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People, do you understand that it took scientists years to discover the distance of the Earth to the Sun “” Tulsidas Ji”” had created it in the couplet of “” Hanuman Chalisa””, years ago of course men, there is a couplet in “” Hanuman Chalisa”” which is “” Jug Sahastra Yojan The same level Bhanu l Lilyo Tahi Madhur Phal Janu ll”” the distance of the sun from the planet is hidden in it exactly how? let me tell you actually the first word in this couplet is “” Jug””, which is likewise called “” Yuga”” in Hindi now there are 4 Yuga “” Kali Yuga””, “” Dwapara Yuga””, “” Treta Yuga”” as well as “” Satya Yuga”” where Kali Yuga is thought about to be 1200 years “” Dwapar Yuga”” is considered as 2400 years, “” Treta Yuga”” is 3600 years and “” Satya Yuga”” is 4800 years if we add them, after that the total will certainly be 12000 years there is one more word in this couplet, “” Sahastra”” which indicates a thousand and also the third word is “” Yojan”” i.e.

8 miles currently there are 1.6 kilometers in a miles i.e. in 8 miles there will be 8 * 1.6 kilometer currently if “” Yojan””, “” 4 Yugas”” and also Sahastra were multiplied i.e. 8 * 1.6 * 12000 * 1000=15 crores 36 lakhs kilometers which is clinically exact range in between the planet from the sunlight for such outstanding video, register for the “” A2 Inspiration”” network, see you in the following video clip.

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