Testing Viral TikTok Life Hacks!!!

– So guys, at present, we’re testingviral TikTok life hacks. – sure, we’re gonna be detectives, in these days. – So on TikTok, you watchthese TikToks of life hacks, viral life hacks, andyou see them all over, they usually seem like that they really work, and that they’re lifestyles-changing, (Ronald gasping) but typically, they do not work. So we’re here to exposeall of the fake ones. – We’re gonna be detectives. We’re gonna examine the TikToks,and then we’re gonna expose. – All correct, well now it’s time to see our very first TikTok life hack.- Oooh. (jazz tune) tips on how to unencumber any iPhone. (Ronald laughing) turn everything off. Activate don’t disturb. Ok. Hit open, calculator, andthe cellphone must be unlocked. – particularly? – What? That is unnecessary. – I’ve in no way heard of that before. That’s so bizarre. I don’t know if that’s gonna work. – ok, let’s go try it. – All correct, there’sonly one way to find out, and it is to take a look at. – So guys, that is Karina’s telephone, and that i haven’t any notion what the password is, and i should not have her face most likely. Ok, so, turn it all off. Placed on don’t disturb. Put the brightness tozero, the volume to zero. Go to the calculator, and then. (alarm buzzing) Awe, it does not work! (Ronald laughing) – It would not work. You cannot get intopeople’s telephones like that. – Yeah, you are not able to be so sneaky.I see you Karen, beinglike, "oh, i’m gonna get "into Josh’s mobilephone, ha." Nah, it’s not gonna work. So guys, for all of you that thought, mmm, maybe this will work. I can sneak on someone’s telephone, mwahahaha, however nah nah nah. This does not work. Moving on to the subsequent one. – k guys, now it can be timefor life hack quantity two. – Deux. – All proper. – [Man] Guys, I just foundthis factor you would do to land a bottle flip every single time. – i can use this. – [Man] So I don’treally understand why it works, but if you happen to put some saltin your water bottle. – okay weirdo. (Ronald laughing) – [Man] you don’t reallyneed to position that a lot. – Wait, how is that presupposed to work? [Man] You land every single bottle flip. Watch. – Wait, wait, wait. – [Man] ensure to shake it. That’s the only means it really works.- You see, that was once a reduce,so he just keeps, like. (Ronald laughing)- [Man] just watch this. This is the first are attempting. I promise. (water bottle clunking) (water bottle clunking) – Wait.- You actually are not able to mess up. – What? – How is he doing that? – What, three in a row? – [Man] i will land five extra in a row. – I’ve under no circumstances landed abottle flip in my lifestyles. (Ronald laughing) – you can use this Karina. (Ronald laughing) Come now. I particularly surely hope that this works. – [Man] What else do you wish to have from me? You want it subsequent to Alaya’s bag? Watch. – Kay. Across the nation. (Ronald laughing) – What? – [Man] even if i attempt to, I are not able to pass over. – Oh my. – [Man] What? Doggo, appear at this. – What? – [Man] Anyway, try this out. Duet it, and tell me if it really works for you. – Wait. – k, we have got to do this. We ought to do that. – We have got to do this. All proper, let’s go in thekitchen and get some salt.I will get some water bottlesand land some bottle flips. – sure. – okay guys, i am gonnagrab the water bottles. Here you go, Ronald. Yes. – And we gotta empty a few of it out, and then we’re gonna are attempting without the salt, after which after, add the salt. – Ooh, okay. Dah nah nah nah nah. – How much are we speculated to empty? – About like, up to here. – ok. (upbeat tune) Is that excellent? – Yeah, that must be just right. K, we now have emptiedmost of the water out. Now, let’s just are trying toland it with out the salt.- All proper. (water bottle clunking) (water bottle clunking) – k guys, in order you can find, we are not able to land a water bottle flip. It simply takes like, about a million tries. So now, we have to add thesalt, and see if it works. – a good way to land it every single time. – sure. (Ronald laughing) – All proper, salt. – He added white salt,but it’s excellent, right? – Yeah, i am just gonna grab a bunch. Pour it in. I understand how so much we need, butI feel this might be good.