foreign hey guys I hope you're ready for lots 
of cleaning motivation I'm going to be   cleaning two houses over three or four 
days I'll be cleaning my house and then   my parents house so a lot jam-packed 
into this video and a super super yummy   crock pot meal that we loved so let's get 
ready and let's do this together foreign welcome to Jamie's journey I hope this is a space 
where you feel motivated and you just feel like   this is a space where you belong I have an amazing 
Community here and I would love for you to be a   part of it I promise you I have the best community 
here on YouTube everyone is just truly so great   but I am actually filming this part on Halloween 
you'll see me when I go downstairs I had this like   spooky Christmas Halloween music on 
the TV I had the fire going and the   girls are at school this morning and you 
guys know when the twins are in school   they're only in school for two days a 
week for a couple of hours at a time   that is my Go Time so I was like I got some stuff 
I have to do I'll film it I don't know if I'll end   up using this footage but this was on Halloween 
and I just was kind of going around getting things   picked up Halloween was on a Monday and typically 
Sundays are just more I definitely do things to   prep myself for the week but it's not unusual for 
me to do very little cleaning on Sundays and so   the house was messy and I wanted to get it all 
cleaned up before the fun Halloween festivities foreign I don't wanna know I know when I started earlier I almost said 
Christmas over Halloween because Halloween   now when you're watching this and when I'm doing 
my voiceovers Halloween seems like it was so long   ago and now everyone's in Christmas mode and to be 
honest with you I'm really not in Christmas mode   at all like at all a lot of you guys know we're 
moving and it will be around mid-December and so   I don't really plan on decorating for Christmas 
and I'm just not in that head space for Christmas   because I think I'm more focused on moving over 
Christmas I am shopping like trying to get all   my Christmas shopping done early but I just my my 
headspace is not in Christmas it's just more on   moving and all of that and not the holidays 
but I'm just seeing so much um of Christmas   like everywhere I go and it's also weird because 
it's been so warm here I live in northwest Ohio   and Halloween is pretty cold typically I 
mean there's been times where it's been   snowing on Halloween and you guys it has 
hit 70 a couple days this week and that is   insane for Northwest Ohio like we usually have 
measurable snow by like late November to give   you an idea so it's been so warm lately 
our Halloween was so warm it was crazy foreign the girls had obviously gotten home from school 
they get home right before lunch time so Mike   and went and pick them up on its lunch break 
and I got their lunch ready and I don't want   to promise because I don't want to let you 
guys down but right now we do have a meeting   with our Builder over at the new house no 
kids it's gonna be during school here in   two days so I should have a home update a 
home tour in Sunday's video November 13th   I'm gonna try I can't promise you because 
obviously something could happen but right   now we do have an appointment and I plan 
on taking my camera so mark your calendars so a lot of you guys know I'm at my parents 
home and I'm gonna do some cleaning this   evening they went to dinner with some friends 
I have my comfy jammies on it's a little chilly   outside I have no distractions no kids no one 
here I'm going to clean their house in peace thank you here in a little bit I'm going to test 
out my new Karcher window VAC on the   shower glass doors in my parents bathroom 
so make sure you stick around until then foreign so my parents house is obviously 
newer they moved in in March of 2020   and I thought it would be interesting so like I'm 
sitting here watching myself clean their sink it's   a one bowl sink I don't know if that's typical 
or that's really what it's called a One Bowl sink   but my sink that we have in our home 
is divided and our in the new house   we will have the one sink and I'm really 
excited about it I hate a divided sink   and the reason why this is kind of interesting 
is because I think I had said that in another   video about how we would have one sink 
oh really quickly do you see those little   um black spots in the bottom of the sink they're 
on the corners I think that's from the little rack   they have in the bottom of their sink what well 
I couldn't I've never been able to get it out   and when I came this time I had brought my bars 
Keepers Friend so I wanted to see if that would   get those spots out of the sink and it did 
Bar Keeper's Friend is such a great cleaner   but anyways someone else had I think I said 
that we were getting a one bowl sink before   in another video and someone said they were 
