Testing the Worlds CHEAPEST Motorcycle!

This is the brand new 2019 tao motor TBR7250 enduro it is a avenue-authorized dirt bike made in China that sells retail forthirteen hundred and fifty dollars manufacturer-new brought to your condo asharp-looking bike however in my case now not a ideal watching one I purchased this biketo experience and trip it i’ve roughly 1500 miles and i say roughly cuz good I don’tknow just a few months in the past I was coming via the woods and a tree ripped outmy speedometer cable so 1,one hundred miles on the clock is the place we sit there may be butone just right reason to buy this motorcycle and that’s the rate it’s made in Chinahence the rationale for the huge dip in that cost versus different bikes and Ithink that for that money you get rather a lot this bike it does are available in a crate butit’s like ninety percentage put collectively you do have to put the front wheel on thehandlebars off controls getting it out of the crate by myself used to be sincerely thehardest part you do also have got to go over the whole thing that was put together at thefactory on this considering the fact that some of it used to be not put together well in any respect apart fromthat once it’s together it mines began right up I hit the switch and itjust rolled in this video i will compare this bike to a couple of otherthings you’ll hear me speak about it versus a jap bike my xt 250 andyou can even hear me compare it to the RPS Hawk which is an extraordinarily an identical bike Ido no longer have that bike however it was once it can be some thing very very fashioned that otherpeople who are into these chinese language bikes do have originally after doing a wholelot of studying on China riders forum I determined on the towel versus the hawk fortwo fundamental factors and that’s on the grounds that these tires right right here I wanted to givea more on-avenue tired I wanted to be risk-free on the freeway as I might I think thesetires are about an eighty/20 tire they do very well on the pavement and quiterespectably in reality off-avenue too i will be able to inform a change between a excellent set ofknobbies and people once I’m on the dirt primarily if it is wet external however theydo an affordable job the other factor that I chose this bike for versus the RPS hawk isit has this rack on the tail end I wanted to have that some additionalfeatures that you just get with this bike are we have now a somewhat adjustable suspensionyou can adjust the preload on the rear end and we even have this tool containerout of the box this was once an totally tall bike and the way in which it set it used to be theseat top was once above my hip and i had to kick my leg up bigger than my waistto even get it over that I was blacked for inches touching the bottom on bothsides considering that i don’t weigh loads I used to be equipped to effectively adjust the rearsuspension sag I put it almost the entire method right down to the bottom that gave me acouple of inches and also on the front endI eliminated the spacers that are within the shocks and and i also lowered theplace where the tree grips the shocks – those two things combined made me beable to touch nearly flat foot on the bike due to the fact that I did that I also had tocut the kickstand given that even out of the box it used to be approach too tall even for theway the bike used to be set up the bike would fall over repeatedly like five people aregonna understand the significance of what I simply showed right here i would say that theengine of the Tao TBR7 is customarily its fine characteristic no longer best did it right upwhen I put it collectively it is very very torquey I lovehas so much vigour its gear ratio is rather low lamentably the gears arepretty shut collectively however that does mean that this bike will sit down up for you allday long you don’t even must use the clutch to get the entrance end in the airwith this bike we did get a good headlight LED turn indicators disc brakeson the entrance we received a drum brake on the rear now there’s one other variant ofthis that’s come out due to the fact I bought mine that I heard does come with a discbrake on the rear however I bought mine round Thanksgiving of final yr eventhough it is a 2019 so i’ve the drum destroy on-line if you are watching for acheap journey bike this one will get you some areas i have quite received a lotof hills and canyons and valleys and stuff like that the place I are living and that i alsowill simply take off driving straight by way of the woods or following thepowerlines things like that and most of the time this bikes capacity exceedsmine that stated once I see whatever most of the time i’m going for it anyway just right factor we didn’t wager so clearly itrained more last night than what I proposal it did the day prior to this we bought up thatjust exceptional but all my photos was garbage cuz I wore the GoPro on my chest admittedly yesterday used to be the first timeI ever made it up that on this bike although the