaynermedia, I will put it in my folder And when I go to the meetings, This is what I’m looking at. And I’ll pose the question About how we think about it and things like that, Because Nate and Trout manage most of this. But the answer is that we talk a lot About Empathy from Sparkling Seltzer, For Cans, Kosher, and many different conversations.

So it’s a great time to ask a question. [Man] Well, cool Another thing, I noticed it on LinkedIn And in all of your channels you talk a lot about being yourself. This is what you are and so on. I’ve noticed over the past six months, And maybe a little longer on LinkedIn, The casters are covered with “zeroing”. How is that? I think I want to manage my fans When people are pushing back. And the LinkedIn audience Over Long period of time, Actually they complain about it widely. About hibernation. The reality is that I equally believe in being yourself And always not greater than the audience itself.

And therefore Coverage is because I honestly believe It has become harmful to the message And I don’t have time like before, Let’s go every time I post a video and manage my audience And I answer 44 people And I apologize that it bothered them. And tell them why that was important to me. So I feel like I’m still myself. It is whistling. Then you still know what I’m saying So this is what I am. [awesome man. last question. I have an advertising agency and I manage clients Almost $ 2,000 a month. Often times, if a customer comes to me, I manage their social media. They pay me between 2000 and 3000 dollars a month. And they say, for example, “Can you design this brochure for us?” By nature I am a person who loves giving. I would say there is no problem, I will do it for free. Without paying anything extra. But on the other hand, I understand that if people don’t pay for it, They will not appreciate it. So, how do you detail that in a balanced way? It depends on how you feel at the time.

There is no correct answer to this question. How many times you’ve done things for free And it ended up being correct, far too many. And the number of times I did free work I ended up being very exploited And it had negative repercussions in the end, Including overworked employees and many other things, It used to happen a lot. I tend to say OK. People say, “Gary, you always talk about giving and all this stuff, “But I’m being taken advantage of.” I reply, “You choose to be taken advantage of.” Everyone here is adults You can reject this We are on the verge of a major transformation at VaynerMedia.

We are setting very uncomfortable low fees As a deposit of annual fees Or we will not deal with you. This is where we are. This is what I think is right. So I think it’s a personal matter And I think you should try both. I always tell people to ask for a slightly higher price Each time as a test mechanism Because many of you have decided on your own What is its fee ceiling? Or one person said no, and you say to yourself, “Damn, the market doesn’t want that.” No, one person doesn’t want that. [Man] Excellent, thank you. I found out what I mean [Salvador] Hi Gary, how are you? I’m fine, brother. [Salvador] My name is Salvador. First of all, I want to thank you, For being here and for everything you share with us.

I moved from Cuba two years ago and am learning English By listening to your podcast. You learn how to say “you wretched.” I got it. That’s great, Salvador. Thank you very much for this honor. How can I help you? [Salvador] If my question is … We are using influencers to promote our brand And people Who interact with our advertisements and our posts, They only interact with the Influencer. We do several experiments Videos, photos, learn. But people continue to interact with the influencer. What can we do to– Deactivate the Influencer. [Salvador] Yes, thank you very much. You never want anyone to have them Another leverage than you have. If you feel like it’s getting out of hand Then you need to dismiss the Influencer. And set another character. I think a lot of people should make influencers, Either within themselves …

One of the important things that I like, If you have any cartoons skills Or someone else within your organization, Many have to adhere to the Mickey Mouse style. Your company influencer could be a cartoon character And you have that character … The cartoon character does not get drunk. Cartoon character is not accused in sexual harassment cases. The cartoon character does not become arrogant And it charges a higher wage. A cartoon character is something that you can control. The one-of-a-kind “Lil ‘Vee” character she designed, It was not intended to make people laugh. I don’t do anything just to make people laugh. Cartoons should be taken into account. Or understand that we are in 2019 and it’s not about production quality. Put your head on a character you drew, Literally draw a character and put your head on it, Then having post-production cartooning skills, And make voice comments So you can do a lot of things visually, But you don’t actually have to do it.