kind of laughing because they're like now I   have a one bowl sink and I want a double sink so 
I don't know if it's one of those you always want   what you don't have that type of thing but I hate 
the double sink because it's hard when I'm like   washing dishes like a big pan or something I 
just feel like it's harder to clean those big   dishes or whatever but here I was going 
to let the grates soak and I just put one   dish detergent Tab and I was going to 
let it soak in the sink with hot water thank you foreign so usually when I go over to clean my parents 
house um I'll ask them like what they want me   to do and my mom asked if I could clean their 
carpets because as you can see they get Pretty   Dirty I love the white but obviously because it's 
white and this is right where people walk in it   gets pretty dirty but my Bissell ProHeat Pro pet 
carpet cleaner did a really really good job in   getting it all up now under their rug which you 
cannot see they have a waterproof liner but if   you do this at home I would highly suggest putting 
a waterproof liner under a like plastic if you can   um but there's already had the 
the waterproof liner underneath Wi-Fi thank you foreign so let's share well I'll share my high point 
in my low point of the week here in a minute   but I want to ask those questions because I'm 
cleaning the stove top and it was also not 10 30.   when I'm doing this and the date was not right so 
I don't want you guys thinking I'm cleaning at 10   30 p.m at my parents house but anyways um you know 
the little things and I don't know terms but the   burners the gas burners you obviously have to take 
them off like I took off those like that looks   like a stainless steel piece and then on top of 
that there's like a little black cover that goes   on the actual get where the gas comes out if that 
makes sense like do you have to be careful how you   clean those or even here like in the little 
holes where the gas the flame comes out like   do you have to be careful getting cleaner down 
there or does it not really matter obviously the   stovetop is turned off but I'm saying like do you 
have to be careful about that I don't love my gas   cooktop stove I don't because you get the 
smallest things on there and then it burns   and it it's just a pain to clean but I do like 
that I can just spray or use whatever cleaners I   want and I don't have to worry about it getting 
into like a crack or crevice or anything like   that so that's my question do I have to be careful 
with how I clean around where the flame comes out   um do you guys have any tips or tricks 
for cleaning a gas stovetop let me know   if you guys have any suggestions or how 
you do it even the grates this is what   I came across online is taking a 
dishwashing tab or a laundry Tab   and soaking it in hot water but do you 
have a better way of how you clean yours foreign so to clean their cabinets I was using my oh 
Cedar spin mop my mom had actually requested   that I clean their cabinets for them and this 
is just like the quickest way to do it so I   just used one teaspoon of powdered tied laundry 
detergent in my mop bucket with as hot water as   I could from the tap and oh if you notice that 
see how my mom has a towel in their dishwasher   her little hack you know how sometimes your 
dishes can still be a little bit wet when   you're done running a load if you take a towel 
and you put it in the door and then shut the   door let it sit for a little while and that towel 
will absorb any extra moisture in your dishwasher so to clean up here just like I did with the 
stovetop I was using the Scrub Daddy power   paste that stuff is amazing it's so good and it 
just gets any grease or stuck on grime off of   both areas okay so let's talk the high point to 
my week and the low point to my week so the high   point to my week was I got to meet my newest niece 
so Mike's sister had a baby a baby girl Callie and   um Mike only has one sibling and she already has 
a daughter which she's um Cora is the Twins age   she's two months only two months older than the 
twins so in Mike's family it's all girls we are   a girl gang we're taking over so yes we finally 
got to go meet Cali um my sister lives about an   hour and 15 minutes north of us and there 
were some slight complications after birth   like nothing serious or anything so we weren't 
able to see her for about a week and a half so   finally we got to go up there and see her and hold 
her and the twins were so cute Avery was so Avery   and Emery were so excited Addison Helder but Avery 
just had the biggest smile on her face she thought   it was really cool so that was exciting and the 
other high point to my week was I started packing   finally and it's hard because I almost just want 
to go and pack everything you know because I just   want to start packing but we still have about 
