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[Applause] my dad can have been a terrific comic yet he didn'' t believe that that was feasible for him and also so he made a conventional option rather he got a risk-free task as an accountant and also when I was 12 years old he was allow go from that risk-free work and also our family needed to do whatever we can to survive I discovered many excellent lessons from my papa not the least of which was that you can fail at what you put on'' t want so you could also take a chance on doing what you enjoy it'' s not the only point he taught me though you understand I watched the result of my father'' s like and also wit as well as how it modified the world around me as well as I assumed that'' s something to do that ' s something worth my time it wasn'' t long prior to I began breaking down you understand people would come to the house as well as they'' d be welcomed by a seven-year-old tossing himself down a big flight of staircases they would certainly claim what took place and also I would certainly state I wear'' t recognize let ' s examine the replay I ' d go back to the top of the stairways and return down in slow-moving movement it was an extremely strange home my father made use of to boast that I wasn'' t a pork I was the whole pig and also he treated my skill as if it was his second opportunity when I had to do with 28 after a decade as a specialist comic I realized one evening in LA that the purpose of my life had actually constantly been to cost-free individuals from issue similar to my daddy and also when I realized this I dubbed my new dedication the Church of freedom from worry the Church of FFC as well as I dedicated myself to that ministry what'' s yours just how will you offer the world what do they need that your ability can offer that'' s all you need to determine as someone who'' s done what you ' re regarding to go as well as do I can inform you from experience the impact you have on others is one of the most useful currency there is since everything you gain in life will rot as well as crumble and all that will certainly be left of you is what remained in your heart am i picking to totally free individuals am i selecting to free people from concern obtained me to the top of a hill look where I am look what I obtain to do almost everywhere I go look this I'' m gon na get psychological since when I use this it truly is extraordinary to me I did something that made people offer their best selves to me any place I go I'' ve typically claimed that I desired people might recognize all their dreams as well as wealth as well as popularity therefore that they could see that it'' s not where you ' re gon na discover your sense of completion like much of you I was concerned about heading out right into the globe and also doing something larger than myself till someone smarter than myself made me understand that there is nothing larger than myself due to the fact that life doesn'' t occur to you it takes place for you exactly how do I'recognize this I don ' t however I ' m making audio which'' s the crucial thing that'' s what I ' m here to do occasionally I assume that ' s the only point that ' s important truly you know it ' s just allowing each other recognize we ' re here advising each other that we ' re component of a bigger self your work is not to determine exactly how it ' s gon na occur for you however to open up the door in your head as well as when the door opens up in the real world simply go through it and also wear ' t fear if you miss your cue due to the fact that there ' s always doors opening they maintain opening up and when I state life doesn ' t happen to you it takes place for you I actually put on'' t understand if that ' s real I ' m just making an aware selection to regard difficulties as something useful to make sure that I can take care of them in one of the most effective way you'' ll come up with your own design that'' s part of the enjoyable oh and why not gamble on faith too not faith but confidence not hope but confidence I wear'' t count on hope hope is the beggar hope strolls via the fire and also belief jumps over it I made use of to believe that who I was finished at the response my skin that I had been offered this little car called a body where to experience development and also though I couldn'' t have actually requested for a stylish or model it sought all a loner and also would certainly have to be returned after that I learned that everything outside the lorry was component of me too and currently I Drive an exchangeable top down win to my hair I am elated and truly absolutely really thrilled to be existing as well as completely attached to you at this vital moment in your trip I wish you'' re all set to open the roof and also take it all in you are the vanguard of knowledge and also awareness a brand-new wave in a substantial ocean of opportunities on the other side of that door there'' s a globe starving for brand-new ideas new leadership I'' ve been available for thirty years she'' s a wildcat she ' ll rub up versus your leg and also purr till you select her up and also start cuddling her and afterwards out of nowhere she ' ll example on the face it can be draft there but that'' s fine due to the fact that there ' s soft-serve ice cream with sprinkles I presume that'' s what I ' m really trying to say here today in some cases it'' s alright to eat your sensations currently are afraid is mosting likely to be a player in your life but you reach make a decision just how much you can invest your whole life envisioning ghosts stressing regarding the pathway to the future however all there will ever be is what'' s taking place right here in the choices we make in this moment which are based in either love or fear numerous of us select our path out of anxiety camouflaged as practicality what we really want appears impossibly unreachable and ludicrous to anticipate so we never ever attempt to ask deep space for it I'' m stating I ' m the evidence that you can ask the world for it [Applause] [Songs] I go to the top of the mountain and I was as well as I the only the just one I hadn'' t freed was myself as well as that'' s when my search for identity deepened I wondered who may be without my fame that would I be if I said points that individuals didn'' t wish to hear or if I defied their expectations of me which item that piece that we'' re after lies somewhere beyond personality beyond the perception of others past innovation as well as camouflage also past effort itself you can join the game deal with the wars have fun with form all you want yet to find genuine tranquility you have to let the shield go your demand for approval can make you unnoticeable in this globe don'' t let anything stand in the means of the light that radiates with this form danger being seen in all of your glory my spirit is not had within the limitations of my body my body is had within the limitlessness of my spirit now I'' m constantly at the start I have a reset switch and also I ride that button regularly when that switch is operating in your life there'' s no tale that the mind could develop that will certainly be as engaging the creative imagination is always making circumstances both good and also poor as well as the vanity tries to maintain you caught in the multiplex of the mind our eyes are not viewers they are also projectors that are running a 2nd tale over the picture that we see before all of us the time anxiety is writing that manuscript and also the functioning title is I'' ll never be sufficient I had a replacement teacher from Ireland in the second grade they told my course throughout morning petition that when she wants something anything she wishes it and also guarantees something in return and also she constantly obtains what she desires prior to I'' m sitting in the rear of classroom you understand thinking wow my family can'' t afford a bike you recognize so I went home and I wish as well as I promised I would recite the Rosary every evening in exchange damaged it damaged that assurance but 2 weeks later on I obtained house from college to find a new Mustang bike with a banana seat and Easy Rider handlebars yeah from fool to cool my family notified me that I had won the bike in a sweep that a good friend of mine had actually entered my name in without any of my expertise whatsoever to ensure that kind of thing has been happening to me since as for I can tell it'' s almost letting deep space recognize what you desire and functioning toward it while letting go of exactly how it comes to pass regardless of what you obtain ego will certainly not let you rest it will certainly inform you that you can not stop until you'' ve left an indelible mark on the earth up until you'' ve accomplished eternal life how difficult is this vanity that it would lure us with the guarantee of something we already possess loosen up as well as fantasize up an excellent life [Songs] [Music] [Music] 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