Testing Geocentrism – Part 1

Virtually 1,000 years after Aristarchus urged a heliocentric mannequin to provide an explanation for the retrograde movement of the planets 500 years after Copernicus and in spite of every statement made because there are still folks in scholastically unpaired again waters of society who think that the cosmos rotates round a constant Earth such old-fashioned and demonstrably false beliefs are rooted within the lack of schooling an most of the time go hand in hand with creationism it can be a basic recipe take anybody below knowledgeable Adam the arrogant belief that they can higher thousands of years of actual science utilising a storybook and sprinkle generously with claims of the science conspiracy speakme of which is golden Crocodoc nominee phony boy one hundred who both would not realize the restrained science that he has read or intentionally misrepresents it to swimsuit his Bible literalism this is the identical Bible that says the earth has foundations that we can’t consume delicious nutritious pork that we will devour cows and that we are not able to the bats are birds and that the first-class healing for dermatological complaints is to get a priest to sprinkle you with chicken blood and shave you within the first a part of his geocentric truth sequence his argument hangs nearly actually on our present poster Pelorus he has this to claim so the question comes up why would Polaris stay in the equal position if the earth is tilting klaris is much up in outer space and the earth is down right here and like I say klaris is a protracted ways far from Earth and so if the earth is tilting during the yr sufficient to motive seasons this can be a very giant tilt why are we no longer seeing Polaris move everywhere the sky considering he for my part does not understand basic celestial mechanics the Earth’s axial tilt the entire seasons humorous boy concludes that science is mendacity and that his possess position is therefore a fact it can be a typical argument from ignorance it is effortless to disregard science as lies if your worldview is such that you just can’t or do not understand it and it can be the default role of many creationists ferny boy thinks that science says the earth’s tilt varies adequate over the direction of the yr to motive the seasons of path it would not say that at all however first let’s see how geocentrism explains the seasons to geo centrists the seasons are caused by the sun physically relocating up and down from the celestial equator it sounds easy however what are the genuine implications of that here are the solar and the earth however this scale the earth is set one-twentieth of a pixel throughout in our creationists mannequin the earth is fixed when on the market knox the solar is right here on the celestial equator the solar circles the earth with the leisure of the universe as soon as a day over the following three months the sun spirals round getting greater in the sky giving summer season within the northern hemisphere if keeping roughly the identical distance from the earth this means that the radius of the circle it describes decreases as it heads in the direction of the solstices via about twelve point 4 million kilometers by some means as if that did not outline us legal guidelines of motion it then spirals down in the direction of the celestial equator again through the autumnal equinox and on to the wintry weather solstice this cycle then repeats each 12 months if you wish to keep all of the solar just strikes up and down alternatively which would be easier then you may have an extra difficulty it will grow to be over 163 million kilometers from the earth and with an angular diameter of about twenty nine point two seven minutes alternatively of its current minimum of round thirty one point five minutes that doesn’t happen however the geocentric photo gets extra tricky because the space to the solar does differ on a cyclic groundwork the sun is farthest from the earth in early July and closest in early January measure its angular diameter in the event you do not believe it this makes the movement of the solar even more intricate for the GX interest the sun is not farthest or closest at each and every solstice if we task these again and use a easy harmonic motion to find month-to-month intervals from the solstices we are able to plot changing distance of the sun via the path of the year and it will appear as a substitute like this mix that with the daily circling of the earth and the crazy solar’s vigour suggestion is how geo centrists suppose the seasons work naturally they have no clarification for the way or why any of this takes position let by myself some thing that may give an explanation for the complex motions wanted for his or her proposal to compare what we realize no legal guidelines of movement no maths no physics just their twee little diagrams maybe Helios is simply making his chariot riding work more fascinating all maybe the Jura centrist inspiration to give an explanation for the seasons is bollocks as most folks realized at university the earth is tilted at around twenty three factor 5 levels when the northern hemisphere is dealing with the sun it can be summer time in north and wintry weather within the South six months later earth is on the reverse aspect of the solar and it’s wintry weather within the northern hemisphere it’s so easy kids realise it so you do not want me to let you know where the spring and autumn equinoxes go on this cycle ferny boy seems to have encountered an unsuitable description of the seasons which is almost always due to sourcing his data from geocentric websites he is all too ready to push aside demonstrated info without particularly figuring out them I mean that is just delusion actually like that this is hilarious that that humans will sincerely consider that scientific hypothesis and thought equal to truth it is no longer speculation and thought is not reality I do not know why so many people are not able to see this that it’s no longer fact it’s easy as that and so like that is what you’ll be able to see in every single place the position you are going to look all images like this and it’s like where it indicates