another four weeks or so so I'm trying to be   smart about what I'm packing when I'm not but I at 
least started so we are getting the ball rolling to separate my body and mind body and mine lives all my sugars I'm acting surprised so I will share my low point 
to the week and honestly I don't think it's really   like that bad of a low point to the week but I 
kind of off my workout Fitness game I got sick   well our whole family got really sick last week 
I think a GI bug took us all out I mean I was   throwing up and everything and obviously was not 
working out and then I was really weak afterwards   so I didn't work out most of last week and then 
coming into this week I worked out I think on   Saturday Friday and Saturday and that's really 
been it and for me working out improves my mood   it's my therapy I always feel good and it just 
it allows me to just go not think about anything   and I find that when I'm in the routine of working 
out it's easy to stick with it but when I get off   the routine whether it's for a vacation I'm 
sick it's harder to get back like I am such a   regimented person a rude regimented and routine 
person that when I'm in the routine it's hard   for me to stop because it's just what I do but 
then when I get out of the routine it's harder   for me to get back into it so I'm trying to get 
back into it but I know that my body needed the   break so I'm trying to slowly get back into it 
so here um I'm cleaning out the Bissell carpet   cleaner and the reason why I really like this 
is because it's really easy to clean so you just   pop off that top cover and there's actually two 
covers that just pop off you have those little   green buttons that you push down the second 
cover comes off and then you can easily and   quickly wipe down the brushes the rollers and get 
any loose fur or dust or whatever's in there out   and that's why I like it because it's really easy 
to clean and it also does a good job at cleaning foreign so there's a lot of things that my parents have 
in their current home that we will have in our   new home so the gas stovetop the One Bowl kitchen 
sink and then our shower will be very similar to   theirs it will be tile with grout clear glass 
doors and all of that and while I'm excited to   have no shower tracking like you know we have 
the shower door with the tracking and that is   such a pain it's so gross I hate the shower 
door tracking we will have a lot of grout   so I've been doing a lot of research and you 
have to be careful with the grout because you   have the the tile and so you have to be 
careful of what you use and the Zep grout   cleaner that I've used before in my home I 
know that comes highly recommended but a lot   of people say a steam cleaner and so I wanted 
to try that out this time there's even like   another more heavy duty steam cleaner that I've 
seen a lot of cleaning companies use in their   showered in their showers so um I don't think I 
need another cleaning tool I think I have plenty   so I don't know I think when I when I move in 
the first thing when I clean it I'm gonna see   how well the the steam cleaner does but I am 
telling you the steam cleaner is just such an   all-around great cleaning tool to have I use it in 
so many different areas I feel like between that   and the Rubbermaid power scrubber those are two 
little tools that I think make a big difference thank you thank you and then this little fancy tool I recently 
tried out on my channel it's called the   Karcher I believe that's how you say it I 
don't think it's made in the U.S I think   it's pretty common in other countries I could 
be wrong you can share with me if you use it   and what country you live in but it's a window 
vac so you spray it comes like with a little   tool you put the CL the cleaner in there 
and then you do what I'm doing wipe down   the window or mirror or door whatever and then 
you take it and you just go down and it vacuums   up the excess liquid and I wanted to try it here 
because I knew that well in our new house we have   a lot more windows than we have in our current 
home and then we're going to have shower glass   doors like this and I was pretty shocked it 
did a really really good job now with cleaning   shower doors with anything there's usually 
multiple steps so I went in and you know use   it a cleaner Then I wiped it all down and then I 
used this but I would say this was the best I've   seen it look and so I really really like this 
it's expensive I think it was a little over a   hundred dollars but the reason why I felt like 
it was okay to get is because I know we're gonna   have a lot of Windows in our new home off of our 
living room and then in the kitchenette area and   that looks it's a beautiful view it overlooks a 
pond and so I know I'm gonna want those windows   to be very clean or as clean as I can get them 
