Anti-Gravity Wheel?

I’m here at the university of Sydney where the division of Mechanical Engineering made it This robust device for me weighs forty pounds (19 kg). A fly wheel on the finish of a meter-long axis can you assume looking to preserve this horizontally with just one hand at the end of this axis rather … Well, that’s unimaginable i’ll depart her now will you be able to carry her i am hoping you can lift it? Make it horizontal Come on, just are attempting i would like you to hold it horizontally Come on Now i’ll rotate it to a few thousand revolutions per minute, then i’ll lift it to the tip Horizontally 5, four, three, 2, 1 i’ll leave it with my left hand and you’re going to see that the axis will remain horizontal See it spin The wheel looks close to uncared for in weight, so how does that occur? Instead of a fall The wheel down, as you can count on, has made the load of the wheel double (torque) It makes it stroll in a round route This can be explained through the effect of the gyroscope.To understand the effect of the gyroscope additional, press the observe on the top of the monitor Or find the link in the description below the video Now i need to take a look at anything more desirable and i’ll carry it up my head With one hand and the wheel turns, wish me good fortune but earlier than this attempt Rod Weasley suggests that I first check if i will be able to carry the wheel and it does now not spin To show that, i will lift it from that finish and it would not spin Aah this is kinda rough be careful watch out Gosh I barely lifted it in spite of my lack of force, i will do it, but I want to make sure The wheel spins as rapidly as feasible to broaden the percentage of my success in elevating it Let’s provide it one other 10 seconds 10,9,8,7,6,5,4 three,2,1 Pull That was strong. Now i am leaving my left hand And i’ll try to elevate it over my head with best the proper hand It weighs ninety kg capable? Three,2,1 gorgeous Let’s do it again three,2,1 three,2,1 It appears particularly light when I stated it seemed mild You imply it appears gentle when you lift it? Yeah You is just not like that I raised it with one hand It does no longer spin It was very complex to raise it, which required a lot of effort sure, however it’s spinning You suppose like you wish to have to upward thrust alone without making any effort i did not feel that I was once striving to elevate it I did not put in that much force that you thought used to be imperative to elevate such weights I wager in the event you let it hit the ground due to the fact that it isn’t neglecting the weight We cannot do this but what we will do is stand on the dimensions of Larry’s weight as well as the wheel weight i’ll elevate it over my head to see if my weight decreases I weigh 72 kg now once I prefer up the wheel My weight raises to ninety two kg and this is sensible given that the weight of the wheel 19 kg (forty two lbs) Now i will raise and rotate it and i would like you to make a prediction Is the weight going to be better or lessen or equal to 91 kg once I carry it up my head? What do you feel ? You could opt for what you suppose via clicking on the choices below And if you are a mobile browser, you will to find the hyperlink within the description below the video 5, 4, three, 2, 1

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