nobbies relatively helped and inthe mud these tires are usually not good a better rider in most cases would do it butthis riders simply going to take the wrong way house it has plenty of vigor gettingthrough the trails and up the hills the highest speed is around 60 miles an hour Idon’t in particular care for going that fast on this bike considering the fact that it is so lowgear you’re squalling taking place the road i don’t feel particularly dependable onit going that speedy however it does a high-quality job within the woods overall it runs pretty well however thereare certainly some issues with it I chose the Tao TBR7 over a used enduro atthe $1,300 price point given that I felt like I was getting a recognized situation setand i am gonna let you know what that set is when you consider that there may be some doozies the firstthing that you’ll be able to have to do with this bike right out of the field is eitherchange the carburetor or cut open the one you might have got and regulate itit will run nevertheless it lacks vigor and they sputter like loopy that’s when you geton the throttle and you start to speed up or you have got got it open and itcuts out and cuts out and cuts out I selected to head with shopping the mikunicarburetors that I learned about on China riders discussion board however YouTuber motocheez has shown on his channel an answer that works too can’t for proofscrews so we bought to fix that and it is bought the tamper proof combo adjustment should you go together with the mikuni carburetors amagic numbers are the a hundred and ten jet the needle must be 2 clicks from the top and thefuel screw was turned 2 turns out once I put that carburetor on its squalled hugejump in power and eradicated the entire sputtering issues probably the most otherthings you need to comprehend are whilst you were hanging this collectively you have gotto double assess everything and China riders forum is a excellent location they havelists of stuff you ought to determine on these like I found the gasoline line was nothooked up to the carburetor despite the fact that all of that section used to be put together Ialso determined that the front end used to be no longer tightened down safely and i didn’tnotice this at first I put the bike collectively and that i wrote it round for a bitand I heard this thump in there and this is what I discovered the chain tensionmay have to be adjusted and one more thing that used to be probablythe worst thing of all about that is after I received mine the we the rear wheelwas stiff it might bind up and i regarded and seemed and seemed and tried tofigure out what was fallacious you understand checking to peer if the brakes had been doingthat the spec on it’s some thing like 60 or 64 kilos you’re speculated to be ableto torque it to at like 5 kilos it would start making that squeak noise andgo by way of 10 pounds the wheat the rear wheels locked up the bearings weregreased they were good and i didn’t determine this out on my possess I actuallymentioned it to motocheez to see if he had the same challenge along with his bike andhe advised me there should not subject how tight you torque that down to that thereshould be spacers in between the bearings that hold that from happeningand I observed that one of the crucial important ones inside the wheel and mine had certainly not beenput in yet another challenge is oil within the airbox and it is partly it’s due to thedesign of this proper right here if i am now not improper that is in order that gases canescape from the crankcase and be recirculated into the airbox butunfortunately a number of oil goes with it so I introduced this additional size of hose tomake it extra elaborate for the oil to do this even with that there nonetheless havebeen some occasions where I’ve needed to drain oil out of my airbox not only is thisbike low-cost it is low priced the high-quality of substances used on this does notcompare at all to a eastern bike on the rear end as an alternative of getting thickaluminum tubing we have sheet metal sincerely the welds and things on thisare now not almost as just right the frame for probably the most part has stayed collectively but boththe rear passenger peg and the rear brake broke off on me and i was doingwheelie apply seeking to do stand wheelies that stud that is justwelded to the sheet metal right there snapped off and so to repair that you knowI needed to take it all aside and that i made my possess stunt I occur to have a lathe so Imade one who used to be longer that could no longer handiest be welded to the front aspect however Idrilled an extraordinarily small gap to the reverse part and poked it through thathole and then welded it there i don’t feel like I must need to own a latheand a welder to operate this bike after that passenger peg broke off I went backand went over all of their welds and so they seem horrible considering I needed to usemy Harbor Freight $ninety nine welder so that is I don’t have the 220 electrical energy out herefor my other