and so I thought this would be a good investment this might be my favorite new combo and I'm 
really excited because we have glass doors   in the new house but I feel like this 
is about the closest I've gotten them to   really really clean and that 
Bar Keeper's Friend and the   glass cleaner took all of that soap scum off 
very very easily with very minimal scrubbing   there was a lot right here too like down here 
where it splatters up so even got it all up here foreign let me let me breathe let me get away so it was 
kind of nice um you know I go to my parents house   and I clean for them they appreciate it so much 
they love it when I go over and clean for them   and it's just they watch my girls a lot um Mike 
and I we both grew up around our grandparents   both of our grandparents and I remember going 
and spending the night at my grandparents house   and we were both just very close to both sets of 
our grandparents and that is one of the biggest   reasons why we live near our parents and why we 
live here and have always lived here is because we   want our kids to have the same experience that we 
did and so like it's not uncommon that my parents   or even Mike's parents they do that all the time 
they'll be like hey can we have the girls for the   night or like sure and it just it's kind of nice 
it'll be like a random Saturday they'll go over   and hang out with our parents and it just gives 
Mike and I a breather you know and that's exactly   what I say it's like you know you're so busy 
during the week and on the weekends we like to   do a lot of fun stuff with the kids and sometimes 
you just feel like you'd never get caught up   or you never get a chance to just sit still and 
breathe and when they go to our parents it's like   a win-win for everyone because grandparents 
get to spend quality time with the girls   um the girls love it because it's fun 
and then Mike and I get a little breather   and sometimes we will do nothing like 
sometimes we'll go on like a date night   go to dinner go to a baseball or hockey game 
sometimes we will literally just do nothing and   just sit at home and watch Netflix because we just 
don't want to go anywhere and we want to relax   um so it's nice that I get to actually clean and 
give back to them in some way but do you guys like   my new little mopping booties I think Cambria 
from living with Cambria if you guys watched   her YouTube channel she I saw her have these 
and and my house it's kind of easy to be able   to mop and work around where I mopped but in 
their house since it's all hardwood it's a lot   harder for me to do that and I get a lot of like 
people are like don't walk through your where you   mopped but the only reason why I have to is so 
I can move the camera around like sometimes I'll   push myself into a corner into a room when 
I'm mopping and then I can't get out or   then I can't move the camera to get like a 
good shot for you guys so if you ever see me   step in my mop or where I mopped that's 
why I'm trying to get those good shots foreign we won't stand it is also kind of peaceful because I go 
there I clean my parents went to dinner   with some friends so I was all alone it 
was dark I had no distractions like I   didn't have to you know worry about trying 
to get done because the kids need to be put   to bed or anything like that so it is just 
cozy to be able to clean in a quiet house that will blow my mind if I have learned one thing it's wasting time how to enjoy it every time you 
tell me it's not there I suppose chance so it is another day of cleaning me just 
trying to tackle whatever messes I have in   my home it actually wasn't too messy but 
I wanted to vacuum the stairs so I fine   with the stairs if I don't vacuum them enough 
and kind of fluff up the carpet the carpet in   the middle specifically where we walk down 
the stairs tends to get more matted down   and it becomes more slippery I've slipped a 
couple times so I've been trying to keep up   on vacuuming the stairs more frequently but I 
am curious I asked this um I think in another   video but something I are do you guys watch 
like YouTube shorts or Instagram reels I've   been doing more of them just because it's kind 
of fun to try to do a cleaning video in a minute   when I'm so used to long form content and I truly 
still love Long YouTube videos I think it's like   like I hope you guys put me on your TV or your 
phone and we kind of clean together like I think   it's fun to know that we can you can put me on 
and we can clean for 30 or 40 minutes together   but then the one minute videos are nice just 
for like that quick little burst of cleaning   motivation and it's kind of like a a challenge 
for me to see what I can do in a minute and things   like that but the reason why I was thinking about 
this I want to start doing more YouTube shorts   because you know people are constantly asking me 
