Testing Cat Toys on our Cats!!!!

Good day guys, it can be Karina! It can be Ronald, and we’refrom Sis versus Bro! And if you failed to comprehend thatalready, we bought a brand new cat! His title is George,and he’s right there playing with Chibi’s tail. And Chibi–I mean, George is a particularly playful cat. So we determined to getGeorge a bunch of recent toys! Final time we did this,we received a bunch of toys for Chibi however Chibi is not an awfully playful cat. She’s sort of a massive fats pussy now, so she does not relatively wish to play.>> Pussy! >> She simply likesto sleep all day. However perhaps, who knows,she might like some of these toys. Seem how playful George is,he’s like, i need some toys, what’s within this box? And i would like Chibi’stail as good.Correct right here, now we have a jar filledwith all the names of the toys we’ve sitting correct next to us, and we’re gonna take one to drawone by using one and open up these toys.>> Alrighty. >> Would you adore to head firstpicking whatever from the jar? >> sure. >> all right.What is it? >> Mouse on a spring. >> Ooh!I like this one! Okay. >> Mice on a spring. It can be within this field,correct here. So there may be this littlemouse on a spring and it can be going up anddown and the cats are going to try to capture it.>> Alrighty. >> Our cats relatively likehaving mouses but they preserve ontearing them apart when you consider that they’rekind of vicious. So, we acquired a further one. Ok, I obtained it. And this is the toy. It is slightly mouse,mouse on a spring like that. George is already interested. He’s just like,what is this? What’s thismysterious object? >> George. [laughter] >> Do you adore it, George? >> he is trying to pull offthe little strings from the mouse.>> Does he identical to the string? >> he is like, string!I have to have the string. [laughter] He flipped it over. Oh, now he wants to gounderneath my leg. >> Alrighty, on to the next toy. >> I consider that toywas lovely just right. I mean, he used to be prettyinterested in it but that– however he used to be kinda used to be like,what is that this? What do I do with it? So..>> And he flipped it over. >> Yeah. So probably he is goingto play with it more once he knowswhat to do with it. >> Yeah. >> okay. I’m gonna pickfrom the jar subsequent. George is already pokingholes within the box. He is like, I need to open it, what’s inside thismysterious field? >> k, hopefully, we getthe person who he needs. >> very well.>> what’s it? Toy tunnel.Ooh! >> Tunnel toy.>> Toy tunnel. We had one like–The cats particularly favored it, but Georgepooped within it. >> And we obtained an extra one. Yay! >> it is correct here, thisblue tunnel right right here.Ok, here’s the tunnel. >> Oh…I… For a 2nd, I waslike, what is this? >> all right. Are you readyfor me to open it? Three, two, one! Oh, that wasn’t as coolas I inspiration it might be. >> Wait!There is 4 tunnels?! >> Ooh!4 tunnels. Final time we had onevery similar to this, it best had three tunnels,but now we received 4. Alright. Appear, they may be alreadygoing within.They may be like, tunnel!>> Chibi is… Oh my goodness! Chibi!>> hi George! What’re you doing? Are you inside of a tunnel? >> George is coming outfrom the other finish. >> hi, Georgey!No, go that method. Go that method. Hi, Chibi! I suppose the catsreally like this one, specially if we put like,tons of balls within it and it can be shakingwith like rings and stuff they’d be like,where’s the ball? I ought to find it. Okay, where you? We have to to find them. Hi, George! There’s a little ballat the top of this one. Oh, cool. Hello, Chibi. O.K., we’regonna get you out. O.K.. George is already external,i’m gonna put him correct here, okay. Chibi’s little little bit of a pussy,she you just wishes to sit down within it. Am i able to grab your handsand pull you out? >> What if i’m going like that? >> Dump her out.