HKUST – Python and Statistics for Financial Analysis Course Overview

Hi. This is Xuhu WAN, the instructor of Python and Statistics for Financial Analysis. How did people trade stocks over the past few decades? Floor brokers representing their customers to do trading at the Stock Exchange. The brokers provided the latest concrete and necessary market information to their customers to make decisions. More people traded stocks through online brokers nowadays, and online broker takes the place of human brokers. We make our own trading decisions, based on the financial data and market information available from the Internet, using data science language. I combine both Python and Statistics concepts and applying them into analysing financial data, such as stock data. After understanding foundational concepts of statistics, you are going to realise the statistics concepts by means of Python packages and syntaxes to perform financial data analysis. At the beginning of the course, you are going to learn how to import, pre-process and save financial data and how to manipulate the existing data by generating new variables using multiple columns using Python, followed by building our first simple stock trading model. You are going to view a more advanced model to predict stock returns using regression models in the later modules.

Finally, you are going to evaluate the performance of the model with statistics standards and the financial standards such as Sharpe Ratio and Maximum Drawdown. We have setup the Jupyter notebook environment on the course platform. You can practice the financial analysis and other examples I explained in the lecture videos. Simply follow the Jupyter notebook files we prepared, anytime and anywhere. There's no need to install any applications into your computer. This course is suitable for any learners who are interested in analysing financial data using Python. You will get the most out of the course if you have basic knowledge in probability. Hopefully, at end of this course, you can write Python codes to build the statistical models in assisting your financial analysis. Most of important, you can ensure the accuracy and performance of a financial models you built by model evaluation. Hope to have you all in the course!.

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