Mercedes w124 development – design, testing, pre-production, part 1

[Music] [Music] the development of a new car is a year within the wrestling conflicting objectives concerning the quality solution for you complicated assignment tricky instruments of more than a few kinds thereby on hand and help the endeavor tested thousands of instances over to finally strengthen the finished progress in a new one to unite thought the demands of the shoppers on alleviation Use lifetime and price retention ought to be regarded as good like the current trends, those of politics and public opinion emerge as [Music] environmental safeguard energy saving security These phrases incorporate concrete ones standards with the aid of a wealth mature ideas and trend-surroundings subsequently, in a single realized new new release of autos turn out to be [Music] the most principal progress objectives this new sequence is short summarize succession of the series 123 subtle measure proposal state-of-the-art technology expanded relief upscale equipment development in environmental affect vigour saving and protection progressive fund notion with stylistic continuity [Music] on the stylistic stories and model Manufactures were the necessities to a low air resistance of taken into consideration at the commencing [Music] aerodynamically favorable high rear part sooner or later, that you would be able to still be in the mannequin stadium persuade that aerodynamics and aesthetics none to make conflicting demands on my own due to the aerodynamics Optimized form used to be the proposal new compact six cylinder ottom engines indispensable additional explanations for the complete redevelopment were accelerated needs pollutant emissions consumption Weight reduction Noise life efficiency protection and restore friendliness to all necessities To be in a position to recognize had been vast theoretical investigations required the vote of the total inspiration led to the essentials to develop the Six-cylinder displacement on 2,6 and three liter restrict to just one Camshaft for valve manipulate special use of the combined mechanically electronically controlled gasoline injection in the Following started the drafting of character principles and the progress of unique building accessories this requires precise action from gurus as good Organizationally expert coordination the individual hobbies the combustion chamber design of the Cylinder head made of high strength gentle steel has been extended in connection with the staggered organized valves effect in higher turbulences in the combustion room the to also make a contribution a lean gas to ignite air mixture with the help of the voltage optics can on plastic mannequin in follow at real aspect happening stress be made visible [Music] with the aid of reducing the coolant rooms and the optimization of the float within the engine takes situation speedy warming final result of it gas financial savings and put on reduction [Music] the seven-velocity crankshaft has twelve counterweights this outcome favorable vibration behavior the calculations are made with the support of so-known as finite factors process that vibration behavior may also be on screen time stretched and robust remember immoderate this will make the vibration nodes naturally seen diameter and width of crankshafts stocks are as small as viable approach diminish friction losses [Music] the forging system of the crankshaft is referred to as twist approach seeing that on the last stroke a twist takes situation best thereby receives the Crankshaft their attribute shape [Music] the five and six cylinders diesel engines with 2 5 and three liters Displacement build on the inspiration of the brand new two-liter four-cylinder engines despite a wealth of recent developments used to be on this engine sequence the retained vorkammer procedure It places within the sum of all the primary ones houses the most useful combustion method for cars diesel engines because the cups pestle manage with hydraulic valve play compensation ensures quiet strolling and is maintenance free all motors are tilted by using 15 levels in the auto installed that implies low height and Favorable size of the floating suction pipes principle of a belt power with V-ribbed belts and automated after voltage is located on all engine variants Use with this process used to be the reliability and repair existence in comparison with conventional types extensively multiplied are different advantages the decrease vigor losses as good the shorter house with the new engine notion is because of the modular procedure in the production generally flexibility secured so on market and demand fluctuations reacted instantly can also be This constantly represents the desired models from the wide range of engine versions on hand the diesel engines 200d four-cylinder 250 d 5 cylinder and 300 d 6 cylinder as well petrol engines 200 and 230 4-cylinder 260 and 300 e six-cylinder each and every for the two types with and with out catalytic exhaust gasoline purification system for the progress of the physique turns into those of stylistic and aero characterised by way of dynamic features vehicle contour taken over using the latest laptop Supported procedures can be accomplished in these days each developed and as well be calculated for extraordinary load states can provide the invoice already in a very early age developmental notes for one in phrases of strength and weight optimized structure through presentation deformations in moving pictures can the outcome directly on be judged at the same time the deformation can be arbitrary excessive and the structure arbitrary be turned around and enlarged thereby identifying the constitution behaving to the final detail too in phrases of the voltage history a colour photograph [Music] on the equal real masses for illustration, a nasty distance the vibration is checked conduct and strength aspects countless continuous tests prove that even with this sequence met the excessive expectations the one at operational strength and durability of a mercedes physique represents the security of occupants in street site visitors accidents for years a center of attention in the development in these days are self-developed trendy pc-assisted approaches in the form of 3-dimensional mathematical items to be had the version major boundary stipulations allows for speedy principle investigations in numerous earlier than will try the protective outcome of restraint systems the brand new auto tuned Her rope was tightened developed he is now for driver and passenger usual on request, additionally, the meanwhile already validated airbag for the driver available are attempting with the accident whole cars will that deformation and strength habits for the most specific influence situations each try is coordinated highly excessive stress on account that the in actual avenue traffic accidents rarely happens and partly over authorized demands goes out at the offset frontal influence heavily loaded the passenger compartment helps a significant discipline Handover service techniques with extra pass connection at the stem from above addition of excessive-strength micro alloyed metal sheets and extra skillful use of schott sheet metal and temptations despite scale down weight could higher than the prior mannequin strength and power absorption be completed what apart from the security of the restore friendliness until 10

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