[laughter] Are you k, Chibi? Oh, she’s nonetheless inside of it. You are justdragging her around. She’s like,what’s this? What’s going on? [laughter] Chibi, no! [cat meowing]Come right here, are you ok? So guys, that toy was once a success. They each love it a lot. They had been inside it we hadtrouble getting them out of it. >> Yeah! >> all right. Subsequent up, Ronald,what do we have? >> I just picked the top one.Ladybug endeavor middle. Ooh, okay. >> i do know what that’s. >> So essentially, that is all goingto open up, it’s gonna be a ladybug, after which this factor isgoing to head over high, and this little malicious program’shanging out. >> that’s excellent, it makesthe sound so they arrive. >> okay.Ow, sorry. All right, look! Chibi, appear! >> Ladybug recreation middle! >> Oh, George! >> he’s like, yes! >> Bombs–Oh, now he’s like. [laughter] Chibi!Do you like it? It can be a fluffy ball.Do you likethe fluffy ball one? >> Come on, say you at leastlike the undertaking middle. >> The ladybug undertaking center! >> Oh, Chibi’s like, oh yes,this is my jam. >> that is my jam! >> She just likesthe mouse stuff. So the ladybug used to be simply sitting correct right here,and the cats simply pick thatmassive tunnel factor. I mean,i’d if I used to be a cat. >> Yeah.>> can’t blame them. So i assume we’re gonnaput this over here in case they wantto play with it. In case theychange their minds. And we’re gonna opena distinct one. >> okay, what arewe going to choose? Be a just right one! >> alright. >> It says right there. >> Door hanging mouse. Ooh!I was once excited for this one. So that is it, you’re goingto clip this on to your door after which they the mouseis just striking.So guys, we’ve got the toy,it’s this little thingy, clip this onto your door,and it stands proud like that, and then this is the stringand the mouse. We obtained a chair so i will be able to reachto the top of the door. Very well. So we’ll clip it into the door identical to that. And there we go, we gota mouse placing from the door. >> k. >> The cats can’t quite reachunless they get onto the chair. So let’s examine whatthey’re gonna do about it. >> i assume they might leap.>> they may be identical to… >> George.>> need to have that mouse. I need that mouse.>> look at George! Chibi’s got the excessive ground. >> high ground. >> She’s like, i’m gonna get you mouse.I’m gonna get you. >> What if we shift the forwards? >> Chibi’s like, howis that mouse moving? Who’s touching it? What?!>> i’m alive. >> And Chibi’s like,oh yeah, oh, yeah. I am residing my quality lifestyles. I acquired the mouse. >> Ooh, yeah. >> Ooh, yeah! George remains to be looking at it,like, how do I get that mouse? How do I get it? >> And Chibi’s like,I received the high ground. >> George continues to be like,how do I get to the mouse? Right here, i am showing you. There, the mouseis right there. He is like–Oh! [laughter] George,are you okay? >> He would not even care,he’s like, I still need that.>> Are you ok, my little child? >> The mouse wrecked you,how do you feel? >> okay. Oh! Chibi’s like,that is my mouse. >> No, watch George. >> He fell again! So i assume George has togrow up a little for this toy, but Chibi’s finesitting on this chair. She’s like,oh yeah. So let’s move onto the following one. We’re gonna go away this one here,so the cats can play with it while we’re openingthe next one. Let’s go. Okay, so we’re backon the dwelling room floor and we’re going toopen up the jar all over again.>> Alrighty.>> alright, what’s it gonna be? >> Wobble toy.Wobble toy? Oh, the wobble toy. >> So clearly, this little fowl hereand it just wobbles. >> Yeah. >> There we go.Very well, we acquired the wobble toy. We acquired a green one. Ooh, it can be biggerthan I proposal it could be. We want… Wait, we needbatteries for this? >> And we needa screwdriver. >> okay, let’s seeif we will determine this out. This guy appears like a pear. It appears like an indignant fowl. So we received the batteriesinside this little indignant hen, and we obtained two exceptional topsyou can prefer from. We obtained this sparkly one,and we received the feathers. I feel this one can be betterbecause the cats can reach it extra or whatever.>> Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. >> very well, let’spress the on button.>> that’s so cool. >> Oh, that is cool. Oh, George! >> Oh, Chibi! It grew to become off. >> Chibi’s like, what?! What are you doing? Are you seeking to damage me? What are you doing? Chibi say, must I contact it? Is it riskless? Huh?It turned off. Did I kill it? Oh my god. >> You killed itwith one contact. >> What is this? This interesting object. >> yes, exciting. You’re gonna justsee a hen face simply going earlier. >> he is like, what is that this? >> Wait, it can be gonnaturn again on. >> Chibi’s simply playingwith a feather, look! She’s obsessive about the feather. She’s like, I wantthe feather too! They are like, ugh,it is an angry chook with bizarre hats and it’s like moving round. I don’t find it irresistible.