Instagram Marketing 2020 | Tips and Tricks for Instagram Growth | FROM 0 TO 10K | Prof Seema

Instagram has brought many changes in its
algorithm recently. Do you know how to increase your followers
and get more views in 2020? In this video, I am going to tell you how
to do Instagram Marketing in 2020. Hey, I'm Seema Gupta, professor of Digital
Marketing at IIM, Bangalore. What does Instagram want? It wants engagement because it wants people
to spend more time on the platform. So, it loves content which people love. So, the content which generates views, likes,
shares, comments and more time on the post. Instagram wants those type of content. How does it decide whether it should show
content to more no.

Of people or not. Instagram has this concept of doing a micro-test! Whatever content you put, in the first few
hours, it is shown to a few people. Then Instagram gauges how much is the engagement
from those people. If the engagement is from very limited percentage
of the people to whom micro-test is conducted upon, then Instagram infers that your content
is not adding enough value and not generating engagement. So, it's reach will get limited but if your
content is a success in the micro test, like in this slide you can see, that so many people
are liking a particular piece of content, when it is shown in a micro-test environment
within the first few hours of the posting of your content, then Instagram infers that
people are liking your content and hence, it increases the reach of your content and
when it reaches out to more and more people, again a percentage of them will engage and
some of them will share which will lead to virality of the content.

So, the crux in cracking the algorithm of
Instagram is to post your content at the right time. If you post it at the right time and if you're
able to get engagement quickly within 1 or 2 hours of posting, then your content will
reach out to more people and hence, it will become viral. So, one way of cracking Instagram algorithm
is by something called Content Stacking Content Stacking means you leverage all the
different formats of content on Instagram to boost your views within the first couple
of hours of posting. Now, what are the different formats? You have photos, videos, posts, stories and
live. Photos are easy to create but videos are difficult. Stories is also easy to create, live is also
easy to do. But photos are less on engagement but video,
stories and live are high on engagement. So, a good strategy to adopt is to whenever
you're just putting out the content, also create a story and tell people that you have
created a new post and give the link to the post in your story.

Also, go live and in live, tell people what
the post is all about, what the content is all about. Invoke Curiosity, so that people are interested
in seeing longer form of content, maybe on IGTV that you may put up. So, content stacking will give a tremendous
boost to your views and make your videos skyrocket. When you are going live or doing a storypost,
make sure you're able to create enough curiosity. So, people should be able intrigued to check
out your post. Another important thing you can leverage is
the caption. Caption is the text that accompanies the post. Caption shouldn't be in long paragraphs because
nobody wants to read a 1000 word text. Break it up into small chunks which are scannable
so that it’s easy for people to get a gist what the post is all about.

Like you can see in this example, it is broken
into small small paras of two or one line. Another thing you can do is ask a question
because question always is interesting but do not expect people to rack too much brain. Keep it simple so that it's easy and fine
for people to converse with you and answer your questions. It’s important to have a CTA (a call to
action) in the caption itself. Like in this example, you can see that the
user is asked to do a number of things like tagging their friends or commenting or following
the account, so have a clear call to action in your caption. It will propel action. Another thing is to use hashtags. Now hashtags many people use but most do not
know how to use hashtags properly.

You can look at thus example, hashtag is in
the form of a ladder, so there are hashtags, which are at the top. Why they are at the top? Because they have huge number of posts and
people are tagging them a lot and then there are hashtags, which are less popular. So, it is like a funnel. So, hashtags which are most popular are at
the top of the funnel and hashtags which are in the same niche but are having lower traction
are at the bottom of the funnel. Most people will go for the topmost hashtags
because they are just too popular and too synonymous with the theme or category or your
niche but that's a very big mistake. Because the competition in that hashtag is
very high. So, if you search for that hashtag, and you
will see only top post but If there are millions of posts in that hashtag, you can never be
found. so a good strategy is to use a less popular
hashtag and then become the top in that hashtag and then slowly build your way up, instead
of straight away gunning for the topmost hashtag.

It's very easy to find which hashtag is relevant
for your domain. Just type your keywords and Instagram gives
a list of hashtags along with the number of posts in each hashtag. So, you can choose long-tail hashtags which
are not having too much competition, where you have a chance of ace-ing it and then slowly
build your way up. Now, many apps are there which help you to
choose the hashtag, you can checkout some of these apps like Top Tags, Lee tags, Hashme
and Autohash and so on. So, basically you should choose low competition
hashtag and then rank on top of those hashtags, then be discovered by more people and get
more engagement on post and then target higher competition hashtags.

