Financial Analysis and Valuation: Overview

[MUSIC] The program is designed for upper and
senior level executives that are interested in improving their ability
to evaluate investment decisions. And other business activities
that require a understanding for financial analysis techniques and
variation methods. At that level, managers are involved
in business development, mergers and acquisitions and
other strategic decisions. It is also good fit for
portfolio managers, investors and other professionals that are interested
in deepening their understanding of the clicks that will enable them to
make better investment decisions.

[MUSIC] The program consists of four parts,
financial reporting, ratio analysis, relative evaluation, and
fundamental evaluation. Throughout the program,
we emphasize implementation. Not only that we go through many examples
throughout the program, we also provide the participants with Excel tools that
they can actually take away with them and use them to implement different
parts of the financial analysis and variations that are being
covered in the program. And when we see feedback
from many participants, the DeFrance Dusk Tools to be very useful
when they went back to the jobs and actually use those tools to improve
the way they make decisions for investment purposes and for strategic measures and
acquisitions and in other context. [MUSIC].

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