Jocko Motivation “GOOD” (From Jocko Podcast)

among my direct juniors one of my
men that helped me he would certainly he would certainly call me up or draw me apart with
some major trouble some concern that was going on and he'' d claim perhaps got this
and also that and also the various other point as well as I take a look at him I'' d say good and ultimately eventually
he was informing me about some problem that he was having some trouble and also he stated I.
already know what you'' re gon na claim I stated well what am I going to say he stated.
you'' re gon na state great he said that'' s what you always state when something is.
wrong as well as going bad you always just consider me and claim great as well as I said well yeah.
when things are spoiling there'' s mosting likely to be some'great that ' s mosting likely to come. from it didn'' t get the brand-new high-speed equipment we wanted great didn'' t get advertised your time you obtain.
Oh goal got cancelled good we can focus on the other one didn'' t get funded.
didn'' t obtain the job you desired obtained hurt sprained my ankle got tapped out.
great obtained be unexpected issues good.
we have the chance to determine a service that'' s it when. things are spoiling wear'' t obtain all bummed out put on'' t get shocked put on ' t obtain. distressed you. if you can say the word great methods you'' re still alive.
it implies you'' re still hemorrhaging and if you'' re still taking a breath or now you still obtained some battle left in.
you so stand up dirt off reload recalibrate re-engage head out on the.
assault you.

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