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In this lesson we will gain knowledge of how one can experiment for the presence of water there are two important checks for the presence of water observe that these assessments don’t verify the purity of water handiest its presence the first experiment involves the utilization of anhydrous copper ii sulfate which is an off-white solid the time period anhydrous means without water within the presence of water and hydrous copper ii sulfate becomes hydrated copper ii sulfate which is brilliant blue the time period hydrated manner with water one more system to scan for water is with the aid of utilising cobalt ii chloride paper which turns from mild blue to red in the presence of water the same proposal visible within the copper ii sulfate test applies to the cobalt ii chloride experiment the anhydrous type of cobalt ii chloride is mild blue whereas the hydrated form is purple were you aware that cobalt ii chloride has been used as invisible ink how do you consider that is possible keeping in intellect what you know about it let’s pause the lesson to think about it and press play when you are completed a dilute aqueous resolution of cobalt ii chloride would be very mild red when written on paper it’s going to now not show for that reason the writing is invisible heating the paper will dehydrate the cobalt ii chloride turning it blue this has been used for the period of history to relay secret messages in abstract anhydrous copper to sulfate and cobalt to chloride can be utilized to realize the presence of water the colour alterations notice are off-white to brilliant blue for copper to sulfate and lightweight blue to pink for cobalt to chloride

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