WHY DOES THIS EXIST? Testing 2 YouTubers Craft DIY Kits – Karina Garcia & LaurDIY Cash or Trash?

if I had my own personal hell it would
be remaking this kit over and over again I really hate this kit right now
hey grains I am so excited for Halloween are you stop lying and not because
I'm allowed to go trick-or-treating but because the day after Halloween all the
candies are on sale right but that's beside the point
today we're going to be reviewing two craft kits from a big youtubers the
first one is Karina Garcia's slime jewelry or a slime art kit I have a
feeling this is gonna take me a couple of days simply because we have to let it
dry You're very agreeable today are you done? the next kit is Laura DIY crystal chandelier kits
I am a little skeptical on this one but I guess hey I don't know I don't know
anything the only the only way we're gonna know is by trying them out
birb who's your favorite youtuber you're weird
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I do professionally is I am a bridge burner that's my life now I've burnt so
many bridges our first victim I mean review craft city slime art DIY craft
kit one of the things of this kit is that it's supposed to be able to let us
make slime so we should be able to play with it and then after we're done
playing with it we should be able to put it aside dry it and make arts what is
slime art I don't know don't look at me I'm as clueless as you are but I have to
admit it does look really pretty whenever she's holding I guess it's a
flower but it looks pretty the other thing I'm not just a little skeptical
about is that this box says everything you move which is in my little little
salty heart I've had pretty bad experience with it because they're all a
bunch of lies most times not all the time but most times time to see what we
get inside yes what we get three colors of super slime in baggies one clear
slime also in a baggie the slime activator in a baggie what what if I
just want to make one color of slime I have to tear this apart find my own
container and then figure it out styrofoam beats trashy gold glitter
plastic gems and the instructional sheet all right hang on is it me or does the
box right here show that we're supposed to be getting yellow slime not just in
the front but in the back which makes it seem like we're supposed to be getting
three primary colors but instead of getting green which I could have been
able to make had I gotten yellow with the blue so so far not only are we just getting
stuff in bags instead of containers like all the other slime kits that were by
craft City which is a real pain in the butt specifically because instructions
clearly say you need one teaspoon of this or that which means you're going to
have a bag that you have to empty somewhere or that you have to put
straight to make sure that doesn't spill everywhere in addition we don't get any
resealable containers we don't get a stirring stick we don't get a little
roll to mix things in again like the previous Karina Garcia craft City kits
and we don't get anything to measure with how does the Box say includes
everything you need come in play little salt all right let me let me go get
everything that was supposed to be included so you thought you were clever
last time let's play again I'll see you next video let's go ahead and follow the
instructions so the first step is we have to choose our color and shake it
well get your mind out of the better number supposed to measure out two
tablespoons of the super slime into a bowl with only one teaspoon of the
activator that's the entire portion we're making of that whole bag we're
just measuring little teaspoons and spoons
don't drop that bag because that's gonna be a mess and that's pretty much it
let's see how it feels and the answer is it actually feels
really nice it's not sticking to me and it's super gooey this is the slime I
remember when I was a kid for those of you who are very fanatic
let me oh there's some sticking here let me know what texture of slime you like
because I like I like this kind does it make the sound you grains like let's
hear the answers yes stretchy pretty slimy I'm gonna make a second one all right now that we have both of our
slimes and yes they do they they're a little sticky they're
slimy but if you want to activate them more you do it I'm doing my part all
right let's see slime art instructions oh oh oh oh wow
so according to the instructions the way we make art with slime is stretch it out
and let it dry there's no indication of what shapes to make or how to place it
or how you're going to get the actual flower shape that is on the box itself
how is this art other than just forgetting it and leaving it outside to
dehydrate for 3-4 days this box is full of scanning I just
don't see the Arts and just letting it dehydrate the box says create beautiful
slime bouquet a slime bouquet is flowers how am i creating a flower but I miss
something I mean this is where the instructions
are missing why are there no pictures of how to do this slime bouquet all they're
saying is put it together well I guess we're gonna take these two pieces mix
them up I think that's pretty enough we're gonna stretch it and leave it on a
piece of glass we'll get back in three four days and by the way I'm left with
bags they're opened and I don't want to use them so I'm gonna have to transfer
