Hypothesis Testing: The Big Picture (One Sample t-test) I Statistics 101 #1 | MarinStatsLectures

Someday you are hanging out along with your buddy kyon discussing politics and philosophy and of path your upcoming facts exam and on this dialog he decides to let you know that his IQ used to be a hundred thirty and should you weren’t conscious a hundred thirty is indicative of totally high intelligence based on someone’s political views you are a little skeptical of his declare so you decide to place him to the test you get your hands on four IQ exams and you’ve got him take all four over the four checks he rankings an normal of 128 established on this do you consider his declare you by and large would if his IQ particularly is a hundred thirty scoring an natural of 128 over four checks is rather cheap and the slight dip under one hundred thirty might be as a result of many things we would not rather count on him to score an average of precisely one hundred thirty aspects and this small deviation was once possible as a result of risk now let’s don’t forget yet another state of affairs think instead that over the four assessments kion averaged a ranking of eighty facets would you think his claim of getting an IQ of one hundred thirty now most commonly now not and why is that this if his IQ quite is a hundred thirty averaging a ranking of eighty is particularly not going you would possible reject his declaration that his IQ is 130 we comprehend that pattern estimates differ across the actual price however are certainly not relatively exactly equal to the true price so the query that have to be asked is how some distance does the usual need to drop beneath one hundred thirty earlier than we believe that kion is a liar what can we feel that he is a liar if he averaged 117 in this set of videos we are going to be taught the inspiration of a null and substitute hypothesis how a experiment statistic can be used to measure the compatibility of our information with our null speculation the usage of a value level and p-values or primary areas conclusions that we are able to make as good because the mistakes which may be made when drawing our conclusions thanks for gazing this video consider to subscribe to our channel like us on fb and visit our website

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