Magnus and Hikaru Together Play against Alfazero (4000 Elo) | hikaru nakamura vs alphazero | hikaru

chess friends we all love chess game that's why 
we are here we like chess variations game like   four player chess chess 960 in chess format two 
or four grand Masters versus stockfish or Alpha   zero chess engine while talking I got a new 
idea there is four player chess variation game   I thought Leela zero Alpha dragon and I will play 
four-player chess game and make a video about that   comment me if you like it and you can also tell me 
what kind of Chess video you want if your comment   gets so many likes then I will make it because 
there is many game requests I can't make these   chess videos in one day our today's game format 
is Hikaru and Magnus will play against Alpha   if Magnus plays wrong move but Hikaru finds best 
move then the computer will play hikara's Move   and if kikaru plays an accuracy or bad move but 
Carlson finds best move then the computer will   play Carlson's move let's go Hikaru and Magnus 
choose to play E4 Alpha played C6 he wants D5   D4 D5 white have many lines you can take 
the pawn or push it Knight C3 or Knight F3   then played E5 you can play C5 or Bishop F5 
Alpha played C5 D takes C5 E6 there should be   five check is an inaccuracy because of this the 
Knight will develop with two threads number one   number two so they played A3 Bishop takes C5 here 
Magnus Carlson played Queen G4 not bad 97.

Before   H5 targeting the queen your queen is worth 
move than a bishop he played Queen takes G7   Rook G8 critical move Magnus and Hikaru choose 
to play Queen to H6 but best move was Queen H7   Alpha's strategy is because he played 
H5 he created an Open Line for his Rook   Bishop can move forward to Target the rook and 
Pawn great structure to support the Knight to come   in the center Queen and Bishop can create some 
pressure on this Pawn so Alpha played Bishop D4   Rook A2 you might think white can push his Pawn 
but pushing the pawn will create blockage for   your knight and the pawn will be a Target so Rook 
A2 Bishop takes E5 Queen takes H5 by both players   Bishop F6 you might think white should 
develop his Knight but it's not so easy   let me show the variation if Knight F3 
happen then Rook h8 Queen G4 E5 Queen G3   Knight F5 your queen have only one square 
Queen G4 96. Queen have only this save Square   Queen G3 then Knight E4 and your queen 
is trapped you will love then game   back to the position Magnus wants Knight E2 
Hikaru played better move Bishop B2 E5 Queen E2   Bishop goes to G4 you can't play F3 because 
your knight will not able to develop and your   black squares will be weak Knight will come that 
square in the future with support of the queen   black Square bishop or the e d Pawn structure 
so they played Knight F3 you can't play E4   because you will lose your Bishop so Alpha played 
Knight D7 H3 Bishop E6 best move is to play C4   Pawn takes then Knight develops on C3 freezing 
the pawn but they played Bishop takes E5   Knight takes E5 Knight takes E5 Alpha played Queen 
C7 targeting the Knight with bishop and queen so   Knight D3 D4 Rook B2 long Castle Queen F3 Bishop 
G5 H4 Bishop H6 Bishop E2 F5 Queen H3 Bishop D5   Bishop F3 King B8 Castle Bishop takes F3 Queen 
takes F3 Rook G4 he wants Knight G6 to Target the   pawn and creating Rook battery to Target G Pawn 
so Rook E1 Knight G6 if you play Queen takes F5   let me show the variation Rook takes G2 King 
can take it or run away if King takes Rook   then Knight takes H4 will Fork the king and queen 
and if King F1 then Queen H2 black wants Knight F4   cutting off the file to create some possible 
threads and if you play Rook E4 then Rook f8   black will face so many troubles black is totally 
winning here back to the position so they played   King F1 Knight takes H4 Queen H3 protecting that 
Square from the queen so Alpha played Bishop G5   they chose to play G3 the best move was Rook E5 
cutting off the diagonal and threatening to play   Rook takes F5 Queen takes G4 but they played 
G4 Knight F3 Rook E2 Bishop E3 fantastic move   if you take the bishop with your Pawn let me 
show the variation then Rook takes G3 Rook dg8   threatening mate in two so Rook G2 Rook takes 
Rook Queen takes G2 Rook takes G2 black is   winning because he have active Knight and queen 
and whites rest of the pieces are so passive   King is wide open back to the position the 
bishop is creating pressure to the king if   you think Rook takes Bishop then D takes E3 black 
gets open file black is threatening to play E3   if King takes porn Knight G1 
will Fork your king and queen   and you can't take the pawn because of Rook takes 
G3 Rook dg8 Knight H2 check is a possible attack   back to the current position they played Queen 
H5 Queen G7 Alpha once Rook h8 Queen H1 Knight G5   you still can't take the bishop your king 
will be exposed 94 threatening Knight takes G3   Rook h8 white will lose the game very quickly so 
they played Knight C5 F4 F takes E3 they finally   take the bishop F takes E3 in this position 
Alpha's strategy is White's King is open   he will take the pawn Rook f8 King there Rook G1 
check Queen takes G1 Knight F3 check it will be   checkmate Rook H2 Alpha played Rook takes G3 and 
in this position Magnus Carlson resigned because   it's minus 11.

no matter what you will play you 
will lose if C3 then D3 third or seventh ranked   two connected pawns are better than a rook hikara 
is still playing his game he played Queen takes B7 you can't save your knight C5 because there is 
mate in four I challenged you to find mate in   four for black if you find then comment me back 
to the current position Hikaru played King D3 thanks for watching subscribe for more 
bye bye take care see you in my next video.

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