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People, this is the issue of the year 1947 when a negative and also terrible king pursued and eliminated the staying 3 cheetahs of our country the outcome of which was that in the year 1952, the types of cheetah was stated extinct in India after which, no cheetah was ever before seen in the forests of India, neither was its roar ever before listened to now after 75 years in India, once more we will certainly hear the holler of any kind of cheetah of course guys, on the 72nd birthday of our Head of state Narendra Modi Ji 8 cheetahs are being brought from Namibia to India which will certainly be maintained in “” Kuno Palpur National Park”” in main Madhya Pradesh not only this, however to bring these cheetahs, the government of India has also prepared an unique sort of plane the front of which has been developed precisely like cheetahs well people, these 8 cheetahs who are involving congratulate the lion do not forget to want him a pleased birthday celebration in the comment area for more such outstanding video clips sign up for the “” A2 Inspiration”” network see you in the following video.

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