one but so that brings us to what what benefits does this haveover my Yamaha xt 250 now you already know absolutely the price but additionally I particularly like howtorquey the engine is within the low range and the load the weight of this bikeis super this bike is I feel around 30 ishpounds lighter than my XT and significantly less top-heavy the pegposition can be a principal plus on this bike they sit down about six inches furtherforward than my Yamaha xt 250 and a pair inches scale down the xt it looks like I’msitting on my knees it makes them hurt this bike has a much more relaxedCruiser kind function instead of that in each other class i’m gonna have tosay xt 250 blows this bike out of the water however you realize for the additional moneyit fees it will have to my individual suggestion do I do I recommendowning this bike if thirteen hundred and fifty greenbacks is absolutely the maximum ofyour finances I still suppose proudly owning some of the Chinesebikes offers you an abilities considering that you get unknown predicament set and also you do havea crisis set nevertheless it’s a identified one you are getting a manufacturer new bike atthirteen hundred and fifty greenbacks the endNeuros I located in my discipline had been junk they had been like 1999’swith forty,000 miles on them you know which more commonly had black smoke white smokeball tires all of that you are not gonna get much if you could come as much as $2,000you comprehend and i am now not gonna say that like Oh a few hundred extra dollars cuz I knowhow it’s or surely if you could stand up to $2,400 you’ll get a better usedbike you will see that eastern bikes to 50s for $2,400 with just a few thousandmiles on them which might be gonna blow this away both in efficiency and in qualitythey’re a much so much safer bike I consider like that this bike is significantlymore of a hazard to your lifestyles you’re risking your existence extra by means of shopping thisbike than other motorcycles about consumer provider I mentioned I acquired thisbike at q9 Powersports you already know they had been one of the only a few people thatactually had them when I was once watching round and that i purchased the bike the daycouple days earlier than Thanksgiving inside eleven days it used to be sitting here in a boxwhat I failed to suppose used to be ok is they didn’t send the title in any respect and and notonly that they didn’t plan to I get why they do not ship it within the field becausethat would make it convenient to steal but they could have very well shipped it youknow in the mail the only cause I obtained my title is for the reason that I called them tofind out why I did not have my title you understand probably that’s how it’s everywheremaybe might be i am silly and that i just do not fully grasp how things work you knowthere’s the first internet motorcycle I ever purchased as a minimum four to 6 weeksbefore I was once able to get this bike street-legal due to the fact that of that the goodthing about q9 is that you can invariably name them and get an Englishspeaking man or woman in the USA of the united states on the telephone when it came timeto get the missing elements that i didn’t acquire for my back wheel you recognize I didget a response 14 days later they mentioned okay were when I contacted them againthey stated okay we’re having this shipped to you from our California warehouseyou’ll have it in three to 5 trade days I stored you already know emailing again andthey’d be like they just say that identical story again and i known as him on thephone they usually you realize the identical story again and so subsequently I just gave up andI did not want to but I made my own part on the lathe I found out what it wassupposed to seem like by using watching at an extra youtubers video the shape of thepart and i just bought some metal and that i made my possess I put it on there and itworks perfectly I I first emailed them on April 2nd on may seventeenth an element got here inthe mail u.S.Similar to this good now not just like they said but six weeks laterbut you might do worse on purchaser provider they did truly finally atleast send the part i’m going to put a link within the description to q9 on the grounds that you knowthey they do have customer provider you recognize I did get my bike there an okayplace i’m additionally gonna put a link to xt energy sporting events and i have not bought fromthem but youtuber motocheez has several of those form of bikes and heseems extremely joyful with them they even gave him a discount code so that you can savesome money on that and so i’m i’m gonna put his hyperlink and his coupon code inthere i don’t get anything in any respect from this i don’t i do not quite comprehend him soyou recognize you’ll be taking his phrase for it when you purchase from there however i’m going to putboth of those sources down there so that you guys can see them as continuously guys superthanks for gazing and good success

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