#CareTalk Podcast – Drug Testing: The New Back To School Ritual

– So David, it can be again to institution. What ‘chu obtained in your bag? – good John, I’ve gottabe able for my scan. I’ve bought my pencils for my math scan, and i acquired my specimencups for my drug exams. Want one? – No. (upbeat tune) – Welcome to CareTalk, your month-to-month house for ensisive debate about healthcare, industry, and policy. I am David Williams, president of health industry crew. – and i’m John Driscoll, the CEO of CareCentrix. – So John, an additional calmmonth in Trump land, besides for firing folks like the country wide security marketing consultant. Is he gonna firingpeople in healthcare subsequent? – well, I think there’salways various turbulence in Trump land, but there’sactually been awesome calm on the management part. You know, together with his wellness care advisors. And surely, he is hada lot of excellent instincts, but it doesn’t show up thatwe’re making much development. And as you’ve gotten heard just lately, he’ll have, or unveil soon, a ravishing well being plan.What do you suppose? – John, I just can’t stay up for that. Despite the fact that, I heard that Kellyanne Conway almost admittedthat it was once just a lie, that she stated that thisgreat plan is coming. He does not have any excellent plan. Republicans have had 10 yearsto give you some thing that’s simply the replacepart of repeal and substitute. They have not carried out it. Trump’s still excited about takingaway healthcare from folks, denying healthcare toimmigrants on the border, closing down deliberate Parenthood. No exceptional plan of any kind is coming.- however, don’t you thinkit’s type of intriguing, I accept as true with that, that quite a few the thingsthat he’s speaking about are matters that actuallyare democrat ideas? Getting more challenging on drug pricing, being extra transparent, fascinated with movingmore care to the home, dwelling dialysis, enabling Medicare talents plans to be extra ingenious aroundsolving social issues. What’s interesting is whereyou’re seeing growth is round things that werehistorically democratic agenda gadgets. But i am with you. I’m just a little bit skepticalthat we’re gonna get any plan. But if we had been to make realprogress on drug pricing, I believe that that might bea real bipartisan success. – So John, as crazy as Trump seems, I suppose it’s genuinely a smarter transfer to have work on specific matters, that promise something like- Did you just say – Medicare for all.- he’s smart? – (clears throat) I did not say anything. (groans)i am definite it is now not on video. Now John, you’re a bit bit testy. And so, i am certain you’re in want of drug testing for college kids. You recognize, there’s 38 percentage- What? 38 percentage of schooldistricts scan children for medicinal drugs. – What’s incorrect with a suggestions loop that can genuinely reducethe number of children who get hooked on medicinal drugs? How will you be in want of a method where mum and dad do not know, counselors don’t know, and children are not able to get aid? Are you against youngsters, David? – Ha Ha, that must be me, John. I’m going to let you know what, you realize, there’s all this concept that good, child’s do not know learn how to read, they do not know math, so let’s test them more. And this is the same style of factor. Children are on medicinal drugs,- No. – let’s scan them. You realize tuition’s think- No. – to be about schooling, John. What happened to that? You know who’s surely smarter about this than the colleges, is in reality the NFL.Alternatively of just punishing folks– – Which they do each Sunday. – Yeah, pleasant. But alternatively of punishing persons for making use of medicines,- We enjoy. Sure?- and sending them off, the place they can use more medicinal drugs, – They fireplace them, proper?- They deliver them again in they usually let them play, and they let them be supervised. Kids who’re kicked out of institution, they may be gonna hold outand do more medications, John. Stupid inspiration, drug testing.- the place, where, the place the truth is that colleges that test, middle schools that testhave 25 percent lessen rate of youngsters, pre-young adults, and teens getting hooked on medicines. I do not see how you, this NFL defense in opposition to helping children. It’s a public health difficulty. You’re takin’ the mistaken facet on this one. – All right, John. – however so, but speakme of things you might have taken multiple aspects on, what do you think of scientific tourism? I wanna exclude your personal expertise, and simply talk about whether you believe clinical tourism is an efficient idea, and whether or not it is a progress inspiration.- i love tourism, John. I love to head and you understand, see all the palaces and things like that. – Hospitals.- And at the same time i’m at it why don’t i have them tearing my coronary heart out whilst, with a surgery? I believe scientific tourism is a thing that folks like to talk about. Journalists are perpetually writing about it. This man went to India, and he acquired his hip replacedfor 90 percentage less, and he came again. Good bet what, out of two million folks that supposedly depart theU.S. For clinical tourism each yr, most are going for a nostril job, some cosmetic style of a thing, or they may be going backto their house country, where they clearly have insurance plan or where it’s low cost. It can be a bunch of overvalued nonsense, John. Most clinical tourism, the quantity one destination isstill the great historic US of A, in view that we have the fine and the brightest, and the expensiviest. – proper, well we but don’t you suppose itwould be a good thing to have an international market around high-fine healthcare? There are some phenomenal things going on in simplifying, automating, and making extra predictableeye surgery in India.You see some phenomenalscience in remedy in northern Europe. Whether it’s the developed,setting up world, there is some first-class science. However there’s certainly, in Europe, they’re doing greatwork at half the price with higher effects. What’s wrong with creatinga marketplace for healthcare, internationally? – (sighs) I don’t need a market, John. If i have a main issue, Ijust wanna get it fixed. I do not wanna be a part of some style of a market method.