>> Yeah, so we’regonna cross on this– >> Oh!You simply whipped his hair off. All right, we’re goingto put that to the aspect and we’re gonna go moveon to the next toy. So the subsequent toyis a ball monitor. I think it is absolutely… This one. We had this toy last timewith Chibi, and appear! Chibi’s even on the cover.I am beautiful sure that is Chibi. Alright. Chibi’s like, wait,are you– are you my cousin? My historic friend toy? I do not know. >> See, i’m evenhaving fun with it. I imply, it can be no longer betterthan Fortnite, but nonetheless. >> o.K., George. Seem, it can be your new toy. Fluff on a spring and a ball. Oh!He likes the ball. He’s like, ball! Ball!Ball! >> he’s just rolling it round. >> he is like, i really like this ball. >> imagine 20 hours later,he is nonetheless here just doing the unique same thing.>> 2,000 years later. >> Did you see it?It is fluffy. Okay. >> Aww. You just like the fluffy? Chibi. [laughter] it’s stuck to his claw! So guys, subsequent toywe’re going to open is… >> Drum roll, please. Fluffy scratcher condominium! >> that is gonna beon Ronald’s part now. Fluffy scratcher apartment. So guys, the fluffyscratcher apartment is ready. It used to be super duper easy to assemble,that you can simply fold it up and take it out like that.George, that is allfor you and Chibi. Your little condo. He is like, i really like this feather. That is the only thinghe’s interested about. He is licking the feather. I do.George! What is he seeking to do? >> Alrighty, it can be time for George’sfirst influence of within. >> very well, i am goingto get you in from the back. All right. >> Come on, George,return entrance. >> Do you love it? I wonder how you’re gonnafurnish that location. Chibi’s going inside of too! >> She’s gonna poo in there.>> She’s like, ooh, sleepover? [laughter] George, how do youlike your new home? >> George is gonna poo in there.>> by and large. So guys, the cats are loving this,chiefly Chibi she’s identical to, oh yeah,this is my location. So let’s move onto the subsequent toy. O.K., so the following toyis going to be a… Galaxy ball. Ooh!O.K.. Very well, so this isthe Galaxy ball, it can be this ball with just a little grassinside it, some plants, and there is alsoa butterfly in there. Ok, so the ball is capable. We’re going toput it down here and we’re gonna turn it on. >> Oh, the butterfly’s flyingaround the location. Smashing itselfagainst the glass.>> Yeah.It is now not really good. However like, you realize what,butterflies can do whatever he wants. George, look, it can be a butterfly. Within the ball, seem. He’s not even looking at it! He’s like, what?I do not care. >> that is truly–essentially the most boring toy ever. Yeah.If I used to be a cat, i might belike, oh, please no. Chibi’s like, whatis this meant to do? Why, is that this like, butterfly? Is it an actual butterfly? That is bizarre. I wish to kill it. >> that is making me bored,i want to fall asleep. Chibi’s announcing, move!Butterfly, move! >> Oh! So that you have got to tap it?I see. Chibi! They are both lookingat every other. Fight on. >> Butterfly versus Chibi,who will win? Remark down under,butterfly versus Chibi. So guys, this toy bought somewhat bitof awareness from Chibi, however she was once like, eh, that is boring. Soyeah, she identical to this houseall of a unexpected.She’s like, i love this! Oh my god. So, let’s transfer onto to the subsequent toy. Okay, Ronald. What you gonna decide on? >> i am gonna prefer… Mega playground! >> The mega playground. >> The mega! So sincerely,it can be this enormous playground and it looks beautiful colossal, it has three experiences,so that is lovely cool. Let’s open it up. Guys, this is predominant. Like, seem at all of these components, we’re gonna be sitting herefor one hour constructing it, so…See then you definately! So guys, we finallyfinished making the thing. The cats are alreadyplaying on it. George is just dozing over there,on his little balcony and Chibi is beinga little more adventurous. She was just on the top and now she’sjumping far and wide. So, at the very bottomwe have this little condo which you could go within. I mean, it’s lovely cool,you might go inside of it, stay there. >> it is no longer too high, though. >> now not too high,in case the cats are petrified of heightsall of a unexpected. They can jump up to here,i’m beautiful definite they are able to do