Saturn V F-1 Engine Gas Generator Testing

Were right here within the propulsion progress lab right here at Marshall house Flight core, and that is the F-1 engine. Engine 6049 is what its destination is. It was once firstly slated for the Apollo eleven flight. However due to an anomaly on a stage test, it was once recycled and planned for a future scan that was cancelled so that is how we were in a position to have it in these days for our trying out. After we disassembled the first engine, we began looking at accessories that we wish to possibly test, and the primary section that we checked out was the fuel generator approach, which is the phase that drives the turbine on the engine and supplies the propellants to the injector.We pulled the gas generator off, which is located right here on the engine and disassembled it and refurbished it, and its now located in experiment Stand 116 for hot-fire testing. We will be walking the F-1 gasoline generator test utilizing a heritage gas generator and walking it with liquid oxygen and RP-1. We took this engine apart, and have been trying out it to increase the efficiency items and the combustion balance items as good as the combustion properties so that we will have an effect on designs in the future for the gap Launch method. For future work in SLS, probably the most largest matters were watching at is manufacturability. How do we do things simpler and more cost-effective and turbo. This supplies a exceptional opportunity. Taking the F-1, which is likely one of the greatest engines, you already know, that america has ever made, to be able to take that and seem at the components and appear for the way can we do speedy prototyping, fast manufacturing to reinvent these or make design alterations. How do we velocity up that entire approach when we’re going to design an engine and experiment it? The information that had been going to acquire from our F-1 gasoline generator experiment program, well be in a position to share with the U.S.Aerospace enterprise to develop engines like this someday. The first-rate part of this task for me as been being in a position to take an engine from the begin, take it down to its naked bones, clean it up, go in and check up on it as first-class we might, and then reassemble it and see it get to the point of being scorching fired. So this is the first time that Ive been involved in a scan like this. And knowing all the history and seeing it come aside, and being worried from the very establishing, and seeing it return together and out on to the scan stand is something that Im particularly occupied with. Its the rationale that I came to work at NASA..

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