- ok, that is good, proper? – All proper, he stated we have got to shake it. It used to be very foremost that we shook it. – Let me wash my arms. – received salt all over the place my fingers. – okay. Now we have got to shake it. (water swishing) there is no way. Is there a way? There probably a technique. – I have no idea if this is gonna work. K. – k, we just made some healthful water. (Ronald laughing) – Now, let’s flip. (water bottle clunking) (excessive music) – That was shut. (Ronald laughing) (intense music) (water bottle clunking) Wait, wait, wait. (water bottle clunking) Heyyyy! (horns blowing) (Karina cheering and laughing) – Wait, I wanna get it. (Ronald laughing) All correct, now i’m gonna get it too. (Ronald cheering and laughing) – Wait, how come thesalt’s working for you? – Yeah, i’m just excellent at it. (water bottle clunking) (sirens blowing) (Ronald cheering) – I got it, I obtained it! (Karina laughing) – Yeah, perfect trick shotdouble water bottle flip. – I acquired it once more. – So guys, the primary fewtries weren’t fairly working, but then the salt began kicking in, after which growth, we started touchdown.(water bottle clunking) – [Background Voice] Brah. – might be we have got to shake it some extra. – Oh, oh, ok. – You gotta shake it. Come on, preserve shaking. (Ronald screaming) – ok. – Let’s try it an additional time. (water bottle clunking) – No! – almost. (water bottle clunking) – Oooh!- Yeah! – I got it! – Ooooh, the excellent shaking lands it. – the bottom line is to shake it so much. You gotta shake it quite a bit. – Yeah, best. So guys, it appears like thislife hack truely works. Or maybe we’re justgood at bottle flipping. I have no idea. However, we’ll give a verify mark to this one, and let’s move on tolife hack number three.- ok, existence hack quantity three. – [Man] Take a section ofcorn proper from the inventory, and you place it within the microwave. – k. Kay. Ooh. Popcorn. – [Man] You get popcorn. – I already noticed someoneexpose this life hack. – Yeah, perhaps it might work. Probably we’re identical to, over-exaggerating, but probably it won’t work. – All proper, however we gotta experiment it out. So let’s go to the kitchen onceagain and make some popcorn. – sure. – okay guys, we obtained some corn. It’s now not straight from like, the field, but it’s going to ought to do ’causewe don’t survive a farm.- sure. – So, we gotta get somescissors and open it up. – i’m not satisfied. – Yeah, i don’t feel thisis gonna make popcorn. Like, it’s corn, like, come on. – okay, let’s rip the corn. – You received some corn. – well, he put it in with the green thing, so let’s put it in, withthe green thing as good. – ok yeah, certain. Okay, we gotta go to the microwave. – I don’t know why, however i’m excited. – Awe, you must’veworn your popcorn shirt. – Yeah. (Ronald laughing) – All correct. – How lengthy will we put it in for? – Put this within the microwave. I do not know. Like, a minute. Possibly a minute and 30 seconds. All proper, begin. Now we wait. – We wait. Ok guys, so there may be 10 seconds left. We are not able to see something. I am form of hoping for popcorn, because I didn’t have popcorn in so long, but if it doesn’t work,we will simply have corn, which is very sad. – All correct, it is in a position, three, two, one.(drum roll) – [Background Voice] Awwww.- Oh my. – it is simply corn. – Busted! – there isn’t a popcorn. This life hack does not work. (alarm buzzing) it can be a thumbs down. – exposed. – life hack quantity four. – [Woman] connect the chainto the suitcase handle on the wheels. Hook the carabiner on it, and connect it to a loop to your jeans. – What? – [Woman] that is effective. (Karina laughing) (suitcase rumbling) (both laughing) – that is just silly. – ok, possibly it could work, and that man used to be simply over-exaggerating. – All right, let’s gotry out this existence hack. All proper you guys, Igot the attachy factor, and i obtained the suitcase, andwe’re equipped to put in on Ronald. – yes. (Ronald laughing) – Are you equipped? – sure. Simply assume men and women walkingin the store or anywhere with this on. – connect to the suitcase. Now we gotta attach it to you.There we go. Let’s go. – it’s pulling down my pants. (Karina laughing) This thing would be stuffed with stuff, and i am gonna lose mypants earlier than I comprehend it. – is this what he stated to you Ronald, and it can be already flattening your pants. – Yeah, this lifestyles hackdoesn’t particularly work, but i guess it’s kinda okayif you’ve got the