How To Buy Reef Finance Coin – Safe Quick Guide

in this video i should put a refinance token 
on ftx okay so to start off we're going to   need an exchange and this example i'm going to be 
using ftx now ftx has two websites one for the us   and then one for the rest of the world and i have 
a link which is down in description and you'll get   five percent of all of your fees if you use that 
link so if you click that link it will take you   to this page and then you want to press register 
in the top right and then just enter your email   your desired password and then press create 
account now ftx is an amazing exchange because   the fees are so much less compared to exchanges 
such as binance or kraken or other exchanges   that's why i recommend switching over to 
ftx even if you're using binance right now   and to deposit money onto the ftx account 
you want to go to wallet in the top left   and then on this page you just want to go to 
card deposit on the right hand side and then   it's very simple you just enter the amount of us 
dollars and add your card and then regardless of   the currency you're depositing whether it's 
euros canadian dollars or any other currency   it just gets automatically converted over into 
us dollars on your account okay so to buy the   refinance token you want to go to markets in 
top left from here you want to click on the spot   and on this page just search the coin what i like 
to do is press ctrl f type in reef here you have   the refinance coin and the reef such usd trading 
pair if you click on the trading pair it's going   to take us to the trading page or you can buy 
and sell the coin in the middle here you see the   order book with the bids and asks on the left you 
have the graph which has the current price action   on the right is how we buy and sell now if you're 
new to crypto recommend changing the order type   to a market order enter in the amount you want 
let's say i want 50 coins it's gonna cost me   89 cents and when you press buy it will just buy 
from the lowest available ask here which you see   is about 1.7 cents now let's say you want to pick 
your own price and don't just want to buy the   current coin market rate you can change your order 
type to a limit order and here we can customize   the price let's say i want to buy at 0.013 and 
seven now my order is going to cost me 65 cents   instead for 50 coins and when you press buy it's 
gonna set an order down here and if the price   were to come down and reach your order then 
the order will execute and you get the coins   immediately in your account but you get a bit of 
a discount on your order so that sums up the video   i hope you enjoyed if you did please leave a like 
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