Here’s another good, free idea. I have a lot of ideas. It’s about execution. [Salvador] Thank you very much. Thank you. You are welcome, brother. [Rosanne] In 2009, I saw a video Where a young man taught me the best wine to sip with Froot Loops breakfast cereal. I remember. Thank you. [Rosan] So I’m Rosan. I run Red Head Labs. We are an e-commerce development company, Basically Shopify and Big Commerce. My main question now It is: We’re trying to convince the brands TikTok is efficient and a good website. So how do you convince already Brands You Work With, That this is where they should spend their money. By telling them not to spend even a moment on that When they say no. The reason I stopped talking Is that I love you to ask this question Because overall, It is the biggest weakness in the hall. The biggest weakness in this room It is an attempt to persuade what cannot be persuaded. You have held new projects meetings, In 16 minutes it was supposed to be 60 minutes Because once I felt it was over, I wanted to not waste the remaining 45 minutes of my time.

[Rosan] Yeah. Thank you, so many of you and companies in our field They’ll have the 18th meeting with that person. I am not persuaded. I only record content And some people are benefiting Others will understand it at a later time. [Rosanne] Thank you. you are welcome. [Man] Hi Gary. First of all, I am a huge fan. Thank you for being here. Thank you. [Marcel] for context clarity, My name is Marcel. I run a company Digital agencies help operate more profitably Without wasting time on spreadsheets.

So we’re about to launch a B2B Saas product. About $ 3,000 in recurring profits annually. If you were my place, So what is the strategy that multiplies it? To start with? Give it free to the most influential people Then take advantage of the fact that they use the product successfully. [Marcel] Okay. Well, I think you will get a free copy of our software. thats good! Maribel? And LinkedIn LinkedIn I like it when you put on a higher order, For example working a podcast about competency Maybe a podcast called “hidden costs.” If I were IDing, I would say, Brother, I’m starting out with a podcast titled “Hidden Costs.” People make decisions in the funniest way. They make decisions Without realizing the consequences of having hidden costs Do you know why I love culture? Because rehiring someone has a lot of hidden costs. People say, for example, “I won’t give you a raise of $ 3,000.” Then the person leaves, and they spend $ 6,000 For someone with no experience to replace the one who left. This is crap.

Did you get me? [Marcel] Yes. So if you start a show called “hidden costs,” And you interviewed different people from the HR field, And from the field of procurement, and various things, But what lies behind this is the hint about your product Because they will know who you are. You don’t even need to mention your company name, you will imply that Your company is de-risking and creating efficiencies, It eliminates hidden costs This is how I think about the world.

Level up your topic From the topic of programming that brings more value Because we would all listen if there were 53 different topics Of hidden costs, But if it’s only about one topic, it won’t work Do you understand? The show name is now “Agency Profits Podcast.” So it is a little More my topic – next. [Marcel] But it’s okay. No, next because it’s good. continue. [Marcel] Thanks.

Now, double the production An average of four times on LinkedIn. [Marcel] Thanks. you are welcome. [Michael] Hi, Gary. How are you doing? [Michael] Alright. I’m Michael Ballolf. Coming from the creativity house The Marketing Association of New York very good. [Michael] My question is: Imagine you have nothing Except for your mentality And you start building a marketing agency today. What direction are you going? What strategy will you apply? One of the things you must do When someone pays you It is to provide interest in exchange for that payment. So if you are starting from scratch, Then you need to sell The thing you think you are good at No matter what it is. For me, my best is Monitor human behavior And understanding new ways to get people to know something. That’s why social media has worked for me. So, if I were starting today, If this was an alien world and today was day one, Everything is the same to me, I just go out of business, Most likely I would call my company “VaynerVoice”.

Here’s why. I am capable enough of selling some consulting About where the sound will go To keep me in the market until eventually became the best programming company About Alexa and Google Home Skills Because I honestly believe that the audio device It is the only possibility, I do not think it is guaranteed. Because I don’t see the scale yet. And so I look at TikTok. I don’t think TikTok … I saw someone say that I said Instagram has become inactive This is not what I said .. I say TikTok is the first platform It has the potential to become the most popular platform.