tightest pants within the whole whole world. (Ronald laughing) are you able to get this off of me? (both laughing) – Or i can leave it onfor just a little longer. – No! So for this lifestyles hack, it’sgetting half of a investigate mark, given that it kinda works, butyou’re gonna lose your pants before you realize it. Ok guys, so that’s k. That one didn’t reallywork, but it kinda did.Now, it’s time to move onto life hack quantity five. All proper, so this one’s in Spanish, so we’re simply gonna have got to use visuals. – yes. (Spanish song) – okay. – fallacious outlet? – Oh. Wait, what? – He simply put it in like,twice, after which it charged. – Wait, that makes no sense. – it’s like a moveable charger. You are like oh, fill itup, fill it up, fill it up.Ok, there we go. – however wait, why do not you simply plug it into the wall competently? – I have no idea. – So guys, we gotta chargeit, and what the man used to be doing within the video used to be charging up his cable, and then he unplugged it from the wall, and connected it to his cellphone, and the mobilephone was charging. – Oh, ok. – I do not know if that is gonna work, ‘rationale we gotta connect it.- Yeah, extra people would find out about this. – All right, so let’s do that. Now we gotta plug it in,and unplug it once or twice. Plug in, there we go. (jazz tune) All right, I suppose that is equipped. Kay Ronald. – okay. – Plug it in. (Ronald gasping) It worked! – What? – Wait, what? It labored. – however it most effective charged for like, a second. – It simplest charged for a 2d, so it is now not an awfully goodportable charger, however it labored. – I was no longer expecting that. So guys, this existence hack isdefinitely a ten out of 10 in my ebook or scale,some thing you wanna say, however i have a question. If we simply plug it inlike, a million occasions, will it charge for longer, considering it most effective charged for a 2d? – So let’s try it out.Ok, you hold my cellphone for me. Let’s go, all right.- Do it like, 20 instances. (jazz tune) – Two, three, five, six, seven, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. – All right, let’s go. – Will it go as much as 98%? (jazz tune) k. – it’s charging. It charged for two seconds this time. – Oh wow. – All proper, so this lifehack isn’t very useful, but it surely obviously works. – Yeah, it can be like somethingto show off at a celebration. – So guys, we got two anda half existence hacks working. Let’s examine if the following one is gonna work. Lifestyles hack number six. – yes. (temper music) okay, you are slicing pants.Why are you slicing pants? I do not wanna cut my pants. – Oh, I suppose I’ve noticeable this one earlier than. It’s exciting. K. – he is reducing the edge? (mood track) And then you definitely put it on. – it is a shirt now? – It appears pleasant, but like, I don’t know if this is gonna work. – It might. Since they have it right there. – however seem how much fabricthere is in the armpits. There may be a lot fabricleft within the armpits. – What? Pants into shirt. This can’t be real, but there’sonly one technique to find out.Without a doubt, two approaches, but let’s do it. – All correct, let’s go getsome pants and reduce ’em up. Ok guys, the one leggingsthat i have are these ones, and these are my onlyand my favorite leggings, so these better work, so. All right, flatten it outlike they did within the video. Operation, surgical procedure pants. – Wait, I don’t know how to try this.Uh, I have got to watch the video once more. All proper, so. – proper over this phase. – Wait, wait, i am confuzzled. Wait, I have to watch the video again. – correct, right over the spike. See that spike? – ok, wait, i’m gonna holdit and put it like this, like exactly like they have got in the video. I don’t wanna make any mistakes, ok. All correct. All correct. – but they cut like, a lineand then like, a circle. – So we gotta do that line first. All proper. (temper tune) All proper, that’s intriguing. K, uh, I suppose i am justruining these leggings. Ok, you gotta make a circle as well. (temper tune) Oh gosh. Kay. – that’s frightening. – Oh, there is is better. I gotta make mine greater. Oh gosh. (mood tune) okay, that doesn’t appear too unhealthy. (Ronald laughing) (mood tune) All correct, they reduce on thepant, on the leg phase, so. – They reduce a line. – So I gotta do the seam.There’s is lovely long, soI’ll just make mine style