I Filled Chase’s Room With Pictures Of Charli!

Ryland what are you doing cooking steaks man right now that’s a nonstick man this is sticky situation that I want you guys know that my merch is out guys the merch is only gonna be available for a limited time you guys go to cancel dot shop there’s gonna be like four or five different items on there or click the link in the description and get it for yourself enjoy today’s vlog guys good morning everyone and welcome back to the vlog today we’re gonna be filling chases entire room with pictures of Charlie really chase weirdo this is definitely not mine we’ve got a lot of pictures of Charlie you go to strip club in chases on the fucking pool and you’re just like see cold so I figured out shower we’re just on it fucking kill you fuck he’s gonna come in here and just follow those knees and I kind of did a thing you’re such a bitch you’re joking I’m triggered why is this bitch staring at me Mike when I at the airport getting chase and he has no idea what’s in his room we do the airport he pranked me fucking scared me yeah we definitely didn’t break chase he’s a vlog you go I would never do anything oh shit oh fucking god what the fuck did you do oh god I can’t escape this my bathroom the shower to shower privacy no for everything how do you like it no Charlie I take it any of these dogs all you guys me and I will be laying in bed together some fans will come by and look directly through our window at us this is what it’s kind of like how’d you get to the gate I just I just pressed numbers in heaven do you care if I take a pic is Nick here worth Nick so hot making his room we’re kind of moving this room it we’re in bed together it’s a little weird shoes that way go what stony here you just cried to me to Daisy about he didn’t have a girlfriend and I’m gonna get a girlfriend in Versailles I want you to find him a girlfriend you got any from my mom all she knows is some bust yeah so Nick wants me to co-sign on his car washes too [Applause] I literally died this-this-this I’m so excited Nick wants me to co-sign our car that’s gonna cut them yeah this is gonna cut so yeah him cuz I know my gosh so I ended up cosign yeah okay as I’m sure you guys have seen this trend all over tik-tok I’m gonna give it a try and then I don’t have Nick on Jay and chase try it there we go well not to hold this yeah there we go I’m Andres the party closes up this vlog I want to let you guys know again my immerseus dropped today and the link is in the description go to cancel dot shop only be available for a limited time so click the link in description today and if you guys enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up subscribe if you’re not already calm down below bothered me about this sign I need to fix it all right there we go that’s that