This is what I thought about Social Cam. And Vine. And Snapchat. This is also what I thought about Instagram and Facebook. Because MySpace was dominant at the time. And therefore This is what I would have done. But I have a unique skill, Enough salesmanship and enough ability to be Often right In a short and sufficient time, to take advantage of it. What I recommend is for people to do what they are good at. And by the way, that’s what I did to Vayner. Just to let everyone know, The first two years of VaynerMedia, The first two years of VaynerMedia, All we did was manage the audience on Twitter and Facebook. And that was our job. nothing else. Because that’s what I was good at. I wasn’t the best in production on Twitter in 2009.

I was not. I was good at managing the audience. [Michael] Great. Another question. I made a bet with my boyfriend I will shake your hand. Come. But I want half the money. Glad to meet you my friend. – Thank you. you are welcome. – Nice to meet you. I am a huge fan. – Nice to meet you. thanks YOU brother. [Gordo] Hi Gary, I’m Gordo from India. I was – nice to meet you. [Gordo] Me too. I was the first in the world of “sound first”. For a year and a half I’m sorry, repeat what you said? [Gordo] I’m a “voice first” concept. To build Alexa skills, Google has been in business for a year and a half. Fabulous. – By and large, the challenge is Exploration is very stressful [Gordo] and Google, do not publish any data. Alexa isn’t publishing any data, right? If you look at … Let’s say someone is going to build a platform On a product, this is what we’re currently looking at. We are building production now, or we will build production, We are at that point now.

In this area, To solve our exploration problem– They will solve this problem. That’s why the App Store was created. The apps were impossible to find at first. They will create it when they feel the time is right. Exploration is easy. He is just at the mercy of the platform. [Gordo] Alright. We finished. [Gordo] So Hold your breath and wait. [Gordo] If someone looks at the sound … Someone looking at the audio platforms, From an exploration point of view, it’s going to be a whole thing Largely at the mercy of Google and Amazon.

To some extent. Now you’ll understand why I built a media store And creative because it solves that. Our ability to industry exploration Because our ability to create content is widespread The content is appropriate for each platform, It balances media costs Greater than anyone else’s capacity on Earth. And that, gives me the chance to have the edge Against anyone creating Alexa apps right now. Because I can make the part that they can’t make, And I have control over them. [Gordo] I understand. So if someone is seeking to build a product In this regard – however, a quick note I apologize. I own the preference until Amazon changes that backwards And on Amazon or on every Amazon package, Or on the Google homepage, it becomes an exploration method for each app. We’ve seen this before. They were called Apple apps. It was not difficult. For the first year and a half, there was no exploration. Then it became available. [Gordo] If someone wants to build a product In this area, To detect in the acoustic field, What do you suggest it to be? As a consumer application? [Gordo] Yes. You are not an agency in a development company, Are you building for yourself or the consumer? [Gordo] Yes.

Be very good at exploring. That is the conclusion. Do you see what I mean? You have to add this capability. Otherwise, you just build a great app. Tree in the forest. Tree in the forest. Nobody knows you made the best app. Someone will make a better app in a year Because the capabilities will become Better and lose. And this always happens. [Gordo] Right. Thank you. – you are welcome. [Abraham] Hi Gary.

Hello. [Abraham] My name is Abraham Gonzalez. I’m from Mexico – Will I be … I apologize for interrupting. Will I be able to extend this a little? OK go ahead. [Abraham] Abraham Gonzalez from New Mexico. I am the only person now to deal directly with clients In my agency. So I know the next person to be hired It will be the user account manager. My question to you, I do a lot of local outreach This is how I get all my clients. My question to you is how can you move smoothly To give them a freelance manager When they’re so obsessed with you and want to work with you? By not convincing them of me.

[Abraham] How did you explain that from the start With your agency? I imagine many people are coming to you Believing that it is – everyone. [Abraham] “We’ll work with Gary!” Respond to them That it is not true. Here is Maribel. You can call me If you pay enough. By being incredibly standout. Back to the man who spoke About me that I always say yes, I’m telling you that the biggest word in everyone’s dictionary is “no.” Health. That was really funny. And some of you, if you’re already familiar with my content, You might know what I’m going to say next.

In Russian myths, When someone sneezes after a statement, It means that it is correct. So I appreciate that sneeze. Because it came after a very important point It would have been ignored. Biggest word Everyone in this room must add a “No.” And it was tough at first because I had no other advantage. Now it just got easier. P Vayner became a real company, But at first it was just me. And these giants like Pepsi and GE, it’s tough. And I say “not me” And they say, “What?” I want “yes” I am the CEO, I am setting up a company.

