Hard use testing: Ka-Bar USMC

Hi all! Rough Use testing of a Ka-Bar knife It has 7" blade it is an awfully famous to everybody model We selected the modification with a plastic manage since we believe that plastic should be better than stacked leather-based as on common USMC however nevertheless it’s the equal knife and that i believe it’s going to be intriguing to every person to peer what it can show in fairly serious assessments Knife is obviously new, simply out of the box good sharpness. Push slicing a paracord. Verify on sisal rope first Cuts in a single motion superb, chopping quite satisfactory The metal here is excessive carbon 1095 Works quite excellent even in such gentle undertaking Coating would not sticks In phrases of usual chopping it’s just best for such a enormous knife the only poor factor that I see already is that there’s no lanyard hole ok, i’ll attempt to chop with out lanyard fine. No issues right here and with out harm on a leading edge subsequent – aluminum tube cutting I expected that it will dig in more but cutting edge still with out damage, all is quality good enough, moving to tip testing Let’s take a appear on the tip from the highest due to a massive false area tip could appear somewhat skinny however we’ll see now It enters very deep into the wooden Penetrating capability of this tip is depraved overall I think it’s simply exceptional Tip wasn’t bent, the whole thing is okay relocating to steel punching stainless-steel 1.0mm Coating on a tip started to return off This injury of a leading edge, that you just see near the tip were there earlier seems like I by accident hit a concrete at some factor So coating was once damaged and a tip, you already know perhaps it can be very apex is crumpled Yea I suppose you will see that it stainless steel 1.2mm did not punched by way of intriguing 5 punches and tip is intact overall Some harm on the very tip which might develop a bit however total it can be good enough And galvanized metallic 1.5mm After five punches of 1.5mm steel the tip is appears to be quality identical because it was earlier subsequent now we have aluminum tube batoning I do not know what is the intent, however this knife…I don’t know if it is a geometry or steel but it simply would not dig in into this aluminum it is very unusual adequate, but no matter how tough it used to be for it, the knife completed its job Coating is came off in this discipline but leading edge does not have any certain harm Blade spine has some dents good, we will see the way it’ll go further steel cable chopping Ten occasions Dents on a spine all of a sudden expanded despite that I did not hit tough with a hammer but cutting edge of adequate you will see that it reflecting a light but it’s no longer a big deal Denting on a spine seem a ways extra critical moving to batoning It enters the wooden now not dangerous that is very sudden…The steel structure on a fracture is solely pleasant it is vitally homogeneous structure right here but that is what dazes me much more when considering the fact that the truth that a knife simply damaged right here we’ve a major deformation occurring after spine hits that’s how it looks like but I did not anticipated high carbon steel to burst like this And the fracture face is simply tremendous homogeneous i do not even know what to assert that’s how rapidly this experiment has ended I anticipated far more from a excessive-carbon steel by the way which you could realize the skewness of a manage fairly to blade i.E. The knife began to be like this blade is like pointing up in like a V-shape therefore a blade tang has bent additionally And it is too bad but it occurs like this additionally that’s all, i hope it was fascinating for you Thanks for gazing See you, bye bye Let’s take a further seem at the wreckage in macro Knife has bent aside additionally And let’s look on the spine I think that this damage used to be a fundamental cause of breaking that is all, see you, bye bye

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