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Hello and welcome to a brand new video! In these days, we are checking out the Hypervenom 2. That is the succesor of the Hypervenom 1 worn by players like Neymar and Rooney. So, keep tuned to discover the way it performs! Experience! The remedy and fit of the Hypervenom was fairly good! The match became tighter and the comfort is quality. Checking out the boot for 4 weeks I didn’t have any blisters or pressure marks unlike the Magista or Superfly! Nonetheless, I anticipated an even tighter fit on the forefoot because of the Flywire. Thanks to the skinny artificial upper the consider for the ball is on a good degree.The hard 3D upper and the ACC upper offer further grip. Nonetheless, the Hypervenom 2 would not think barefoot-like like the Superfly or adidas X15. The pleasant and durability was once rather good. Although, we played on ordinary and artificial grass the stress marks were minimal. So, i can advise the boots for everlasting use! In the event you best plan to apply it to AG I still recommend you to purchase the AG version. I have to say that the Hypervenom rather satisfied me! The match and remedy are much better than with the previous mannequin. The consider for the ball grew to be extra direct and the dinamic fit collar stabilizes the ankle and improves the relief. Nonetheless, there are just a few weak aspects. The boot might be slightly tighter at the forefoot. The feel for the ball is not as excellent as with the Superfly or Magista. Also the cost of about 280 maybe an excessive amount of for many amateur avid gamers. Nonetheless, when you’ve got the money you must take a closer appear on the new Hypervenom 2! Overall, I price the boot with excellent 9 out of 10 aspects! How do you adore the new Hypervenom 2? Are you going to buy it? Or would you choose the more cost-effective variant without sock? Let me recognize within the feedback beneath! Thanks for gazing! Keep sporty and spot you within the subsequent video!

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