रेगिस्तान में चली नाव ?😳| A2 Motivation |#shorts #ashortaday #a2_sir

Men, by looking at this image, you may think that this is a movie set otherwise what is using a watercraft in the desert but the awful solution of this Problem is “” Environment Change”” these are images of Aral sea, Uzbekistan which at one time used to be among the biggest lake in the world but half a century ago Soviet Russia began farming by taking water from this lake due to this lake began drying up, all the animals staying in it died as well as lastly it completely transformed into a desert incidentally, now this place continues to be a special destination center for travelers yet the government below has actually proclaimed this location as a nationwide catastrophe currently several countries is coming onward to assist it people, this case took place countless kilometers far from us however Environment Modification is linked to all of us that'' s why we need to be mindful, to make sure that we don'' t need to see such days “” Share””, “” Subscribe”” and “” Like”” us for such intriguing videos see you in following video clip.

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