Tello onboard Xiaomi Repeater Lego adapter (Part 2 – testing & explaining)

That is my Xiaomi repeater onboard Lego mount mod for Tello i have obtained lot of inquires about it.In this video unwell are attempting to give an explanation for you how does it really works however, in case you are concerned with constructing your possess one please watch prior videos into my channel For definite, you might be making use of now a single WIFI repeater for growing flying variety Low vigour cell telephone signal is amplified through repeater before sending to Tello that method that you could command Tello a long way distance. However Tello desires sending again image and flight information and it is low signal is most effective a smooth whisper when arrives repeater we’re only fixing 1/2 of the concern. That is the reason for including a second repeater onboard Tello Flying two repeaters configuration we’re adding a step into WIFI chain Low energy Tello sign is now amplified too That way we are utilising real two-way link.Are you in a position for a flying experiment ? Taking off. 25 meters 50 meters one hundred meters one hundred fifty meters 200 meters 250 meters 300 meters. Please observe high-qualityimage bit rate indicator still showing highest 4 megabytes per 2nd. 350meters. Here you will find our flying path extract from TelloFPV app log Line of timber is 450 meters away fromour takeoff factor still flying i’ll change to imagerecorder.Hhigh-quality snapshot regardless of we’re 450 meters away ! But it’s time to come again. Return tohome Button pressed touchdown and end of checking out. Please don’tforget hitting LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons, and thanks for looking at ! .

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