it.George jumped, so… We might just lie down here,or you might just go over right here, the place Chibi is,and he or she’s just licking herself. You go inside right here,and you can go this subject. >> How are you gonna get up? Leaping. >> bounce. So we obtained anotherresting place over right here. We acquired ball right here,we bought yet another ball right here, and we gota scratching field. That you would be able to go from beneath to scratch,or on the highest. We also have a different ball right here,and right here. However correct now,the cats seem beautiful tired for the reason that we have now given them so many toys they usually simply wanna rest, so we’re gonna let them sleep for a bit bit, and we’re gonnacome again to you guys. >> Six-and-a half of hours later. So guys,the cats are rested a little bit, now we’re readyto open some more toys.And look at this location,it appears like a playground for cats. Okay, now we have twomore things to open. O.K., let’s getthe jar, the jar. Wait, where’s the jar? It can be lost within the playground. Oh, it is right there. >> right here it is, okay. Collapsible cat scratcher.Ooh, it is this one. >> Ooh, it’s this one. I don’t rather have an understanding of it,there is a ball that incorporates it and there’s thismassive like, factor. I don’t relatively recognize,however we’re gonna open it up and notice what that is all about. And guys, by the way,George is subsequently sitting inside the ladybug toy,since like, earlier than he was once similar to… That is boring,i am now not gonna even appear at it. So guys…>> are you aware how it works? >> sure. You open it up like that– >> Oh my goodness! I used to be gonna say,how is that this a cat scratcher? >> so that you open it up, like that.>> Oh my goodness! >> I suppose.>> For a second I used to be like–>> And then you definitely could put it together. >> after which put the ballin the center? Oh, this is cool. >> I was once like, how isthis a cat scratcher? >> So let’s seeif George likes this? All right, Georgie. What do you believe about it? What do you thinkabout it, George? >> Come on, you at the least haveto scratch it once.>> he’s simply sitting in it like,what am I about to do right here? Um, I thinkI’m just gonna go. [laughter] Bye. Guys, appear! Magic trick. Three, two, one. >> Oh my goodness. Lovely. Yeah, i don’t thinkthe cats fairly like this. >> it is cool, though! >> okay guys, let’s moveon to the very last toy. It can be proper behind Ronald. It’s this factor.I don’t relatively know what it is but like, we’re soongonna discover. So guys, let’s openthis thing up. Ooh!Ooh! Ooh, okay. So guys, sincerely,it can be style of in a coronary heart-form. The balls can roll round it, the cats canstick their paws in it and roll the balls in every single place. And likewise, they canscratch this bit. So we’re just gonna putsome catnip on it. >> See if they come. >> alright. >> seem. >> what’s it? >> What if I…>> Is that a ball? >> I consider George will like this but seem, he’s just chillin’on the top of his little like cat condominium. >> Chibi’s trying to like, establishing to find it irresistible. >> She’s scratching, she’s lookin’, she’s sniffin’,and then she’s leaving. She finds this moreinteresting than this. Oh my goodness. All right, George. It is time for youto come over right here. What do youthink about this? Look.[ball rattling] How do you like it? How do you like it? >> appear at Chibi!Now, she enjoys it. No, she think it is a cat bed,but no, it can be a cat scratcher. George is like, what? What is this? What is that this?>> it’s my existence. Provide me it. >> So guys, that is all the toys. We also have some ballswe can throw far and wide for the cats to play with,so we’re gonna swiftly open this up.>> enjoying some soccer. Fromout of the sky. Soccer.>> k. Come on! >> Are you guys in a position? The soccer sport with the sixteen balls. Raining balls! Cat, get in there!>> they’re getting away! Oh, there may be so manyballs all over. So guys, this lookslike a mini-disney world for cats. I mean, the cats relatively like it,there’s balls everywhere for them. They may be not even making use of–appear what number of balls Chibi has, and he or she’s like, whatever! >> Oh, yeah! >> So guys, we hopeyou liked this video.>> for those who did,smash that like button and we will see youall subsequent time. Just right bye..

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