them into a container or seal them up somehow thanks for nothing
crap city I mean crap city several days make them so here's the slime after yes
here it is after five six days I lost count because I just left it there this
by no means to me is an art that I would put into the display so oh look it even
took the Pirates things at least that's pretty neat my verdict the trash our
next kit Laura DIY crystal chandelier kit by no means is this kit cheap at all
I paid $25 canadian and one of the things that worries me is that this kit
here is really light I mean look at this is my little finger and it's not even
it's not bending at all probably weighs lighter than angel a little demon birb
you saw at the beginning and so the idea behind this kit looks really cute it
even says it in the front fill fold decorate the problem when things are way
too simple is that they tend to be a lot more complicated than they look which
means the whole folding part I'm getting trauma from the criolla folding kit the
lamp that we did and that was a whoo so I'm really curious what this one's going
to look like for those of you who don't know Lord DIY is a huge channel here on
YouTube as well and she has a whole line of crafting and DIY kits ranging from
little pot things which I haven't seen – a little bored by the way if you want to
see the previous Lord DIY that I reviewed I'll leave a link for
them down below I have to admit I am really skeptical about this kit it's so
salty right now alright let's see what we get inside here's what we get eight
iridescent type looking plastic II films some pom-poms pom-poms pastel-y crystals plastic beads and metallic type looking hanger things
little fish fishing fishing string Wow my voice correct and instructional
manual so according to the instructions each shape as a large version which is
about this big half my face about four inches at the bottom part and a mini
version we're gonna construct both and see the difference in size but also
because I want to get things right it says for video instructions visit rose
art comport / laurdiy craft kits alright so here we are on the website Rose
art.com Lord DIY craft kits and videos oh no
they stop making videos on their kits that's not the ones I want
thanks for nothing Mattel or DIY you need to make sure that they keep up to
date on your craft kits so apparently we don't deserve a tutorial for this one
let's wing it according to the instructions of course so according to
the instructions this is pretty basic all you have to do is fold little
crevices on these little diamond D crystally shaped things and start
interlocking those little tongue things inside the hole get your mind out of the
gutter Oh little salt let's play today once we're at this point we have two
very difficult options only pump pumps or only beads actually we have a third
option so we can pretty much fill the inside of our little gem little thing
crystal with more shiny things so I've put like a handful of these crystals and
heck let's put a handful of these pom-poms I know I'm not the most
graceful person ever but I do have pretty good dexterity this thing really
does test your dexterity though so I can only imagine
for someone who's eight years old to attach the crystal we have to use one of
the little beads and put it on the inside and then tie that up a 9 9 inch
nylon straight so I'm not going to risk any of it and I'm just going to knot it
like a tie my shoes wow this this little flap thing just does not wanna clip I
know I have sausage fingers but I have pretty good dexterity why is this thing
not wanting to interconnect I don't know but we have our little crystal leafing
with pom-poms on the inside by the way this is the big version here's a little
one I have to say I'm going to be making all of them and I can already tell you
this is tedious and boring at best so unless you're someone who really
likes redundant boring activities yep you can you can definitely give this a
try let's make the whole thing lay tail fun fact
I've been doing this for the last 30 minutes and I learned that if I had my
own personal hell it would be remaking this kit over and over again
does Lord DIY not love her faith um I yeah much much much later Captain's
Log update not only does this kit teach me to be frugal on whatever stuffings or
whatever I want to put on the inside but we also ran out of rope that's strength
this this kit is not providing you with enough to be creative because insides
are finished and the string is finished and the project's not even done yet I
really hate this kit right now honestly I really hate this like right now I'm
just I'm just doing this because I'm not a quitter but honestly Wow
I want my money back I want my hour-and-a-half back and so here here's
the I don't have I spent on this is it cute yes is it worth the money
no is it a kit that is enjoyable yeah let me know which kit you grains have
tried from a youtuber that you thought was and which kit did you actually try
from a youtuber that you thought was pretty decent I am pretty angry right
now because sometimes I feel like these kids just take advantage of their
audience if you want to see a be a previous cash or trash make sure you
check up here and if you want to watch a crafty video make sure you check down
here until then I will see you grains in the next video

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