polarity it’s perpetually on an perspective you’ll see the earth on an attitude on its hilt after which they say show the players above the earth on that fill but this is not what is going on on this universe is rotating round Earth regrettably one can not without difficulty state that is not what is going on on until you’ve a testable alternative mannequin that indicates what’s going on individual notion headquartered on utter lack of awareness will not be fact make our creationist pal would not understand why if the earth is orbiting on a tilt Polaris is continually close the North celestial Pole it can be quite simple during the course of the 12 months the orientation of Earth’s axis remains nearly constant however the summer season solstice the North celestial pole is pointing toward Polaris three months later at your tunnel equinox it’s pointing at Polaris come the winter Solstice it’s nonetheless pointing on Polaris underneath the vernal equinox is pointing at Mars now not rather Polaris the orientation of Earth’s axis that’s the path it is pointing to in area does change but not on the annual timescale of matters or thinks it does the earth shouldn’t be a best sphere and the gravitational intent of the solar and the moon act on its equatorial bulge this causes snow cycler comparable to nutation and probably the most massive shift of the orientation of Earth’s axis the precession of the equinoxes a cycle that takes about 26,000 years to entire we see the result of this as a shift of the celestial poles and with them the celestial equator and the points of the equinoxes Hipparchus is credited with discovering this precession over a century BC and his work used to be endured by way of Ptolemy in the second century 2,000 years later the cycles are actually good understood and can also be measured and calculated with precision the celestial pole wasn’t at all times near Caloris 5,000 years ago it was once pointing at feu burn in draco in an additional 12 thousand years the pole will be near Vega it strikes about one measure every 70 or so years it would be nice if gia centrists did some genuine measurements actor ferny boys cute diagram of what he thinks is rather occurring it particularly doesn’t take much more than simple observations to recognize that mercury is just not between Earth and Venus virtually it does not take far more than simple observations to realise that the whole diagram is headquartered on a foundation of uneducated out of date rubbish the interior planets pose problems for the geocentric model Mercury and Venus are constantly seen near the solar and it is obvious that they don’t orbit the earth we see phases of each planets and changing distances from earth which might be completely regular with the more Bateen the sun this wonderful sequence of images taken by means of Chris Proctor suggests the phases and changes in apparent dimension of Venus that we discover Venus seems thoroughly illuminated when it appears smallest within the sky and simplest a small angle from the sun the geocentric has Venus orbiting earth like so an observer in the world would see phases of Venus like this if Venus orbited earth alternatively than the solar we would not see the changes in measurement that we see we might see Venus within the core of the night on a general foundation but we do not we would anticipate to peer Venus go through Earth’s shadow infrequently however we don’t see that either we under no circumstances see Venus greater than forty seven point eight levels from the solar it’s not referred to as the morning big name and the night superstar for nothing it can be the same principle with Mercury which we by no means see greater than about 27 degrees from the sun and in step with this rubbish we should also see mercury transit across Venus from times Time that under no circumstances happens either and under no circumstances will in view that this infantile mannequin of the solar process is bollocks and is quite simply shown to be bollocks through looking on the sky and making measurements for the geocentric then Mercury and Venus ought to be following the sun on its annual crazy spiral and undertaking some unexplained movement of their own or maybe the geocentric thinks that they are orbiting the sun and it is just the whole lot else that supposedly does not the planetary issues don’t discontinue with Mercury and Venus I recounted on the begin of this video retrograde motion this was key to disproving the geocentric view of the ancients which should most likely effect in a regular motion with specific observations we see anything puzzled the ancient Greeks here’s how Mars strikes towards the historical past stars from the eleventh of October 2011 to the eleventh of July 2012 at weekly intervals we see it slow down reverse in January 2012 after which resumed its easterly movement from mid-april we can measure the distances to the planets easily so what does this motion look like over months when obvious from above a stationary Earth it’s some distance from the great neat circles posited through this crap Ptolemies answer to apparent retrograde movement used to be the notion of epicycles the idea that the planets orbit a couple of factor which itself circles the earth Ptolemies calculations took up 13 volumes however did furnish a way to describe and predict retrograde motion however being so early in tackling the program Ptolemy may also be forgiven for being unaware of 1 mild factor rarely you retard whilst ptolemies voluminous calculations remain who used they were a long way too difficult and unsatisfactory to the astronomers of the core a while and we do not use the suggestion of epicycles at present considering that it can be bollocks the geocentric model the place planets go on looping tours of the heavens turns into much more questionable while you comprise the supposed every day rotation of the whole universe yeah five discontinue preserve again my stars yeah for non physics-defying magnificence do this Luke Halley’s Comet in 1986 within the 2nd a part of this sequence we are going to appear at even more shortcomings of geocentrism see you then you

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