Hello guys, welcome to the professional Plant games – we’ve got visible plenty of claims on Pinterest / the internet that there are precise plant varieties that may are living in definitely zero light aka your lavatory that has no window – additionally, um, science trainer from grade five like this isn’t what you taught me so i do not get it – So we are going to take a bunch of crops and undertaking them to a plant survivor challenge to see who can live on in zero daylight and spot if it is possible – We’re gonna put them in our toilet we’re gonna water them as a lot as they wish to be watered but they’re gonna be in in most cases entire darkness, and that is gonna go on for a month – We’re gonna determine in weekly and possibly do day-to-day updates and i guess just some are gonna survive – Who will survive? – [ pu rum pum pum] tribal drums chattering wish to introduce our contestants? – yes our professional induction ceremony into the competitors Spider Plant Welcome to Plant video games Fern Welcome to Plant video games Dracena Welcome to the Plant games Snake Plant Welcome to the Plant games Fittonia Welcome to the Plant games Nephytis Butterfly Plant video games Zz, maybe odds be ever for your desire and Pothos Welcome to Plant games So we’ve got all of our contestants these are the entire vegetation that Pinterest and the plant retailer claimed are indestructible – they are going to camp on a secluded island a ways far from any sunlight and we will determine in with them in a bit of bit – Welcome to the island this will be the campsite and presently the only thing surviving on this island are fake crops and dried plants although, they’re style of lovely but we wish to see which live ones live – Contestants, this might be your house for the next 30 days – Will you reside? Will you continue to exist? – Who will find out? We can, simply [ ] All proper, it can be Day 7, time to go assess on the contestants – All right, let’s enter the camp How’s everyone doing? – Cool.Looking animated individuals- We’re doing ok up to now we see somewhat little bit of yellowing I don’t know if that was there before it can be the littlest yellow suggestions here. Do you see that? Fern is stayin’ alive despite the fact that it wants this amazing amount of water Snake is looking lovely excellent, too. I think they’re doing lovely just right good work workforce! – just right work team! [ ] Day 14, we are midway through the competitors – Hhmm – Some humans are retaining up good, and others are opening to lose it Our nephytis butterfly is shedding it’s wings – but this, like, piece is like certainly sprouting so the whole lot else seems like nice – i am so very surprised!- Me too! – whatever seems flawed right here all of those guys are going powerful, 14 days without correct sunlight – Wow, i’m amazed! I concept we might have some clear drop-offs in the establishing avid gamers, i’m impressed! [ ] – Day 21 in the competitors, we’re nearing the tip and everyone’s surviving fairly good! – What the…?? – I particularly do not know what to assert…- …There’s no… …This is the stupidest recreation ever! This is not even a recreation this is rather like: let’s watch vegetation type of develop and like lose some leaves but still they are particularly doing high-quality! – must we go determine on them anyway? – Yeah… – Yeah *singing* in the jungle, the mighty jungle – Uhmm…I mean… This one we noticed was once going down, however seem! – i do know, he is like.. " i’m unwell of this island! " – " JK seem at my suntan! " – I just don’t appreciate! – i am so burdened…- What are we doing right? How are they living off no sunlight?! Like there is literally zero sunlight in here! – i did not see this going this fashion truthfully I mostly proposal we might have like two nonetheless standing just like the ZZ and like the Snake or whatever… – And the only light bulb in here is that this one and it’s not like a develop gentle or anything distinctive it can be pretty normal – And it will get turn on like for two seconds out of the day we’ve got lights on in here correct now,- movie lights… However more often than not it is simply darkish in here! – This one, like, I feel like hasn’t modified at all, and it is quite beautiful too, proper? – yeah – ugh, i’m sorry.I’m sorry that… …That this is going so well! – competition is nearing the end, but we will be able to check in subsequent week – probably we’ll only have like two left but it doesn’t seem doubtless [ ] So… – it is Day 30, the tip of the Palnt video games – it is been a protracted month – we’ve got come up to now it’s time to go to the camp, and determine on all of the contestants and see who made it by way of and who survived – Spoiler alert: I consider they did a fantastic job- yeah – So, guys… Quite proud of you Snake continues to be going strong, Spider too, loving Fittonia, you’re beautiful common, but you are lovely too This i don’t… I do not know, it’s " why i’m right here…It can be so unpleasant, will we no longer?" Pothos I suppose love it’s doing an effective job verify it out these leaves popping out coming by means of ZZ had yellow from the opening however it hasn’t gotten any worse so I suppose that is simply how ZZ likes to be and this fern, actually it is just like so messy, like appear at this I think it can be like kind of taking a flip for the more serious seem it, it is falling all over the place! No, i am not…I am not proud of this fern So in summary… I am Like i didn’t I thinked we could have had like one winner on the end of this, and we have sincerely – A bunch of winners – A bunch of winners! – Some type of losers – but all of them stayed on the island a few of them, simply obtained like rather skinny and homesick even as others thrived! – They bought a first-class suntan, they are dwelling off the coconuts, they’ve constructed a excellent shelter… The four plant winners were undoubtedly the Pothos plant, that’s nonetheless growing extra leaves as we speak – Yeah- And it’s doing amazingly and the other one was once our wild card – The Fittonia! I actually had not ever really heard of fittonia before this is among the ones that the plant store recommended that we select up I believe it is any such lovable plant too, love it’s fairly lovely! So that one I was tremendous comfortable with, and like will certainly be staying in the washroom The losers…I consider would have to be the fern, given that you simply need to water it approach an excessive amount of it used to be opening to style of die although it bought plenty of water and it also like, I think like it shedded so much – it’s messy… – It was like messy look, there was a little bits of fern in all places, i’m like: fern calm down!I failed to love the fern… – And the opposite one was the nephytis butterfly at the same time it was developing it was also dying at the equal price so it simply used to be like, half alive, half lifeless it is not cute…- It was once not lovely! – We wouldn’t recommend it – but yeah, I was once I significantly am so bowled over though – in the event you guys have any insight or concept into why they did so well, let me know beneath – I imply amazon cover, that’s like the one thing i know of, within the tropics I don’t know if they are all tropical plants…- Oh, amazon cover! I notion this was a product you bought on Amazon! – Oh, yeah! By the way Becky, i’ve been watering the Amazon cover. – "The" amazon cover, i am like… – Yeah, just like the tree insurance plan there is no light for those vegetation down there. So they’re used to humid and no mild there is some thing else I want to deliver up This was in a rest room that had plenty of showers – sure – The person who lives here had lots of showers So I suppose like if you had a powder room this could go means another way ‘intent if these crops adored like the steam that they have been getting like every other day then that could be a significant difference! – i hope you guys enjoyed playing this little game show with us and our plant children and that you liked finding out new stuff and trying new stuff with us tell us if you want to see more these type of matters – And it’s also plant week, if you guys did not recognize, so we did some plant DIYs on Tuesday we did a plant tour in our loft, the whole lot but the lavatory! On Wednesday on our vlog Channel and then at present- today – So, we like crops! – All correct well, thanks so much for trying out this Thursday’s video guys! – if you happen to favored it, love it! – And if you happen to cherished it, make sure you Sub it! – Goodbye!- Bye! [ ]

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