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[Music] so in life you understand there are moments when you quit and ask on your own how did i get right here like why am i standing right here well this is certainly among those minutes for me and also i locate myself going back to the starting back to my roots i was born to extraordinary parents incredible moms and dads who acted as medical professionals in the indian army i was the initial born and as much back as i can keep in mind i made my moms and dads very honored and also satisfied 99 of the moment okay minor exaggerations of individual achievements are permitted periodically put on'' t you think my brother was birthed a couple of years later on and also then nothing transformed for me we were both offered level playing fields and also i wish to stress this i want to actually highlight this for you since i wear'' t think a great deal of individuals might understand that being equivalent might seem very regular however where i originated from india and a great deal of creating nations around the globe much more often than not this is an exception it'' s really an opportunity my very first experience of the glaring difference in between kids and ladies came with an extremely very young age i expanded up in a center class family with very kind moms and dads that regularly reminded me and my sibling exactly how lucky we were and also just how returning to those that were less lucky was not a choice it was a lifestyle easy i was seven or 8 years of ages when my moms and dads started taking me on these brows through in a traveling center to developing areas around and also villages around the city that we resided in called we were packed into this rescue and my moms and dads would give complimentary treatment to people who couldn'' t afford it my work at the age of 8 was assistant so i would certainly count all the medications placed them in an envelope as well as give it out to clients and i truly took my work extremely seriously very seriously yet the even more i took place these explorations the much more i started to see the most basic points that identified a young boy from a lady or a male from a lady as an example women were drawn out of school when they hit adolescence due to the fact that they were taken into consideration all set for marital relationship and also infants that'' s 12 and also 13 while kids still enjoyed their childhood our fundamental human legal rights such as healthcare were refuted even if they were females allow this let'' s call this whole experience trigger primary for me fast ahead a few years as well as lots of many triggers in between like a producer supervisor as an example early in my job i must have been around 18 or 19 telling me that if i didn'' t consent to the ludicrous terms or shateringly low income in his film that he would simply replace me since ladies are exchangeable in the amusement service that was a memorable one made me decide to make myself irreplaceable but i assume what really moved the needle for me as well as ultimately led me to develop the priyanka chopra foundation for health and wellness and education and also around the same time partner with unicef was an experience with my maid'' s little girl concerning 12 years ago i got back from established early eventually and also she was resting in my library reviewing a book as well as she should have been eight or 9 years old and i understood she liked reviewing so i asked her i was like this is i suggest it'' s a weekday why aren'' t you in school and also she said oh i wear'' t go to college anymore so i went and asked her mommy and also i claimed you know why isn'' t she in college and also her mommy said that her family couldn'' t afford to send her and her bros to school so they selected the young boys the reason she would at some point get wed and also it would certainly be a waste of money i was completely blown and it shook me to my core eventually i determined to cover the cost of her education and learning to ensure that she might continue to learn since education is a standard human right [Praise] and a big need specifically today from that factor on i was identified to make a difference in as lots of children'' s lives as i might in whatever large or small means that i might contribute there'' s a really truly lovely quote that i check out recently and i believe it'' s definitely appropriate to state to clarify what i'' m attempting to say today the hand that rocks the cradle the procreator the mother of tomorrow a female forms the fate of people such is the tragic paradox of fate that a beautiful production such as a girl kid is today one of the best problems facing mankind women have the power to change the globe it is a reality as well as yet today ladies are most likely than young boys never ever to establish foot in a class despite of all the efforts and also progression transformed the last 2 decades greater than i'' m simply going to offer you a stat greater than 15 million ladies of main college age will certainly never ever discover how to check out or compose compared to 10 million boys key school it'' s the start of our future over the last 11 years i have experienced first hand the amazing work that unicef provides for children all over the world specifically sufferers and also survivors of kid marriage variation war sexual physical violence yet there is still so much job to do and for me that is the gas to my fire the reason i am so devoted to this cause which is where my interest comes from since i know that a lady'' s education and learning not just empowers households but neighborhoods and also economic situations an outcome of her education we all do much better it'' s equally as easy as that as artists and also influencers resting in this space i really feel that it'' s our social responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless which is why i applaud every single lady in this space for being such a badass [Music] for utilizing your system and your voice to add to transform and also for making sure that there is not also one shed generation as long as we are to life

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