‘CORNER TAKEN QUICKLY… ORIGI’ | Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona: Commentator Reactions

Good evening everyone. It's always a pleasure to be at Anfield. We hope for another miracle, as happened in Istanbul. Shaqiri in the team's playing area, passes it to Matip, Virgil, Van Dijk is back now, he could have stayed up front, changing the game the other way to Mane. Zone Edge, Manny, Henderson in the Box! Confronted, Origi! Aldo: Yes! Divock Origi, can you believe it? Alexander Arnold beats Alba on the right side only Mane in the box, Trent Wijnaldum cross! Both: Yes! Jenny Wienaldum scores! Another start (help) from Trent Alexander-Arnold, Anfield explodes, 2-0! Shaqiri is on the other side of the post, Liverpool is advancing.

Aldo: There are two players in the chest. He needs a good pass. Milner from the left, a beautiful counterball, Shaqiri on the left, a great cross..Winaldum! I have scored! Fabulous ! Yes ! let's go! this is unbelievable. This is madness! Anfield, have you ever heard a noise like this in your life! Back to Alexander-Arnold up front vs. Sergio Roberto Still Alexander-Arnold Aldo: Well done, son. Well done, Trent, corner. 12 minutes left for overtime, corner kick, Origi! Both: Yes! The goal was given (by any of the match officials) unbelievable! Divock Origi, my God! He-ho-ho!, yeah! That's so unusual last night we were all feeling down, weren't we? Let's be frank.

But, well, listen to this, I don't need words to express what this means. It's music to my ears, Steve Milner trying to get a corner, Milner being pushed to the floor. Yes ! We did it! Liverpool in the Champions League final in Madrid. It's the greatest remontada of all time at Anfield. We said we need what happened in Istanbul, we did it! Jurgen came onto the pitch, everyone on the pitch, a spectacle of joy, happiness and joy, Messi, Suarez, Coutinho, fantastic, one of our greatest nights ever.

If you're not the greatest at Anfield, Liverpool did it, we're in the final, Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona 🎵 You will never walk alone 🎵 🎵 You will never walk alone 🎵 You will never walk… You'll never walk alone 🎵.

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