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Okay so we’re gonna do a part two to ourSCBA adapter match testing should you failed to assess out our phase one go forward andcheck out our phase one of the most SCBA adapter trying out we did a qualitative yesqualitative fit experiment with the aerosol so we aerosolized the fit test resolution wesprayed it we filtered it by means of the SCBA adapter we had quite good resultswith that but we wanted to take it a step additional so let me speak about for aminute the media we’re utilising so we’re utilizing two layers of media now we have an h100 sterilization wrap that we’re utilising we have additionally got this filty fabric sothis filty fabric is a fabric that we bought through filthy comm they’reclaiming that this has ninety five% filtration at 0.3 microns it is a two-phase filter sothere’s a real soft surface on one part it’s adhered to a fairly fuzzysurface on the opposite facet that is an electrostatic material and so they’reclaiming that it has a Merv 16 or in reality not Electrostatic! Better filtration rate for airfiltration so they’re additionally announcing in some nano fiber technology there may be nofiber glass and it’s safe to make use of they usually’re genuinely advertising this as aface masks material so I’ve acquired an information sheet right here that has the entire specs aboutit they’ve received fairly good specs on it however we did not quite comprehend what testingsbeen completed on this up part from their air filtration world so in facepiece testingwe desired to grasp will this acquire in reality in ninety five results so we made aduckbill type in 95 mask now we have a nostril bridge on here we’ve got an elastic bandwe’ve obtained two layers with the h100 and the filter material we now have put thesetogether using a warmness press to preserve it collectively we’ve the elastic attachedand we probed it to make use of on a TSI Port account particulate tester or a Portaccount face fit tester so this computing device that we’re utilizing is supposed for checking out ifyou have a good seal in your face piece whether or not it’s a firefighters face piecewhether it is a ninety 5 respirator so what it is doing is it has two hoses onehose truly is checking out what are the particulars on the outside of this maskthe different one will get – this probe and is measuring all theparticulates on the inside so it begins out by means of purging it all the particulateout to make certain there isn’t any false readings after which it can comparingthe two as you do a sequence of workout routines bending up and down part to side talkingmoving and so we’re testing that seal so we figured what if we did this scan whatif we use the n95 material with these two layers we ran the scan and if weachieved a match factor of larger than one hundred which is what’s needed for an ni 5if we reap that match component would we then deduct from that that one we now have agood face seal and two this material must be as a minimum that of an in ninety five orgreater right so we do not necessarily be aware of exactly what it is rated to we justknow it meets the skills for an eight ninety five that was our hunch that is whatwe’re that is what we’re variety of banking it off of when you have every other thoughtsor feedback on that or anything that we is also lacking feel free to commentbelow and let us know we’d be more than happy to have some dialogue on thisand are trying to figure out what’s a excellent experiment for this but that was variety of ourreasoning so we went ahead and probed this one and verified it interestingenough we had a bit bit of leakage round our nose so we held that andwe’ve completed the experiment once we ran the scan with a bit bit of pressurearound the nose bridge which is something we have got to regulate we werehitting 200 plus in many of the classes for that the exception wherewe dropped beneath was within the speaking at the same time we have been relocating so it would just bea design quandary that’s some thing we have to tweak somewhat bit but overall wepass with flying colours on the fit test and once more we have been flawlessly nonetheless it was200 plus so it might were better we don’t relatively recognize the desktop 1495just goes to 200 plus so we’re hitting highest on that so that instructed us centered onwhat we were considering that as a minimum the fabric that h100 and that filteringmaterial together appeared to be on the n95 degree level or higher so with ourSCBA adapters that we’re utilising the fabric that we will be usinginside of them might be a two-section we have now received the H one hundred on the outside which isblood-borne pathogen resistant and is essentially a completeplastic merchandise so it’s very breathable but it could be best for anyparticulate sand droplets something like that to keep the specific filter that isthe high-efficiency filter clean so that is on the outside underneath we have now thefilty fabric so we layer these in right here together and we’re gonna run some testson this as well hook this up and probe it and test on the within and theoutside the only intent we did not do that in these days is seeing that we had been thinkingwe might probe from the external but when we probe from the external and we ran ahose up into the nose cone of the face piece the MSAs have a one-manner valve inhere so we could not simply run a hose on up through right here so what we’re actuallygoing to do is we’re gonna faucet into the face piece we’re gonna drill it out puta barb in right here run a hose into the nostril cone be certain it is all epoxy and sealoff and then we’re gonna rerun yet another match test with this level of materialthis adapter in this mask that’s simply probed for this test and againwe’ll be testing particulate on the external versus what simply makes itinside the mask to be able to zero it out we’ll do a typical face piece just to makesure this fits on the user’s face good then we will take that off we’ll put ouradapter on there and then we can experiment the specific filter media we’re utilising onhere so that’s our proposal approach for the testing that’s the trying out we did onthe n95 we’re fairly excited with the results that we bought on the n95 masks ifyou all have some other ideas when you have used the port account and you havesome other matters that you suppose we will have to try tell us we have now gotsomebody that is been rather beneficiant to offer to aid us with the port accountthey have the port accountant computing device and allowed us to return use it wheneverwe want so we’ve got entry to that so if there is whatever else you’d like to seeany other things you feel we ought to try to kind of verify this let us know Iknow that NIOSH has sort of been the ordinary OSHA requires a NIOSH for a lotof things the CDC has waived that correct now with kovat 19 and that i think you knowwith our group right here we’re looking for a technique to meet requirements and make safeproducts and have good filtration but we understand it’s not perpetually doable to goso why do we need knives trying out if we are able to do excellent checking out that proves thatit’s just as potent knives testing is highly-priced takes a very long time and reallyright now there’s plenty of persons there trying to push to get their masks NIOSHtested and certified so if we are able to do excellent checking out our possess figure out exactlywhat’s risk-free and what’s now not I consider that’s a nice solution to go correct now forthe maker group and for these humans which are seeking to step up and support outduring covin 19 so let us know your ideas on this tell us what you’dlike to see partly 3 & four as we go on with our testing plenty of advantage herewe’re excited fairly fascinated with the scan outcome from today with the portaccount however I consider that is all we acquired for now be sure to stay tuned and checkin for part three

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