- You cannot manage to pay for. Many americans- certainly i will be able to go to Europe can not have enough money, I do not know.- All right, so John,the do have home, and it’s now not clinical tourism. It’s extra about centersof excellence, correct? – Mm hm.- That is sensible. If you’re gonna be somewhere that doesn’t have the excellent medical professional, go someplace else where eitherthey have a greater medical professional, or the place they will say, "you know what, you don’tactually need surgical procedure." So, that’s now not medical tourism. Centers of excellence, i’m with you for that.- you’re getting approach too difficult.- it is not as wonderful. Sorry John, i’ll preserve itsimple for you subsequent time. – So David, what do you think about all these opioid manufacturers, and distributors, andeveryone getting sued? – John, if you happen to appear on the numbers, it is simply eye-popping., in Oklahoma, which is not the sort of giant state, Johnson & Johnson hadan award against them for something like $500or $600 million dollars, which looks like nuts, for those who multiply thatacross all of the states. Then again, 70 thousand humans died of drug overdoses in essentially the most latest year. Which has doubled from 10 years ago, which has doubled from10 years earlier than that, and it’s actual, I believe the damages are incalculable. I don’t consider we can sue our manner out of this trouble, nevertheless. – however, I believe there may be, don’t seem to be there quite twodifferent circumstances right here? I believe there is a prudent insensible case, to prosecute those producers, distributors, entrepreneurs, who promoted it as anon-addictive variety, when it is developing this large plague on the U.S.Society. And then, there are thosewhere they simply happen to be concerned come what may on this system, and there may be kind of achase for deep pockets. I think we have got to absolutelyprosecute those persons who lie to doctors and sufferers, and we will have to be spendingas so much cash as we are able to to break the again of thisgrowing healthcare predicament. So, there is just, I think we’re trying to blame every person whotouched the distribution, to me it seems style of loopy. – Yeah, I mean, I thinkcriminal prosecution is on the whole a excellent inspiration,as a minimum for some persons. But John, here’s a proposal for you, why do not you go stand below that tree for the lightning circular? – i’m able. (beaming sound) – obesity John, a significant difficulty. But is it really anational safety difficulty? – Of path it’s.We’re getting to the pointwhere we’re too fat to combat. One out of every threerecruits is rejected seeing that they cannot even meetthe minimal requirements of measurement, and of these serving, it can be one out of five are hitting chubby. That is crazy, and it can be dangerous. We need a robust lean fighting computer. – John, the loopy thingis in World struggle Two, they rejected a lot of recruits ’cause they have been too scrawny. I believe it’s most likely a dining hall challenge. They just gotta shrink the plate measurement. (beaming sound) John, the nursing scarcity, is it actual? Are you concerned about it? – This nursing scarcity factor comes up as a usual dialog,each few years.No, we’ve, we canrecruit nurses from abroad. We will increase the schools, locally. As the boomers age, we’re gonna have, the true predicament is I do believe we’re gonna have regional dislocations. We will have practically 52thousand too few nurses to serve California, and 40 thousand toomany nurses in Florida. That is just a planningand administration obstacle. This isn’t a hindrance. What say you? – So John, I consider it can be virtually been kind of a false narrative that’s been put ahead bythe nursing institution deans that wanna recruit morenurses to nursing college, and jack up the schooling. – And we adore nurses.- We do love of path we adore nurses, John. However i’m going to inform you what,with the immigration if you crack down on immigrants, they’re now not gonna be nurses, but what’s gonna occur isthey’ll be replaced with robots.(beaming sound) – So David, are you gonna get your care on the UVA Healthcare approach? – John, i am thinkin’ about it considering I saw that they kindacleared out the deadwood, as a way to communicate, they sued36 thousand sufferers for over $one hundred million bucks, and it can be sort of keeping people away. So, I figure i will waltz in there and i’ll have the situation to myself. – The Kaiser wellbeing Newsreally nailed it on this one.There are so much ofhospitals across the nation which might be taking advantage oftheir potential to sue folks, but I believe that the UVAHealthcare approach is high-quality. They sued for over $one hundred million, they sue for as much as 1,000,000 greenbacks, and they’ll chase youfor as little as $1391. I mean it’s relatively loopy. They’ve even sued their ownemployees, for back money owed.- pleasant.- it is a non-profit. It can be a part of a tuition, it is appalling. And i hope that this systemgets its act collectively seeing that they actually do furnish numerous nice medical help, there may be quite a few greatpeople expert there, that is unacceptable habits. (beaming sound) So David, what’s yourback to school resolution? – John, i’m gonna keep it clean, and i’m gonna recycleby using these things as pencil holders. – i am getting him a brand new backpack. (beaming sound) – well, that’s it foranother adaptation of CareTalk. I am David Williams, presidentof well being trade crew. – and i am John Driscoll,the CEO of CareCentrix. Thanks for observing..

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