i am afraid that too many times we have spent 
so much focus on teaching you to be good seed   that we haven't taught you the power of 
good soil and so when we come to soil issues   the seed ignores the soil we flick the channel 
that has nothing to do with me we closed our   eyes because we have been taught to be good seed 
but we have not been taught to pay attention   to so and yet the bible is clear jesus says 
the sword went forth sowing seed and some fell   by the wayside some fell amongst rocks some fell 
among storage the whole text is about environment look at you and look at your environment   have you been positioned to flourish 
positioning has a lot to do with flourishing   to be in an environment in a family that supports 
you my sister and i were talking the other day   i was telling her what an amazing person she is 
that all of our lives together and and all the   things that god did in my life not once in all 
of the years that i've known her and she was   there when mama had me have i ever known her to 
be jealous of me not once not ever she has always   been my cheerleader my greatest fan and she said 
how could i be jealous of you you're my brother   i said a lot of people have siblings that hate 
them that are jealous of them that hope they choke and some of my development has to be that 
god planted me in an environment of people   that supported me my brother my 
sister my mother my father they all   supported me you can have good seed but if you've been in bad soil people who hated you environments that denied you   education that underserved you communities 
that limited you mentalities that poisoned you oh do you hear what i'm saying if if your soil 
wasn't right it doesn't mean that you're not right   but if your soil wasn't right it's going to affect 
how you root and how you grow and you might grow   a little bit the bible says you can grow for a 
while but then the dawns will choke you out or   the rocks will not have enough soil for your roots 
to grow are you blaming god for something you   ought to be blaming the soil for you cannot take 
a peach seed and plant it in a teaspoon of dirt   and expect it to grow though the teaspoon of 
the dirt is the same size as the peach seed   it will not grow the seed will only grow when 
it is planted in something bigger than itself   and i want to know where are 
you playing it this morning   are you planted in something bigger than you 
or have you always been planted in teacups   surrounded by little dirt little resources 
small-minded people narrow limited places   that never let you stretch to reach your 
capacity sometimes you gotta go where the corn is   do you have the courage to act outwardly 
on what you see inwardly or will you die   a dreamer will you die on the verge and on the 
edge and on in the land of cuda water and sugar this wrong hand rules the roots do you have the courage i'm gonna drop something 
on you it takes courage to be successful   it is far easier not to be successful misery 
will always have company success breeds contempt   if you don't want to make waves be mediocre be 
normal and fit in and if you're more concerned   about people than you are god then neutralize 
everything he put in you just fit in with   everybody else dress like them walk like them 
act like them eat like them go where they go   think like they think do what they do and once 
you've neutralized your uniqueness you don't   need courage it takes courage to be different it 
takes courage to go where you've never gone before   for some of you it took courage to come to this 
conference it takes courage to get you outside   of the bar it takes courage to be successful 
it takes courage to win people don't talk   about people that don't win if you win they're 
going to talk about you do you have the courage   to stand there though the storms keep raising 
and the people get to talking and you stand there   and say i've come too far to turn around that's 
your girlfriend and say do you have the carrots i'm gonna i'm gonna say something to you it takes courage to be exceptional it takes 
courage to be wise it takes courage to be rich   it takes courage to be educated it takes courage 
to be knowledgeable because the moment you do it   you don't talk like you oh you didn't god forgot 
where you came from look at you it takes courage   and i'm just wondering in this weak watered-down 
mediocre society that we live in today   in this reality tv world we live in today 
i'm wondering if there's anybody left that's   got the courage to say after all i've been 
through and all my ancestors have been through   and all my parents have been through 
i didn't come through all of that   just to fit in with normalcy i have the 
courage to go after my dream my challenge   in our generation is that gradually through 
entertainment through television through media   through every way possible we are living in a 
generation of the dumbing down of ideas because   we have traded effectiveness for busyness 
statistics say yeah somebody ought to clap on that we are busier than any other generation we have 
seen in the last three to four hundred years we   are so busy we are we are busier than a wall we've 
been a one-armed wallpaper hangar we're just busy   you'll get it later don't worry about 
it it'll hit you in a minute we are just   as busy as we can be and we think because 
we're busy we're effective but i want you   to challenge your schedule for a minute and ask 
