FARM Price Prediction – HARVEST FINANCE Price Prediction & Analysis 2021 – BEARISH PATTERN? NOO!

hey what's up you guys welcome or welcome back 
to my channel my name is michelle and today i'm   going to go over harvest farm or farm so currently 
right now we are trading at 207.28 cents our 24   hour volume we are up 18 with a market cap of 129 
million and currently ranked at 350. so going over   to our chart here we can see that we've got some 
high swing candles and some high low candles here   so we are currently at the 207 mark and we're 
doing a continuous pattern um back here on august   28th to our decline on september 7th we can see 
that we can follow almost a trend here and we can   see it was at a descending triangle um and that 
did kind of give us our lowest bar at 166 dollars   and if we move this line from here all the way to 
our previous line we can see that we are almost   formulating the same kind of pattern that we 
saw back in august the beginning of september   however we are looking a little bit slightly 
bullish with farm going into our an ascending   triangle if we complete the formation then we can 
break through into our higher 280 dollar range so   we can see that we tapped the very bottom here of 
our line once we've tapped it here and what we are   waiting for to formulate this ascending triangle 
is we are hopefully going to touch the 202   and do kind of a wave zigzag pattern here 
touching this line and then going up here   and touching this line and then breaking out so 
that is kind of what we are waiting for to see   if it is an ascending triangle then we know that 
this formation is going to be a bullish formation   now once we do break our resistance zone of 
225 dollars we can see this is the target   of resistance zone at the moment right now we 
have been testing this area quite a few times   on september 9th we've touched it on the 11th 
and just a few hours ago on the 16th so we can   definitely go either way we can either kind of 
take a small little dump here until we can see   a little bit more support or we can be able 
to touch our 225 and finally break through   this rut hopefully giving us a target of 262 
dollars and that will be our next resistance zone   right here is 262 dollars you can see 
prior to a couple of days ago this area   has been tested so this is going to be our next 
significant resistance zone there so that is for   farm hopefully we can see a little bit more 
push when it comes to our higher swing candles   and hopefully break through to our 250 range or 
260 for our next resistance zone thank you guys   so much for watching um if you want to see more 
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watching i'll see you guys in my next video bye

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