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Buddies, suppose this universe contains just and also just women see I put on'' t find out about the whole globe yet there is a town in this globe where not a single child has been birthed given that last 12 years yes guys, you'' re listening ideal according to “” The New York Times”” this mysterious village is in Poland and also no child has been birthed below for the last years really, just women are birthed in this town and also therefore the mayor of this location revealed in the year 2019 that if a child is birthed in any residence in the town after that they will give a large reward to that household not only this numerous scientists have also involved this town and also researched however in spite of this, they were not able to know that why this is occurring? men, there are greater than 300 individuals residing in this town but the child is not birthed in this village still remains an enigma what do you assume? that why this is taking place in this village definitely create in the comment area as well as for even more such incredible videos “” Share””, “” Subscribe”” and “” Like”” us see you in the following video clip.

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