Multimeter Voltage Testing for TV Repair – Where to Place the Test Leads – Ground and Positive

[Music] troubleshooting the television difficulty will probably require using a multimeter to examine voltages one of the fashioned questions that we obtain on our movies that contain a multimeter is the place are we supposed to situation the bottom lead on the multimeter we continuously position the positive test lead on the pin that we are studying the voltage of energy give boards are made of a scorching and cold aspect you’ll find the hot aspect is defined inside this outlined field and the remaining ingredients of the board are the bloodless facet depending on which part of the board either the sizzling or bloodless you’re trying out voltages on the position of the ground leaf will range when trying out a voltage on the hot part puts a constructive scan lead imap in you are trying out and then put the ground lead on either the negative facet or on a heatsink on the sizzling part we are displaying this example while trying out this capacitor with the ground lead on the bad facet of the cap and on the heatsink both show the same result if the heatsink for your energy provide is painted just like the heatsink on the reveal then it’s going to not show an accurate measurement when you situation the bottom lead i am a painted part VOC to place the bottom lead on unpainted portion to get an correct dimension when checking out the voltage on the cold part the ground negative lead will have to be positioned on a metallic part of the chassis to serve as the ground for the voltage checking out it can be placed in a steel screw hole that was once preserving the back duvet on the television or in one of the crucial metallic holes in the chassis having the bottom lead make contact with the metal a part of the chassis is major if there is no metallic chassis and the boards are installed the plastic then you’re going to have got to use the ground facets on the boards here we are displaying the multimeter in motion testing the voltage on the vigor give now we have the scan lead on the pin and the ground lead on the steel a part of the chassis

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