yourself are you are you really being effective   or is your life cluttered with all kinds of stuff 
that demands you and drains you and taxes you   and stops you from being your highest and best 
self and are you substituting busyness and all   the chaos that goes along with business from being 
effective let me tell you a bunch of scientists   got together they begin to do some research and 
they begin to determine that 80 of the things we   do are busy things that we do in an area that is 
not effective that the average person only spends   20 percent of their time doing the thing that they 
are really gifted at created at passionate about   excited to do and the rest of it is all 
the dismal dumb stuff that we all have   to do in order to survive just crazy stuff 
that we're doing wonder what would happen   if we would go from doing 80 of things that are 
busy but not effective and 20 of the things that   are really effective if we would switch those 
numbers around and only give 20 of our time to   the things that we have to do and 80 of our 
time to the thing that we were created to do wonder what would happen to your life now 
think about it a minute i there's a lot of   things you could take from me and i could make 
it you could take my suit i got another one you   could take my car i could get another one you 
could take my house i could get another house   but when you take my time you have taken something 
from me that is totally irreplaceable we take all   kind of classes for money management we we know 
how to manage our money we know how to repair our   houses we're working on our hair and our bodies 
and all of this kind of stuff we do everything   except the most important thing is to value our 
time it takes time to be creative you were meant   to be creative you were created in the likeness 
and the image of a creator and in that likeness   and in that image you have creativity if you had 
time you would be creative but in the absence of   time and with busyness and clutter and people 
you need to following baby you all got music   playing on your phone all kinds of stuff and 
no matter what kind of song you put on after   a while you hate to hear it because every time 
you hear that sound you know it's somebody else   wanting something else from you that's taking you 
away from what you are gifted and creative to do   also if you want to have unstoppable confidence 
self-love and learn from other black leaders   check out my 254 series they're free the links to 
join are in the description below to be anxious is   to have anxiety about something that hadn't even 
happened yet so many times you've thrown big ideas   as small people you are allowing weaknesses 
mistakes traumas who didn't love you who   wasn't there for you who didn't stand by you 
to define you when a person picks this book   up what are you wanting them to get from this i 
want them to understand that you are the architect   of tomorrow i based it on the wright brothers who 
had the audacity to believe that they could build   something that would take them from the ground to 
the air and so they built this without a degree   without having financiers oh you don't 
need an education to make it oh yeah   they didn't let they didn't let any of the 
things that normally stop us i don't have the   money i don't have the capital i don't have the 
manufacturing in fact they built the first plane   in a bicycle shop the other thing that i think is 
important to mention the gravitational pull that   the wright brothers had to break through is a law 
that whatever goes up must come down isaac newton   was absolutely right but they found a higher law 
by pushing the limits on the lower law they found   the law of aerodynamics most entrepreneurs when 
you start building something or you're trying to   build a marriage or you're trying to build a child 
there is a gravitational pull that says you don't   belong up here come down to where you belong wow 
but if you keep pushing against what's pulling   you back you'll break into another law yeah 
god wants you to be excited about your destiny   so that you can endure the process 
that brings you into promise   because there is a process before promise and if 
you don't have at least a vision of the promise   the process will discourage you but every time 
discouragement is trying to get you to give   up the process remember the vision you have of 
the promise and keep on walking around the wall   keep on walking around i'm tired lord 
but i'm gonna walk around this wall   i'm frustrated lord but i'm gonna walk around 
this wall i'm lonely lord but i'm gonna walk   around this wall ministry's not growing but 
i'm gonna walk around this wall thought i'd   be married by now but i'm gonna walk around this 
wall lost the first house applying for the second   house i'm gonna walk around this wall credits 
all jack lord but i'm gonna walk around this wall   i'm trusting you when i can't trace 
you i'm gonna walk around this wall   and lord i am crazy enough to stand in front of 
a solid wall and shout as if it had already come   down let's try that one time let's shout 
as if the walls had already come down people think i often well that's 
for those people over there   or when i get when i get myself together when 
i get myself together i'm gonna live on purpose   but you say it is possible wherever you are right 