like what video did you clean your mattress what   video did you deep clean the girl's closet what 
or you know what video did you take apart your   Shark vacuum and clean it and so then I have to 
try to think okay what video is that in and then   I always have to go through the video find it 
and then send it to you guys and then you guys   have to kind of find it as well within the video 
so I was thinking it would be cool if I could do   more like how-to videos like how to clean your 
Dyson how to clean your Shark cordless vacuum   how to clean your window trackings like things 
like that how to clean your garbage disposal or   even um recipes like I have a crock pot recipe at 
the end of this that ended up being amazing like I   think my girls ate it for three days in a row and 
I posted it as a real so when I've been filming   um my crock pot meals I've been also filming them 
for reels because in that way when you guys will   message me and say like where's your crock 
pot macaroni and cheese recipe or chili mac   or macaroni and cheese recipe I can be like 
oh just go to my reels it's right there and   then you can find it because I always label my 
reels if you go to the reels tab on Instagram so   I'm thinking about doing that more on YouTube 
would you guys be interested in that more of   like you would just have a playlist or a place 
to go because there's now a tab for shorts on   each YouTube's page YouTubers page so like for 
example like right now if you see me cleaning   you know let's say my car in this video let's say 
I was cleaning my car and you're not cleaning your   car right now so you're like okay great I have 
some good ideas but then in three months when   you go clean your car you're like oh what video 
of Jamie's was that and now you could just go to   the YouTube short page and find if I made a short 
on like the top cleaning tools for cleaning a car   you could get it a lot quicker so let me know 
if you guys would like seeing that type of stuff run away for a minute and there will be no limits so here I just wanted to finish up our bathroom 
and then I had I think two or three loads of   laundry to fold and then I was going to make that 
crock pot chili mac macaroni and cheese and like   I said I think my kids have gotten a really really 
picky lately eating and I mentioned that in a more   recent video and I got some tips which was really 
really helpful helpful and It's just tough because   Avery specifically never used to be picky she was 
always the best eater now she's very picky and I'm   seeing the twins are picking it up from her so I 
would say that the twins were never picky either   but they learn behavior from big sis and you know 
it's also hard with the twins because they do   everything together because they're twins and so 
naturally they are their own people with their own   taste buds and their own preferences and so if one 
says I don't like this like for example Addison   loves chocolate milk Emery does not this is an 
example of food but just trying to give you an   example that I can think of they Addison does not 
like white milk and Emery does not like or Addison   likes white milk but just not very much Emery 
does not like chocolate milk which I think is so   crazy but as soon as one says I don't like it the 
other one just follows suit and says they don't   like it either and so I've really been trying 
to try as many different recipes as I can to   make them try more and make them more 
adventurous and things like that but   it's been a little bit difficult but this 
chili macaroni and cheese they all loved it's funny how easily of gold I Rise From the Ashes so I will have the full recipe Linked In the 
description so you can follow it along but   this is it this is all the ingredients so I just 
browned some ground beef put it in the crock pot   and then I poured some a can of diced tomatoes 
and a can of tomato sauce and some chili powder   and pepper and someone had asked me if it was 
spicy at all because they said that that seemed   like a lot of chili powder and I mean my kids 
all eat it and they don't necessarily love they   don't hate spicy food but we do not expose them 
to a lot of spice I don't think it's spicy Mike   didn't think it was spicy but my three-year-olds 
ate it so I don't think it was too spicy so you   just kind of create a meat mixture in there you 
let it cook for I think like an hour or two just   so it kind of bubbles up and then you boil your 
noodles it's just easy you don't it's easier to   boil your noodles first on the stovetop and you 
pour in the noodles then I think I put in a cup of   shredded cheese and then you mix it all together 
and let it cook for maybe a half an hour or until   the cheese melts and there you go so yummy 
so full of flavor and just really really good

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