of. – the entire method as much as the hole,like, there may be a hole right here. – All correct. – Kay, that should be just right. – Yeah, that’s about excellent. All proper, I feel we did the entire reducing. – used to be that it? K. Ok, now simply put it in most cases. (Karina laughing) – What? (laughing) i do not believe this holeis massive ample for my head. – No, that is no longer to your head. – Yeah it is for my head. – How, what? – How did he do that? Did I reduce mine incorrect? The place is my head supposed to go? – Guys, even if this life hack did work, it is too tough to comply with. – ok, we ought to make some modifications, ‘motive I cannot stick my head by means of that. It’s now not going off the movies, but we’re gonna have got to do that. (temper music) All proper. – Operation surgery pants has failed. – okay, i assume that’s, I don’tknow if this is gonna work. K, let’s try on my new high. This is quite bizarre. (temper music) – simply go to the storeand buy a shirt like that.- Mmkay. – it is ok. – The pink is the wrong way up. (Ronald laughing) k, i suppose it kinda works. (Ronald laughing) there is quite a lot of extrafabric in my armpits, so it can be now not very comfortable. I would not ever put on this. It can be very uncomfortable. – This is like a five out of 10. – the only comfortableposition is like this, ‘purpose that is how legs are supposed to head. Guys, I ruined my onlyand my favourite leggings, so that is obviously a zero. This is going straight to the bin. – ok. K. – All proper, let’s moveon to the subsequent lifestyles hack.With a bit of luck, I will not haveto destroy anymore clothing. – ok guys, time forlife hack quantity seven. I do not know why. Probably ‘motive it is my fortunate quantity, however I feel like this isgonna work very nicely. – All proper, however there’sonly one option to find out. Let’s watch the video. – [Man] All proper guys,so I determined a brand new hack. And like, it’s with the AirPods, and like, it’s related to this cell, and they don’t know the hack but, so like, when you put your AirPods like this, you have to make it like a tripod, and also you go like this, andwhen you hit play, it like, performs like a speaker. (cell cellphone song) – i tried that before, and it didn’t work. – Awwwwe. – but we gotta are attempting it once more,’purpose might be they updated it. – yes. – All correct, so put the AirPods like that. K. – ok. – Gotta ensure they’re related. – It looks like a questionable speaker. – All right. (mood tune) The quantity’s the entire way to the top. (crickets chirping) – it’s coming from there, butit’s not playing as a speaker.- it is now not enjoying as a speaker. – No, it does not work. – It would not work. This existence hack is a fail. (alarm buzzing) Wait, it can be playing now. It can be not even that loud. (AirPod track) that is bizarre. – might be it does work. K, let’s supply it a 5 out of ten, due to the fact often it works. – So, let’s provide it a 1/2 thumbs up, ‘purpose it type of works, butit’s no longer rather loud at all. So, let’s move on tolife hack quantity eight.- sure. So that’s kung fu. Now it is time for lifehack quantity ocho eight. – All proper, let’s begin. – Kay, let’s have a look at. – [Man] All proper, so that is most commonly one of the vital fine stored secrets and techniques forsolving the Rubik’s dice. I nearly regarded notsharing this with you guys, – i might comprehend this. I’d comprehend this. – [Man] on account that it form oftakes the enjoyable out of it, but I figured, I do not know,possibly you could use it to like, get a date or impressyour acquaintances or something. So in any case, here goes. That you would be able to resolve any Rubik’scube, starting at any role, – Aaah. – [Man] making use of simply two strikes. You’re simply gonna repeat thesemoves over and over.You are gonna turn the leftside counter clockwise, after which you are gonnaturn the highest clockwise, so it looks like this. You’re simply gonna hold on- everybody would do that. Repeating the sequenceover and over again, and eventually the dice willstart to form of remedy itself. – good day, that is now not gonna work. – [Man] You simply preserve going. – Nah. – [Man] oftentimes ittakes a bit of longer. – probably, let’s see, let’s see, let’s have a look at. Wait, what’s he gonnabe on the finish, like, "oh, sorry it would not work." Wait!- Wait! It worked!How did he get it? Oh my goodness!