now facebook anywhere in the world watching us   that even if you're in the middle of a 
disaster right you can use that disaster   for direction absolutely because it is through 
the disaster it is through the adversity that our   strength is developed if everything went the way 
you wanted it to go you wouldn't have anything to   exercise by it's it's a gymnasium of life where 
you get the workout the resistance you find out   things about yourself that you didn't know i'm 
stronger than i thought i was i'm tougher than   what i thought i was i'm more resilient than i 
thought i was and that self-respect stops you from   being at the mercy of other people to validate 
you to make you feel good about who you are   what is something you'd suggest to add to 
our daily routine to empower ourselves quiet   quiet we're too busy we are so busy that we don't 
notice that we're not productive busy does not   mean that you you are producing if we are just 
spinning our wheels and and the great thinking   and progress that we have made in this country 
steam engines telephones uh automobiles uh all   types of things uh spacecrafts were done by people 
who had moments to think we're moving so fast at   breakneck speed and if we get a free moment we're 
we're on twitter and facebook and everything   it's the death of creativity and i would 
challenge people to to go back to meditation   and and if your spiritual go back to prayer 
if you're not just go back to just laying   still for a moment to clear your head to hit the 
reset button because we are starting every day   with the burdens from yesterday assaulting us 
in today let's put a comma between all of them   i read somewhere as an actor i think said it that 
once a week he doesn't talk doesn't talk all day   yeah just peace yeah yeah just be shut it all down 
and you'd be surprised what you can hear when you   shut up it is not what you think about god that 
is holding you it is what you think about you   that is holding it oh they didn't let me try 
it on them it is not what you think about god   that is holding you you got great thoughts 
about god it is what you think about you   that keeps bringing you back down to playing the 
same role in the same movie over and over again   you will not accept god's script god has a 
script for you to go by you will not accept   god's script because you are allowing weaknesses 
mistakes traumas who didn't love you who wasn't   there for you who didn't stand by you to 
define you and you are letting the enemy   script you for the life jesus died to give you 
have you franchised what works in your life   that's what the second step is so many people 
become fruitful and they say this is working and   i've done this and i've accomplished this but i'm 
not fulfilled at it anymore and i'm frustrated i   wonder why i'm i feel the way i do the reason 
you do because you haven't taken the second   step once it works in a microcosm in a controlled 
environment in this city or that neighborhood or   this place you want to then multiply that which is 
fruitful you want to terminate that which is not   i talk you know i talk you'd be surprised i talk 
a lot when i'm on stage i'm quiet when i'm at home   i'm very quiet when i'm at home 
i tend to be a very quiet person   you gotta balance you can't 
just be rattling all the time it drives me crazy when people talk too much it drives me crazy when they 
just go on and on and on and on   because see i pay attention and in which you're 
not going anywhere with this it drives me crazy   one one of the strengths of preaching is outline 
because the outline gives the listener something   to follow that has structure when you're all over 
the place everything you're saying may be true but   because your message has no focus it becomes hard 
to follow it's hard to follow somebody who doesn't   have focus where are we going with this what 
is the point of what are you talking about get   to the point what is this about and for a while 
you'll listen because you're trying to see if it   has structure and when you figure out that they're 
just talking and it has no relevance you go if you   didn't get a good job you have to create a good 
job come on yeah you have to create a job yeah you have to carve out a niche in the 
earth for yourself and be creative you   must realize that we were created by a creator 
who created us in his likeness and in his image   and if our creator is a creator 
then i have to be creative   somewhere down inside of every single solitary 
person in this room is creativity whether you   tap into it or not we were not meant to follow a 
marching band and follow it behind other people's   creativity and not discover our own you have 
creativity you have passion and you have purpose   and giving people the freedom and the wherewithal 
to to build that i suddenly realized when i sat   down to write this book that uh everything i ever 
experienced i had to build from the ground up   i never inherited anything i mean my father 
gave me a watch and and i appreciate it and uh   you know my parents weren't so much into what 
they left to you but they were masterful at   what they left in you i came to deliver a message 
to every person in this room who's had a struggle   who's had some pains who's had some tests who's 
got some creative ideas but you've gone through   some really tough stuff let me tell you some of 