I’m here. Just by telling the truth. [Abraham] Thank you. you are welcome. Hey guys, sorry to interrupt your viewing of the video. I’m making this call with you from my phone number To tell you that you should join my texting list. 212-931-5731. They sent me a text message. [I-Mark] Hi, Gary. My name is E-Mark. E-mark. – Glad to meet you. Nice to meet you. [I-mark] and i-mark. Not sure if you remember us. About six weeks ago in Chicago, We have brought you One of these funds. – I know. I remember. [I-mark] I wanted to make sure you were getting fresh breath Thank you.

[I-mark] Then in the past seven weeks, We sent you one every week to each of your offices. There is a huge bag right outside my office. [Ay-Mark] That’s cool! We won. Gary, about 20 floors higher than this place. Before I get there. Before I get there. Can Jason, Goldie, Sammy and Ota all stand up? We came here this week, Instead of listening to all sessions We decided to say, “Damn, let’s go talk to strangers.” And meet new people. ” And we said, “Let’s start streaming a podcast while we’re here. “why not?” So these are the first four guests. Will you be the fifth guest? Uh Yeah [I-mark] Yeah! – [E-Mark] Awesome You played well. Well done! Well done! Well done! [I-mark] That’s it.

Thank you so much. you are welcome. go ahead. [Quentin] Hey Gary, my name is Quentin Gause, From Rustchester, New York. I played in the NFL for two years. I am a free player at the moment. I own Iron Visuals. I saw your tweet. [Quentin] Okay. I watch them. [Quentin] You are watching. Yes, I watch them It’s very funny, isn’t it? Because one of the most comments I get right now She is boycotting the guests on the broadcast in the Podcast interview And I’m terrible at that But it is funny And I started to improve my performance over the past week or two.

Explain why So that people do not hate me, But the level of listening I do is greater A lot of the words that i speak This is very baffling Because you see me talking all the time, But I am listening carefully [Quentin] I feel you. go ahead. [Quentin] My question is Have you ever been a high-ranking client? At the last minute And this is more in the field of video, And they wanted to get some work done.

In my case, it was a travel agency. They wanted me to go to Cartagena, Colombia For six days photography. The customer did not respect my rates. They even mocked me. It didn’t end up doing the work between us What would you do in that position To try to win a client to work with you? It’s a combination of a lot of the things we heard today. I just set my limits and am understanding I’m trying to explain to them why I think the value is there. To make them understand very softly If they want to go in a different direction. [Quentin] Alright. Thank you. Negotiation is a very interesting game. People think a lot about it, who will hit first or the tactics … It’s just a business.

People have a price for something. I am always understanding They may have a problem with their profit and loss statement. They may appreciate me more than I ask, But they can’t for another reason. But for your situation, You never thought they were mutual. On the other hand, when your company is new, I think you should sacrifice and suffer a lot Because you need studies and success stories. You need context, see? [Quentin] is logical. It didn’t work in your favor, and it’s okay. There is no correct answer. [Quentin] Yes, I appreciate that. By the way, Kimbo says, “How are you?” I liked it. thanks YOU brother. [Man] Hey, Gary, how’s it going, friend? I just want to say thank you. We had a great time here. By the way, this is unbelievable. I am very sad now and happy at the same time. I literally wanted to make this encounter longer. But on the waiting list here it is written: “The last question. “You have to call your daughter.” So I must go.

But quickly ask. I apologize to everyone. Just ask me, but I am clearly using that to make you feel sad. It works. As CEO, while working with clients Who bring you from 50 to 100 million dollars, What is the mental shift you have reached To work with major clients, The Rich 500 Companies? nothing. [Man] Nothing. nothing. I made them come to me by being true over time What their customers would have done. The reason why I win frequently Is that I don’t care about the middle person. Did you get me? – [Man] Yes. I did not change for them. They are the ones who changed for me. Why? Because I focused on you. The end customer has leverage, And not the relationship with the person writing the check If you are planning to continue your business for a long time. [awesome man Thank you. Go to your daughter. I love you guys. thank you. Thank you so much. thank you.

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