Volvo Trucks – One Minute about quality testing

In 2012, Volvo trucks launched a brand new mannequin of their famous and popular big Volvo FH truck, a model that has bought greater than 700,000 worldwide seeing that its long-established launch in 1993. The new Volvo FH isn’t just an updated version of the historical one, but a brand new truck. To ensure that the brand new mannequin lives up to its predecessor and extra, we subjected Volvo FH to a sequence of relatively difficult fine tests. It has been cooled and heated, shaken and pressed to the severe, driven mile after mile underneath extreme stipulations. The exams we conducted interested in areas equivalent to truck reliability, sturdiness and fuel consumption. Then it was once about checking out, measuring and making improvements to and about doing the same factor over and over again, unless the first-rate level of the new truck met Volvo vehicles disturbing requirements.

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