the stuff you've been through don't pay it any   attention it is just a sign that the baby 
is coming you're on the verge of birthing   you're on the verge of birthing you're on the 
verge of birthing you're about to give birth   i want you to touch everybody you can reach and 
tell them the baby is coming the baby is coming   the baby is coming the baby is coming the baby 
is coming the baby is coming the baby is coming   the baby is coming you don't want to leave me 
now the baby is coming you don't want to walk   out on me now the baby is coming i haven't 
had my best idea yet i haven't had my most   creative moment yet i haven't produced my dream 
yet i don't care whether you're 30 40 50 60 70.   there's something down inside of you that's 
still kicking inside of you that wants to get out   and it wants to live wants to live 
the whole reason you're here today   is because there's something in you that needs to 
be fed that needs to be stirred that needs to be   electrified that needs to be illuminated there's 
something down inside of you crying let me out let me make some noise in this place yes yes yes we are waiting on your water to break   and for you to give birth to the greatest 
idea you have ever had make some noise   anybody who left you is going to miss it   they're going to miss it they're going to miss 
the greatest part of you the greatest part of   your destiny the greatest part of your creativity 
it took everything you went through yesterday to   get you ready for what you are about to do today 
you are standing on the verge of a great awakening   or you wouldn't be here if i'm talking 
to you make some noise in this place   i can't hear you i believe there are businesses in you companies 
in you concepts in you books to be written   paintings to be drawn concepts to be birthed 
ideas creative concepts there's something   that you could do that you could think in your 
life that would radically change your life   somebody could take the hand you've been dealt 
and win with it same circumstances same ideas they   would do it through what they thought about your 
life but we don't need somebody because we got you   we got you you're the one you are the one i want 
you to join hands with somebody for just a minute   i'm telling you right now if you 
are going to birth your dream   your calling your passion and 
the second half of your life   you can't draw back when life gets tough you've 
got to stand up to it and push get that person   by the hand because there's something inside of 
them that is about to happen squeeze their hand and when i count to three i want every man and 
every woman that's got a concept that's got an   idea i want you to push with all of your might 
until dreams and concepts and ideas start to birth   out of you in the middle of the night you're 
gonna need pens and pads by your bed tonight   cause you're gonna have to get up in the middle 
of the night and start writing down all the stuff   that's gonna start coming out of your spirit 
when this day is ready are you ready one two god the people who became the most successful in 
our society are people who broke the rules   you know there was no presidents for 24-hour news 
cycles until ted turner did it there's so many   people who got out of the box uh look at apple 
and the birth of the whole notion of apple or   nike i talk about in the book of the birthing of 
that corporation how they did something with the   tennis shoe that had never been done before if 
you only base your decisions on empirical data   you can only repeat what somebody else 
already did if you follow your instincts   and your own god-given creativity we could 
go where we have not been before be strong   and very courageous be strong and very courageous 
be strong and be of good courage be strong   and possess the land because god knows that for 
what you're going to do it is not by our strength you understand you understand she helped 
me preach this thing this morning girl   it's inner strength so my fourth point is 
you got to have inner strength for this fight   it's not your outer strength it's not by might 
nor by power but by my spirit saith the lord   so you got to have that inner that 
inner that inner that god strength and   belly strength that devil defined come hell of 
high water stream that rolled me out in front of   them and i'll preach from a chair strength that 
tenacity to take a licking and keep on taking   that inner strength that well i can't do as 
i would i'm gonna do as i can but i'm not strong strong strong strong since we're talking 
about business we're talking about money   you can't be tribal and be a global thinker 
at the same time the reason money is called   currency is that it needs to be able to flow 
and the issue is do you have a vision that   flows beyond people who look like you dress 
like you and vote like you and if you're going   to do business you can't do segregated business 
and do it well if you've got a product that you   believe in or message that you believe in or a 
movie that you believe in or whatever it is you   want to reach the broadest amount of people 
and most people think probably all of their   relationships their contacts their associates 
are tribal and you block the ability to succeed   when you block the ability to communicate 
beyond your tribe life demands that you pick   up the pace if you don't pick up the pace you're 