- beautiful simple. – How? – It definitely labored. Okay, let me go get my Rubik’s dice. – All right, we gotta test this out. – So guys, i’ve my Rubik’s dice, and he stated to just do two moves and repeat those two strikes.So, i’m just like, nahit’s now not gonna work. However I have already got my dice messed up, so let’s have a look at if it without a doubt works. Kay, like that, like that. I assume that’s it. (temper tune) – How lengthy are we gonna besitting here until we make a decision that it can be no longer working. (Ronald laughing) – Nah, there’s no way.- i don’t suppose it is working. – ‘purpose this corner isn’t solved in any respect, so how will you resolve thisbit with out relocating it? – I have no idea. – and that i saw his finger masking this bit, so i am beautiful certain it was all one color. – this isn’t working. K, I believe it is a busted. This does not work. – this does not work. I was now not expecting for it to work. It is now not even close to solved. Like, it can be just scrambled even more. – All correct guys, thatdid no longer work in any respect. That deserves a thumbs down. (alarm buzzing) that’s simply bogus.No, that doesn’t work in any respect, so let’s move on to lifestyles hack number nine. – Oh. – We simplest have two and a halflife hacks that work to this point, so this better work. – And this is the last one. – All right, come on. – [Boy] this is how you makea black light along with your phone. First, put tape over the flash. Be certain it is clear. And then get a bluesharpie, and canopy that up. – k. – [Boy] and then putanother piece of tape. Quilt it once more with blue. – What? – [Boy] the other piece, butnow you’re doing it purple. – Oh, k. – [Boy] Now you could have a black gentle. – okay. – [Boy] Let’s are trying it on this. – that’s cool. Ok, we have to try this. – I have no idea if it’s gonna work. I suppose you want like, aspecial gentle, no longer just colors.(Ronald laughing) however we gotta test it out,so let’s get my telephone and get some markers. We gotta do that out. We received some tape. We obtained some sharpies. So, we gotta put the tape over the flash. (piano track) – Kay, blue first. – First, you gotta cover it with blue. Okay. (piano track) There we go. K. – i am kinda excited. – Gotta get an extra piece of tape. – Kay, i’ll do that one.- k. Received blue again. And one last piece of tape. – And for the purple. – purple. All proper. I don’t know if this is gonna work. – How’d we do? – Now, gotta turn on the light. – Three, two, one. Wait, we gotta go at the hours of darkness. – We gotta go at the hours of darkness,’reason I can’t see something. Hello guys, that is theonly place within the residence where it does not have windows, so we gotta go within this closet to check out this hack. – Oh my goodness, I feel like a spy. – All proper, let’s go. Oh, it can be purple. Ok, I do not know ifit’s a black gentle though, however it looks beautiful cool.It is purple. – i guess that works. Let me put my hand, oh. All right, I think wegotta get some neon colors to rather scan it out. – sure. – All correct, we received some highlighters. Let’s really experiment this out. – yes. Let’s go trek in jungles. – okay. It would not work. – Wait, take out like, the tip. – Oh, it does not make,won’t make a difference. – Oh, it would not reallylook, but it does have like, some cool blue gentle that comes out of it.- I imply, you could use this for like, a photograph shoot or some thing. I don’t know. – Yeah. – it is type of cool, butit’s no longer a black light, so this hack is a fail. (alarm buzzing) – So guys, that used to be our last lifestyles hack. We hope that you simply appreciated usexposing the false existence hackers. They fake lifestyles-hack into your life, but guys, do not comply with them. Only follow us. I am just kidding. You are able to do that if you need. (Ronald laughing) – And should you guys wannasee extra existence hack movies, go to our Instagram, and comment there if we should do them or not. – Mhmm, yes. – We invariably do although. If you did, – [Both] Smash that like button, and we are going to see y’all within the next tidbit. Bye! – Ching kwa! – And incidentally guys,Ronald’s saying the winners for his iPad and his Guccishoes on his Instagram, so go verify it out to see should you gained.(temper track).

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