Huawei P20 Pro Durability Test! – Scratch, Burn, BEND TESTED

The Huawei P20 professional. Huawei has come out with some pretty solidlyconstructed telephones since the Nexus 6P failure again in the day. The Mate 10 pro I demonstrated earlier this yearpassed with flying colours. It is time to see if this newest from fromHuawei it is a triple digital camera P20 pro flagship is a survivor. Let’s get began. [Intro] throughout the box we get the charging cable,headphones with a USB-C connector, and the global wall charger on the grounds that this particularphone is not coming to the US. I’ll replace the video description if thatchanges at some point. Initial impressions are that the cellphone isthick and solid feeling proper out of the field simply the way it will have to be. We will begin with the scratch scan. Laying out my Mohs Hardness Scale. When you recollect, this tells us what hardnesslevel the monitor is. Plastic could be a degree three, tempered glassis a level 6, and sapphire can be a level 8. Diamonds, of course, would be a ten. Huawei did include a plastic screen protectoron this P20 professional, which is satisfactory of them, however the screen surface itself we discover scratchesat a stage 6 and a deeper groove at a stage 7.The P20 professional is tempered glass. Huawei does not advertise having gorilla glasson their telephone like they did final yr on the P10. Don’t forget that…It will be fundamental lateron within the video. First thing i noticed about this telephone besidesthe notch, is the earpiece. It can be just a little round factor just ooglingat you adore some form of 2nd eyeball correct next to the 24 megapixel entrance dealing with camera. Most earpieces are little slits for optimalsound transfer from the oblong speaker underneath, however this guy is a circle. It’ll be interesting to look if the speakeris circular as good during the teardown. The speaker grill will not fall out though whichis excellent no longer even with a razor blade. It’s still sitting totally flush with thesurface of the glass. The fingerprint scanner is down here at thebottom of the mobile and is unscratchable. A large step up from the Mate 10 which we didend up scratching. You not ever understand when you would turn out to be in afreak razor blade combat accident. You must be aware of your button will surviveany damage.Talking of buttons, Huawei delivered a littleslit into the steel vigor button and dabbed some pink paint in there. A kind of fascinating and distinctive design choice. The volume rocker can be made from metallic,and we can inform from the sound it is making that the edges are also metallic. Up on the top of the mobilephone we’re headphonejack-less. But Huawei did comprise an IR blaster so youcan change the channel to your television and stuff. Personally, I’ve not ever had a need for oneof those, however i am all in regards to the elements, the more the merrier so carry it on. We now have a metallic twin SIM card tray, but noexpandable memory.No headphone jack on the backside of the phoneeither, just a loud speaker and USB-C charging port. For the back of the telephone, this one is a MidnightBlue version, we get our first appear on the triple digital camera established. Tremendous spectacular incidentally. I admire what’s taking place here. And i’m going to say it once more: the more features aphone has, the simpler. And the extra digital camera choices on this man isa good factor. The emblems and Leica branding are all underthe glass and will not be coming off from the external, along with the dual toned, dual LEDflash tucked safely under that again glass panel. If we zoom in actual tight on the digital camera lenses,down right here on the backside we have a 20 megapixel monochrome sensor covered with glass, anda round metallic lip around the facets.Then we have a beastly 40 megapixel camerahere within the middle of the three lenses. And sooner or later a three time zoom telephoto lens uptop. It is a lovely solid trio, however I think theideal association could be to toss out the monochrome sensor and add in a huge anglelens like a Go pro fish eye back to capture a variety of matters . These are the 3 types of lenses I elevate formy official digital camera. Monochrome has simply never appealed to me. Rapid facet via side assessment with the dualcamera mounted on the iPhone 10. I’m going to check out to exchange the cracked glasson the iPhone 10 with dry ice right here in a couple of days. If you do not know what i am speakme about,go determine out my iPhone again glass liquid nitrogen video I posted a pair days in the past.And now for the burn scan. No offense France, I failed to realise I wasburning down the Eiffel Tower until it was once too late. I make an apology. This is a 1080p 6.1 inch AMOLED display, meaningit lasted for about 20 seconds underneath my flame, however then never recovered. The flame left a white spot on the monitor,even when the monitor was once off. As soon as once more, sorry France…And thanks againfor the Statue of Liberty. That used to be real nice of you. And now the bend test. That is where matters go down hill.To begin with, with the initial flex, it bendsway more than I predicted. Almost always phones are rather more solid than this. With that big flex, the glass displayis now shattered with multiple fractures. The harm is all contained within the glass…Nothingtransferred down to the AMOLED show underneath, however it is still as an alternative unfortunate. I’m going to do a fast bend from the again of thephone earlier than we go into the structural analysis. But with that second bend, no additional damageis done to the entrance or rear of the mobile. It seems as if the cracks emanated fromthe stage 7 pick marks left on the surface, meaning that without the damage I intentionallyintroduced to the skin of the glass, it could have survived the first bend.However an foremost factor to consider is thatthese impurities or scratches offered to the outside of the glass may also occur inreal existence for your pocket or with minor drops, dents, and dings. And even more fascinating to note, is thatI’ve validated over a hundred distinctive phones now during the last few years, and most of themdon’t shatter in the course of the bend test, even with the level 6 and 7 scratches in the glass. So it’s variety of reliable to claim that this HuaweiP20 professional is simply weaker customarily. My concept is that Huawei failed to advertisecorning gorilla glass on this particular mobilephone, and with the vast majority of different phonesthat I scan, some form of gorilla glass is installed. Founded off the sample size of validated phoneson my channel, corning holds up higher than popular mobilephone mobile glass, even after damagehas been introduced. The Huawei P20 professional still services although,so it’s not a catastrophic failure. I don’t believe that it deserves a spot on myShelf of shame, nevertheless it nonetheless did not exactly cross. I desire a new category for phones that live to tell the tale…Butbarely.What will have to we name it? Recall, a case and a screen protector goa lengthy technique to making your gadget last longer. Hit that subscribe button if you have not already,and are available hang around with me on Instagram. Thanks a ton for observing, and i’m going to see youaround..

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