BE INSPIRED | Wings Of Fire ( WOF) | APJ Abdul Kalam | 1 Minute Motivation

The sensation
whenever I do something I feel pleased you see this is you try attempt that whatever you
might have knowledge you have sometimes better in the economy you may have better animal child at some time you have a kind
words you can have so if we make use of and also make someone'' s life Happy that you are offering as well as his/her life is a pleased that'' s a better best point a human being leaving the debt then you'' ll obtain an auto path dispute totally free globe thats why i used to say there is integrity in the heart there'' s beauty in the character where there is appeal in the personality there is harmony in the house harmony in the home where there is harmony in the residence there is order the nation when there is a hoarder in the country there'' s the tranquility of the world this is a starting point where there'' s a decency in the heart charm in the character harmony in the residence and the order in the country peace on the planet done in one of the others coming so where
we start we start we start the righteous in the

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