गेंहू और लहसुन के बदले Property ? 😱| A2 Motivation |#shorts #ashortaday #a2_sir

Men, nowadays every company keeps searching for originalities to market its item in such a situation, a Chinese realty company has actually found a terrific way to attract clients actually the company has started taking wheat or garlic as a down payment on the acquisition of a home or various other residential property It have to be odd to listen to but it'' s absolutely real according to a report, a firm called “” Central China Realty”” located in Hainan China has started this system where the price of both of the crops is two Yuan per Catty allow us inform you that Catty is an Chinese device which amounts to around 500 grams this offer of the firm began on Monday as well as will be till July 10 isn'' t this is an one-of-a-kind method people, such an unique approach would certainly additionally apply right here but for even more such amazing videos “” Share””, “” Subscribe”” as well as “” Like”” us see you in the next video clip

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