Ochshner testing children as young as 2 for Coronavirus

Starting at present, OCHSNER HEALTHWILL present CORONAVIRUS TESTINGTO kids AS young ASTWO-YEARS-ancient. ON prime OF THAT, YOU DONT HAVETO show ANY symptoms. WDSUS MORGAN LENTES IS live ATONE trying out website online where YOU CANGO right NOW. MORGAN. MORGAN: in case you are concerned ABOUTTHE RAIN, AND you need TO GETTESTED, that isn’t A obstacle. THEYRE in reality checking out PEOPLEINSIDE THE gymnasium. On the grounds that WE ARRIVED, WEVE WATCHEDA FEW people GO inside of. Take into account, THIS site WILL TESTCHILDREN, anybody TWO OR OLDER. AND THATS A gigantic alternate, BECAUSEFOR LONGEST TIME, only ADULTSWITH symptoms could GET TESTEDFOR COVID-19.But not too long ago, medical professionals HAVEDISCOVERED A situation INCHILDREN THAT almost always FOLLOWS AMILD CASE OF COVID-19 THAT HASPROVEN deadly. AT OCHSNER health, they say THATIS one of the vital motives THEY WANTTO test children NOW. >> ITS without a doubt BEEN ANINCENTIVE. I feel mum and dad ANDPEDIATRICIANS ARE ACUTELY AWAREOF THIS AND SO THERES ASIGNIFICANT interest ANDMOTIVATION TO assess THESTATUS of children due to the fact that OF THE probability THAT THEY MIGHTDEVELOP THIS NEW SYSTEMICINFLAMMATORY RESPONSE SYNDROME.MORGAN: THE testing right here STARTEDAT 9:00 A.M.. They’ll BE OPEN unless 4:00THIS AFTERNOON..

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