Finland to formally join Nato despite Russian warning – BBC News

with the announcement made in finland uh that it is going to apply to join the north atlantic treaty organization ending decades of neutrality the decision in direct response to russia's attack on ukraine will still need to be approved by finland's parliament the news comes as nato foreign ministers hold a second day of talks in berlin which they hope will smooth the way for both finland and sweden to join the alliance turkey one of nato's oldest members has voiced misgivings about membership accusing the two countries of sheltering kurdish militants other member states though hope they can secure ankara's approval for the accession of the two countries well let's listen to the announcement made about an hour ago by the prime minister of finland sana marin we have reached today an important decision in good cooperation between the government and the president of the republic we hope that the parliament will confirm the decision to apply for nato membership during the coming days it will be based on a strong mandate with the president of the republic we have been in close contact with governments of nato member states and nato itself i wish to thank the support we have received so far in finland we still have the parliamentary process ahead of us but i trust that the parliament will debate this historic decision with determination and responsibility senator marin speaking in helsinki will on her way into the meeting of nato foreign ministers liz trust the british foreign minister expressed her support for finland joining the alliance we were very pleased to be joined by our friends finland and sweden if they do apply to join nato the uk is strongly supportive of that we're also working closely with the ukrainians and the polls and others to make sure that ukraine has nato standard defense it's also important today that we focus on a global nato because as well as protecting your atlantic security we also need to watch out for indo-pacific security too thank you well the meeting in berlin has been going on all morning our correspondent nick beak is there for us well the foreign ministers from the 30 nato countries are now locked in conversations last night they were joined by the swedish and finnish foreign ministers that was a symbolic moment really two extra seats around the dinner table it's the sort of image that vladimir putin did not want to see but in his invasion of ukraine in many ways people are saying he's got the opposite of what he desired but it's not a completely straightforward process this the enlargement of nato with these two extra members it needs the agreement of all of the existing 30 countries and so far turkey has indicated that it could present a stumbling block we don't know at the moment whether this is temporary opposition or whether it represents something more fundamental but certainly that the turkish foreign minister arriving here was pretty jovial today in good spirits which i think raises hopes among the the allies here of this western military partnership that they can overcome this and ratification can go through nick peak in berlin

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