This is the right strategy for hashtags, another
thing you can do to basically reach out to more people is get featured by huge accounts
for free. So, the key is to identify curator accounts. So, for example, we can see in this image,
there is a dogs overs account and it's a curator account. As you can clearly see the bio that it is
mentioned that it features adorable dogs and for a chance to be featured, you have to follow
the handle and you have to tag it.

So, the task that you have to do are also
clearly mentioned. So, Lookout for such curator accounts in your
domain and niche and then do the needful. Also, keep in mind the nature of the post
that they are putting up. In this you can see, most of the posts are
of golden retreivers, so male sure your content is aligned with the content of the account. Host competitions that people will go crazy
about and put that competition on your handle and make a post out of it and tell clearly
how people have a chance, like in this example, you can see, people have a chance to win a
gift card, for that, they have to do certain task like tag their friend or follow the handle
and so on. competition is a very good way of increasing
your followers. Not just host competitions on your account
but it would be icing on the cake if you can get other accounts to post about your competition,
like in this example, we can see, somebody else is posting about an event under conference
and indicating to once followers how they can win a free attendance to the event by
following certain call-to-action.

Maximise the network effect by also having
multiple accounts. We can see in this example Gary Vee, who's
very popular on Instagram, has multiple accounts. Of course some are not his own butthey may
be belonging to fans but the idea here is that if you have multiple accounts with different
themes or different sub brands, then you can leverage the Network Effect and you can cross-post
on different accounts. another important thing is, post your content
on different social media, so you may also be having a Twitter handle or a YouTube account
or a Facebook account, so whatever content you're creating for Instagram, make sure to
post it on other social media accounts because every social media account has it's own followers.

Somebody maybe more interested in following
on Facebook, so you may have a unique audience there. If you want that some people should follow
you across all the handles, a smart strategy is to tweak your content for different social
media. So, rather than posting the same thing on
Instagram and same post on Facebook, Twitter etc, if you can tweak the thumbnail, if you
can change the caption and give little bit different flavour to it, then you will give
a reason to followers to follow you on social media. To further boost your reach, arrange, for
shout outs and shout for shouts. Shoutouts are very common on Instagram, so
basically what it means is that some other account is endorsing your post, your content
and you get visibility on other more popular accounts.

Typically, these other accounts are influencer
accounts, they already have a fan following. People are following because they’re passionate
about a topic. They’re passionate about a niche and many
of these influencers, they have expertise and a command in their niche. You can do a shoutout, you can reach out to
influencers and ask them if they will do a shout for shout. Shoutout can be of two types, paid and free. If it is a paid shoutout, you basically have
to just reach out to a few influencers in your domain and ask them what it will take,
how much money it will cost for your content to feature in their post and they will indicate
and then you can see if there is some negotiation possible and execute it.

Free shoutout may happen which is like a barter
and it is mutually beneficial thing. This will happen when the two accounts have
similar number of followers and same amount of engagement. If you want to do a free shoutout with big
accounts but if your account has less number of followers and less engagement, you are
unlikely to get success in it. When doing a shoutout, be very clear that
what message will be posted by the influencer, at what time, what will be the duration, how
the link will come, so that there is no ambiguity later on. Another way you can increase your followers
is by reaching out to Power Influencers. Power influencers are unlikely to do things
for free, so basically you should follow them, you can like and comment and build repo with
them and ask them how much it will cost for them to feature your content in their account.

A smart strategy which you can do is you can
create a private DM group. So for creating a private DM group, even though
you have less number of followers and less number of views in your account, you can identify
in your niche the power influencers and you can follow them and you can then message them
that you're creating a private DM group and already these two accounts have joined. Would you want to join? Basic idea of a private DM game group is everybody
will back each other, and everybody will promote each other’s content on their accounts. It will give huge visibility to everyone. So, it's a mutual win-win situation. Now you get a benefit that you are able to
become a part of this power group because you created it because otherwise you don't
have that many followers and that many views. So, this can hugely skyrocket your views and
followers. Another strategy you can adopt is go for paid
engagement. If you're only looking at organic, it will
be a slow growth but if you go for paid ads, you can immediately skyrocket from 10,000
followers to 2 million followers.

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