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[MUSIC PLAYING] MARK POTTER: Hi, everyone. My name is Mark Potter, and I'm a
finance professor at Babson College. When I work with companies and business
owners, I always get the same comments, I really don't like finance,
but I know it's important, or maybe can't I just hire a
finance person to do this for me, and then, almost always, this stuff
is going to give me a headache, and I hope you brought
medication with you. Let me tell you, there's nothing
mystical or magical about finance, and in this course you will see that
it is intuitive, straightforward, and useful.

And yes, you can hire
someone to do this for you, and you probably will at some point. But you'll need to know
what they're doing, and the right questions
to ask to make sure that they are serving your interests. You don't need to be a venture
capitalist, or investment banker, to understand the tools and techniques
businesses used to get funding. Through this introductory
finance course, you will gain the skills to
evaluate new ideas and projects, and learn the basics of valuing stocks,
bonds, and companies, medication free. See you soon..

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