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I'm listening. Tell me Sristi. Yes? You should leave. No, Dhruv. I won't leave you in this condition. Look here. Dhruv! No! You should rest now. I won't leave you. You will follow the car? You will spy on us? I will show you! I will end your spying. Sorry. I am really sorry. It's okay. Hello? Hello, Dhruv? It's me, Dhani. My life is in danger.
There are goons after me.

Please save me. I am on the way to Krishna Nagar. Please come fast. -Please, Dhruv.
-You! What happened, Dhruv? Dhruv, wait! Where are you going? Never dare to come in my room without taking my permission. -Please let me go.
-Hey! Please. Anyone there? Help! Help! Dhruv! Hey, hero! What do you think?
You'll beat all three of us? I won't be able to beat
all of you at the same time. But, one thing is for sure, I will kill whoever touches her. Dhruv! No! Wait. Let go of my hand. I said, let go of my hand. Don't touch me again. -Dhruv, please listen to me.
-Enough, Dhani! I told you, let go of my hand.
Don't you understand? I am in this condition
because of the pain you gave me. I don't understand how it came to this. The pain you gave has
spread in my body, Dhani. Now, I can't distinguish
between right and wrong. I don't understand what
is right and what is wrong. -Dhruv.
-Enough, Dhani! Do you have any idea
what I was about to do, today? Because of the pain you gave me,
I am intoxicated.

And, in that intoxication,
I saw you in Sristi. <i>Dhruv.</i> <i>There isn't any mistake
of yours in that.</i> <i>Sristi must have given
you something to intoxicate you,</i> <i>forced you to do all that.</i> Dhruv. Don't you understand, don't touch me! I feel like taking away your life,
right now. But, how do I give you
salvation so easily? Or, how will you realize
that I've spent my life comparable to death. Don't misunderstand
why I came here, Dhani. Because, I came here only for one thing. To pay back your favor. Because, your one phone call stopped me from committing that sin. Even if to repay a favor, at least you came here,
that means a lot to me. Because, it was important
for us to meet today. Why? Because today, the curtain
from life's riddle will be lifted up.

Riddle? Which riddle? What new stories are you making up now? Dhruv! Come with me. Where are you taking me to? Just come with me. Sristi. Sristi. Say something, what happened? You've been crying ever
since you came into the room. What happened? Tell us everything. -Mom.
-Yes, dear? Actually, when I went to Dhruv's room,
to talk to him, Dhruv was intoxicated. He told me to get ready like Dhani. -What?
-What? I couldn't believe it at first too. I told him no, at first.

But… But what, Sristi? -Tell me, what happened?
-Mom, he forced me a lot. I thought that maybe he is missing Dhani. He was very worried. So, I obeyed him. When I got ready and went to his room, he, he… He did what, Sristi? He hugged me. So much happened, and you didn't tell us? Well? I thought that maybe Dhruv wanted
to see me in Dhani's form. That's why I listened to him. What can be said now? You will listen to anything Dhruv says? You will take Dhani's place in this house? Why, aunty? What's the problem in that? Why can't Sristi take Dhani's place? Yes, aunty, mom.

Abhishek is right. We should think about Dhruv's future. He can't live alone forever. Why don't we think about
Dhruv's marriage with Sristi? Where have you brought me? Where did the car go? Which car? The same car that hit me. The reason why I lost my baby. That car was right here. We didn't lose our baby
because of some car, Dhani. We lost the baby because
of your carelessness. You are the one responsible for that. It wasn't carelessness, Dhruv. I was just trying to
find out the truth, that day. That's why I left the house.

You were with me too. I wasn't standing
in the middle of the road. I was standing on the side, and the car
hit me on purpose and sped away. I saw the same car here. Those goons were in that car. That is why, I am sure about one thing. Sristi is connected to all of this. Stop it, Dhani. Stop it. Stop making up these fictitious stories. Stop living in your own
world with these fake stories. Stop consoling yourself. You are the one living in a story? I've been trying to prove the truth,
since the last few days. I get so close to the truth but, look, I'm tired of thinking about
one thing since the last year. Since when did I become a liar for you? Ever since your stories
have become your way of living. After you've started living
in your world of fake stories. There, other than you,
everyone else is wrong.

Dhruv! Dhruv! Dhruv? Dhruv! Wake up, Dhruv! Anyone there? Help! Please wake up, Dhruv. What has happened to you?
You are the elder in this house. You have seen the world. He is young,
and he's getting carried away. Rupa, what happened? Don't you
all understand what you're speaking? A marriage happens once. This is called,
an empty mind is a devil's workshop. <i>I think he's still Dhani's devotee.</i> <i>I'll have to do more drama to please him.</i> Brother, dad is right.

How can I take Dhani's place? Just like your sister took your place. Dhruv's marriage was supposed
to happen with Sristi, you know that Dad. Dhani came later. Anyways, if Dhani isn't
in Dhruv's life since a year, then what's Sristi's fault in that? She won't have any issues with this. I'm saying this from my experience. In the last year,
the way Sristi has taken care of Dhruv, we should give her a chance. Abhishek is right. Sristi has been fulfilling Dhani's
duties and responsibilities since a year. What's the issue in making
her Dhruv's wife? The issue is that love is not supposed to be one-sided. It happens from both sides. She's fulfilling her duty. She served him, so does that mean
we get her married with him? Dad. I understand your anger. I just want to explain something to you. We have seen changes in her,
within this last 1 year. I think Sristi is perfect for this house and Dhruv.

What are you both saying,
Abhishek and sister? Think before speaking. I'm speaking after
thinking about it, Rupa. Kashi. What do you think? Should we leave Dhruv
is this troubled state to ruin his life? What I want is, if Dhruv agrees, I'll repeat it, then I have no objections. Listen to me, ask Dhruv. Make him agree. I have no objections. Aunty, but how can I marry Dhruv? Sristi, the elders
of the house are talking. Whatever happens will be for good. Dhruv is our child. It's our responsibility
to take care of him. And we will fulfill
our responsibility properly. Sristi? -Hello?
-What happened, Dhani? It's so late at night, and you're still awake? Did you lose your sleep thinking about your dark future? I have no interest in talking to you.

Please keep the phone. Why are you in such a hurry,
my dear sister? Listen to me at least. There's a good news for you. That's why I called you. At least hear that. Your good news come
from others destruction. Right? Then, I have no interest
in knowing about it. You are unbelievable, Dhani. You always misunderstand me. Well, anyways. The thing is, I won't feel bad about
anything you say, today. Because, I am very happy. Today, my marriage was fixed. Now, I'll inform mom and dad, and then everything will be fixed. Dhani, don't you want to know
your brother-in-law's name? I'll tell you. His name is… Dhruv Kashinath Pandey. Oh! I did it again! I know that I shouldn't take
the name of my future husband. Well, that's alright. I'm just talking to you. My dear sister. Anyways, you won't wish bad for me. Now, I'm just waiting for Dhruv. The moment he comes home, I'll talk to him, and fix the date of our marriage.

Hello? Dhani, I can't hear you. What happened? Did you lose your voice in shock? No. But, what I'm about to tell you, will surely make you silent. Dhruv is with me, in my house..

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