Dryer Not Heating? Thermal Fuse Testing, Repair

Considering that you cannot inform if a thermal fusehas blown out conveniently by means of watching at it you’ll ought to participate in a continuity test continuity tests will assess if acontinuous electrical path is gift within the fuse if the fuse has continuity it must befunctioning effectively no continuity way the electricalpath broken and the fuse has blown out thermal fuses are available many shapes andsizes but all of them may also be verified for continuity within the identical means that you could opt for from a form ofmultimeters to perform the experiment for this demonstration we can use bothanalog and digital models when using an analog model first rotatethe variety selection dial to the bottom surroundings for ohms of resistance then calibrate the meter by way of pinching theprobes collectively at the same time adjusting the needle to read zero when making use of a digital mannequin once more rotatethe dial to the lowest environment for ohms of resistance or resistance with tone in case your meterhas this option earlier than you start be certain the thermalfuse your checking out has been removed or isolated from the applying use a probe to touch one of the vital fuse’sterminals and the 2nd probe to contact the opposite terminal if the meter studying indicates zero ohms ofresistance the fuse has continuity if the needle does not transfer or the digital display does now not changesignificantly there is no continuity because of this thefuse has blown out and will ought to be replaced be conscious that the failure of a dryerthermal fuse is most likely prompted by means of the venting process being clogged with lint make certain the venting system is cleanedout after changing the fuse and maintain it easy as a part of your annualdryer renovation

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