What is clover finance ? Clover finance analysis,100x Coin Could Be (Hindi)

Decentralized finance, defi can still cannot not called as it. because lets suppose you are in ethereum network and you are participating in it or lets suppose you want to participate in other such as in polkadot ecosystem for now, you cannot do, the cross change and transactions are not possible right now from one blockchain you cannot transfer data to another and this problem is tried to solve by clover finance this case is also in web, if you are in whatsapp and for privacy reason you want to migrate data in other application like telegram or signal that you cannot do right now this same issue is also there in web3 thats why decentralized finance is not decentralized right now and this problem is tried to solve by clover finance about which we will discuss in this video and if you are interested to know about this clover finance , please keep watching, and i am going to give my introduction my name is ankit, and in this channel you can know about cryptocurrencies and market analysis and before i start the video , here is the disclaimer that this video is made for educational purpose and there will be no financial advice so before taking any decision , please contact your financial advisor now, lets talk about clover finance, which is layered1 blockchain is a smart contract platform multichain defire hub and also cross chain volatile you can understand it in this way that the lower finance is upgraded version of metamass in which we can do many additional things this is smart contract blockchain where daps can be made and we can smoothly do transaction in evm these all supports evm comfartable blockchain like ethereum , binance and smartchain polkadot and the other which are evm comfortable, this supports it and the other feature is gas fee redistribution means gas fees divided into two parts he 1st 40% of fees will be available to dapp developer who made smart contract and 60% fees will be given to miners and to validators and other feature is gas less end user experience means to pay gas fees you dont need base currency like for token of network like you dont need ethereum , in binance smartchain bnb thats why you can do transactions in base tupon or in broker of clover you can pay gas fees another feature is identity base scheduling , which means how many times , that is how much frequently you will use network based on that you will get discount on fees another feature is cross chain interaction, which is you can transfer your data and assets from one blockchain to other wrapped , unwrapped assets in this trustless manner token back terminology is used next is cross chain explorer you can check your transactions here of binance smartchain, polkadot, bitcoin, ethereum its transaction you can check in crosschain explorer this is clover finance's 5th project which won polkadot parachain auction in this almost 9.7 million DOT are contributed there are almost 11,000 contributors if we observe its worth as of today, which is almost a dot price is 23 dollars, so as of today its price would become around 230 to 250 million price would be around 250 million dollars these dots are stake in clover finance clover finance is mainly trying to solve crosschain transactions i will explain by an example how it solves cross chain transactions in this 2 way back technology is used lest suppose you want transaction from a blockchain to b then assets of blockchain a will be locked and equivalent amount of assets will be received in blockchain b if you again want assets of blockchain a then you have to lock assest in blockchain b, then you will get equivalent no.

Of assets in blockchain a this way 2 way back technology is used this technology is used in trustless manner by clover finance this is called spv simulation technology, in which trustless manner , 2 way back technology is used in this to back out ethereum and bitcoin is used using that you can trnsact from one chain to another and the wallet of clover finance , that available in 3 its web wallet is available and you can browse web wallet and also its mobile wallet is there and extension is also there mobile wallet and extensions will support nft's and web wallet will support remaining all then in this way you can create wallet in clover by going to wallet.clover.finance and if we talk about its features, about clover finance token if we talk about its utility its token is used in opt-in-fees in governance, validation, treasury,nomination and deployment mainly in platform if you want to make tab or develop a app then there clv token is used treasury means if you want to have funds for a project initially, so you can go to treasury and can fund you can select nodes using clv token can participate in key governance by using clover token also can pay transaction fee in clv token and can earn your own nodes by staking clv token this way is clv token's utility clv tokens price, if we observe is running around 0.73 dollars for now and its current rank is 356 and its supply is of 1 million, in this 211billion is in circulation and its market is of 154 million its 24 hrs trading volume is around 8 million and if we see its chronic then its 100% supply 200 million supply went to parachain auction in which 28% of tokens are almost received and remaining 72% of tokens will be unlocked in 23 months and for 1 dot stake you will 100 clv token in which 28 token you might have got if you stake your polkadot and its Parachain Crowdloan Offering you can stake and you can participate in its NFT in it some tokens, which you can see here almost 15% in public sale and 2.5% in private sale 10% alibag 10% teams 7.5% in marketing 20% ecosystem intensive and 12% foundation in this way its supply is divided if we analyze clover finance clv price right now its price is 0.73 dollar and based on this if its 1 billion we see its market it is fully diluted market cap almost upto 730 million dollars approx in this way its market cap is more later if it comes in dip you can checkout because it has lots of potential because the cross chain transaction and interuptibility is more important in complete ecosystem, because d5 is called decentralized only when from one blockchain to other we can migrate assets easily thats why this project is important and if any updates related to this project i will update you in this channel, and if you want to see tutorial regarding clover finance wallet then you can comment and i will make a tutorial and this video is ended now, if you like this video please like and share and to see such videos you can subscribe this channel and if you have any question you can comment and i will try to reply thank you, good bye!

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