Testing the NEW DJI Smart Controller and Mavic 2

In modern day video, we’re looking at a coupleof DJI products, the Mavic 2 Zoom andthe DJI shrewd controller. With that, we’re also goingto be showing you a bit of of what supply’s been as much as. [Music] good day guys, for these of youwho don’t admire me, i am Mark, the digital camera man. I’ve been filming for The King of Randomfor nearly three years now. And on the grounds that i’m the onewho’s behind the camera, you almost always do not see my face. But due to the fact DJI sentus a couple of drones and the new sensible controller, me and Calli thought Ibetter get my own opinion. Now, I’ve flownall forms of drones, and actually, DJI ismy favourite brand. My two favourite dronesare the Mavic Air, and the Mavic 2 Zoom. The Mavic Air for its smalllightweight form aspect, and the Mavic 2 Zoom due to the fact it hasthe zoom lens on it. So DJI did supply usthese drones totally free. They did not pay us to sayanything precise about it. They only wanted meto give an honest opinion about what I thinkabout the drones.They also give us an extra Mavic 2 Zoomso we can provide that one away. So if you wantto win this drone, stick around to the endof the video, and we will be able to let you know how. And let’s do a quick unboxingof the DJI intelligent controller. [Music] All proper, sweet. So this is the controller. It looks beautiful cool. Oh, I like the heft. It has a excellent amountof weight to it. I like the flip up antennasthat divulge two joysticks. That is pretty cool. [Music] It has some prettystandard buttons on here, similar to what otherDJI controllers have. That begin up has a reallynice vibrant display. So that is pretty cool. [Music] i will just speedily dothe setup for the controller. Go into the fast tutorial. Peeling off some stickers. Oh candy, it appears love it hasan HDMI port, SD card slot, and a USB port. I ponder what that one is for.Yeah, I particularly likethis 5.5 inch display. And the contact screenis particularly high-quality, just like another smartphone. Okay. Let’s examine what elsecomes in the field. It looks like a vigor cable,an extra set of joysticks. Oh, and the prettyhefty wall wart. All right, sweet! Let’s take this overto Nate and Calli, and exhibit it off. Hello guys, have you ever guys seenthe new DJI shrewd controller? Sweet. It is got a 5.5inch screen constructed-in. It can be full HD, 1080p. It has the OcuSync 2.Zero, which gives you 8 kilometersof reference to the Drone. Holy cow. It runs Android running procedure so you can likedownload 1/3-social gathering apps.Can i play angry Birds? I do not know. I am gonna try. [Music] i’m very impressed that you could simply play thison this controller. That is outstanding. Hi there, what do I did? Do I– No, i am helping. >> i’m–>> you’re no longer helping. I am serving to. >> no longer helping.>> i am serving to. >> Very unhelpful.>> i’m helping. What am I doing? What am I purported to be doing? Ruining matters. Seem at that, how I helped. Ruining things. I ruined? I constant it. So that you stated that you’ve got alreadykind of field proven this, and you like it, correct? Yeah, I love it lots. So we’d like more pictures. We need to see. I think we gotta– Yeah, we acquired to take this thingout, and see what it does.Go. I need to see. I wanna see whatthis looks like. Sweet, i’ll take itout to the wasteland. Cool. Good day, you guys wantto come with me? >> Oh, yeah.>> Yeah, definite. Ok. [Music] Yeehaw! It can be a bit of bitfrosty out in these days, but we made it happen for you. All proper, we obtained it. That used to be cool. That used to be strong. So, would you recommendthis to every person? Quite often no longer every body. It can be variety of likea area of interest market I consider like for who will have to buy this. Persons frequently already knowif they want it or no longer. So if you are debating onwhether you will have to get it, I say go ahead and get it. What are– What are just like the toptwo causes you should use that, as a substitute of the originalcontroller with your mobile? Seeing that it was wonderful. The footage that we gotin the wilderness used to be exceptional. Yeah. Definitely with that1000 nit show on here versus like what,it is like seven hundred or 800 nits. It can be loads brighter. It is simply built in.You don’t have to worryabout having your cell charged and the controller charged. That you can just cost this, and be just right for twoand a half of hours. Guys, verify the linkin the outline for how to enter to winyour very possess Mavic 2 Zoom. That is nonetheless sealed within the box. This is a cool drone. That you can get excellent footageof this thing. It may– it is the same. >> it should–>> it’s the equal.It make it shipped out. It may– Calli could steal– we are going to make sure to getit back from her. Hiya guys, thanks for looking at. If you’re not a subscriber yet,hit the bomb to get within the membership. If you happen to overlooked our last video, or you need to watch it once more,click on up right here at the top. Click on down thereif you wish to have to see what the internet thinksyou will have to watch subsequent. That’s it for now. Have enjoyable. Be dependable. See you the next day..

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