I got to be weightless for 7.5 minutes

I quite need to go to space So i’ve my possess astronaut coaching software, on account that no one else desired me. I’m similar to a pet to be adopted, so I chose to undertake myself. I’ve already made certain that i do not vomit, and that i do not go crazy in limited areas. But there’s still one factor that isn’t really proper for me. Earth’s biggest flaw, stupid gravity [Music] [Music] [Music] So we hired a "sensory deprivation water tank". That’s actually a shell with a thousand kilos of Epsom salt, so that you would be able to go with the flow in it and experience what it is like to be weightless. Are you able for this? My jumpsuit is like an onion. They’re like layers over layers. [Music] I consider that is the closest I’ve ever been to going back into my mom’s womb. [Music] that is so bizarre. I do not dare to put my head down. I sincerely want that neck noodle. [Music] It sort of makes my "fifi" damage. TMI (an excessive amount of know-how), sorry. Donald Trump is president, and that i choose this. #SpaceWomb. I imply #SendSimoneToSpace [Music] that is the most cozy to be area. I would like some thing else. [Engine roaring] So we went to San Jose since I received a ticket to the vomit comet. I had to rise up at 6am. So I was fucking excited. A nil g flight is an airplane that flies parabolas So it goes up fats quick, and then fat goes down quickly, so you get an experience of what it is wish to be weightless I used to be very worried, when you consider that a number of persons vomit, and when you do vomit you have got to get again for your seat for the rest of the flight. So in order to be essentially the most expensive puke of your existence. Except you throw up in anyone’s Gucci bag. From every parabola, you are weightless for roughly 30 seconds, and we now have performed 15 of those. So I experienced distinct weightlessness for roughly seven and a half minutes. So without extra additions, here is some stuff from me having the great time of his life. [Worker] three.2, 1. Here we go. Don’t kick! Do not kick! [Music] [Worker] toes down! Toes down! Ahhh [Worker] That was once fast. So the intention was once to tell how this may have long gone, but i couldn’t get any wise comments from me. I don’t have any thought what to claim! [Worker] ft down! Ft down! Yeah, that’s about it. When the airplane goes up you lie on your back and you grow to be heavier and heavier and heavier in the beginning. However you then come to be lighter and lighter and lighter except you ascend immediately. It used to be very very similar to flying, and your physique would not rather be aware of what to do. On account that your intuition says you ought to paddle a bit is ineffective. [Music] Oh my God! [Music] [Pleasant screaming] Ha Ha They threw up some water and we need to try to capture candy [Music] I feel like fucking, p.C.Man. [Music] [Video game sound] [Music] So here we’re, too I reduce my hair due to the fact that I notion I wanted to appear much more like probably the most Hanson brothers. Mmm bop motherfuckers. So occurring the zero g flight was enormous. Like, I desired to try this for an awfully very long time. And it was once the wildest factor I’ve ever completed. It really was like i have under no circumstances skilled before. And this is also the last episode of DIY astronaut. Thank you a lot Google’s Making & Science crew for giving me a price range for this challenge. However now I haven’t any more cash. So now we’re again to filming filming with my iPhone. How is that this first-rate of construction worth for you? Get used to it! Get used to it! Thanks also to Adam Isaak for helping to movie and edit this. DIY astronaut and Scott Laurie who produced this and did production coordination. They were the very best paid buddies a lady can have. By the way, I opened a store and now you could buy the astronaut T-shirt. So if you happen to need to be offensive and stupid whilst, just click on the link within the description and purchase a kind of lovely garments. It can be a chunky t-shirt, and i do not know what you’re thinking, but I suppose all set to go to house, so Richard Branson, i’m just waiting for you to name me. (name me) It could go turbo if all of us tweet him. Shameless plug! I’m not ashamed of my space recreation. Send Simone to house! Not Simone Biles. Perhaps she looks satisfactory and the whole lot, but yes, Simone Giertz.What does it matter. Simone dry heave. Simone "queef" from a yoga ball. Simone who are not able to pronounce yacht, that is me. In any other case I could need to however build a rocket yourself. And i do not feel any of us need to see me do that. It’s going to be an fascinating one otherwise making a gravestone is an potential. Anyway, investigate out the DIY astronaut t-shirt, and i’m going to see you once more soon. Thanks for observing DIY astronaut. I had a lot enjoyable! Oh god, you are fairly gonna hate me now. [Music] .

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