gonna be left behind i'm amazed at the people   that like the flexibility to pick up the pace 
they just get in the red i stroll down here   and i'm gonna stroll back i'm gonna stroll over 
here i'm gonna stroll over there one of the most   amazing things about the disaster at malaysia is 
that when it happened everybody had to pick up   the pace all the news media had to pick up the 
pace they were booking night flights and flying   over here and flying over there somebody had 
to work overtime won't be home for three days   typing in the middle of the night research 
going on because when something happens   everybody gotta pick up the page that's why i 
can't deal with people who cannot pick up the pace   don't be strolling when i got a 9-1-1 on 
you i need people who can pick up the page flap your name and say pick up the pace something 
is about to happen pick up the pace something's   about to happen pick up the pace something is 
about to happen pick up the pace something is   about to happen pick up the pace something is 
about to happen pick up the pace something's   about to happen i came to tell the young 
people pick up the pace pick up the pace   pick up the pace something is about to 
happen the danger of low expectations i would rather aim for the stars and not hit them 
than to not aim at all i would rather go after it   and not get it than not go after it at all i'd 
rather try and fail than not try at all i don't   want to live with the idea wonder what would 
have happened had i done more with my life i'm   gonna go for it coming or have water i'm going 
after my destiny touch your neighbor and say run   you gotta run after your destiny you can't 
stroll after your destiny you can't walk   after your destiny you gotta run somebody 
holler wrong you gotta run you gotta run   you gotta run you can't just wake up in the 
morning let me see what's gonna happen today   i don't know what i'm gonna do i don't know what 
i'm gonna wear i don't know what i'm gonna cook   i don't know where i'm gonna go i just woke 
up oh you should stay in the bed give the day   to somebody who's gonna run after their destiny 
give the day to somebody who has a plan who has   a strategy because success is never an accident 
and if you don't want it get out of my way because   there are some people who want to do something 
with their life who will run so many times you   have a modicum of talent in an area maybe just 
enough talent to appreciate people who are really   called to that area it doesn't mean that you need 
to necessarily go out and do that thing you must   understand that the purpose is is the underlying 
uh chemistry that makes you live your life it may   not be you may not have a strong talent let me 
give an example because i'm messing mine up let   me give you an example i have talent as a musician 
i can play the piano not well enough to be maestro   but i have a modicum of talent in that area but 
that was not my purpose it but many many times we   start working in an area that we have talent but 
it's not our purpose i tell my kids this you may   start out doing something that is not the thing 
you were created to do it may only be the thing   that leads to the thing you were created to do 
you understand what i'm saying so so you can't   don't stop at where you are as if it were the 
destination when in fact in reality it may be the   transportation that brings you into that thing 
you were created the fifth thing that i really   ascribe to is balance work with play you can't do 
all of either one and be successful and to those   who much has given much is required and if you 
work really hard you're really diligent person   make sure that you do some play to balance your 
life out if you play real hard but you don't work   very much you're gonna be fun but you're gonna be 
hungry you know what i'm saying you got to balance   work with play you have to balance that with your 
children if you're always a disciplinarian your   daddy gonna get you when you get on i don't want 
to always be the police in the house yeah i want   to be the fun guy sometimes balancing work with 
play calls it's not only for you to be holistic   but for people to get a better perspective of 
who you are i get on my instagram and i put crazy   stuff my kids die i i just yesterday i put me 
sweating in the gym saying they said it's going to   be fun but it hadn't gotten fun yet you know yeah 
you know to let people know that everything is not   serious every day that's too much pressure we've 
got way too much pressure on us to be the people   we were created to be listen listen clearly 
i want to pronounce a benediction on every   grieving weeping depressed lonely frustrated 
tired spirit your period of mourning is over touch your girlfriend your sister girl your 
cousin or me mall and tell her i cried my   last tear yesterday yesterday i cried my last 
tear yesterday i cried my last tear yesterday   i cried my last tear yesterday i cried my last 
tear yesterday you can send them flowers back   you can give that sympathy card back you can stop 
looking at me all pitiful you can stop seeing me   as charity i got my strength back i got my fight 
back i got my drive back i got my focus back   glory to god i'm forgetting those things which 
are behind and reaching to those things which are   before i got some press down in me yeah yeah shake 
your sister girl so i got some pressure in me   that's how i got in here tonight 
i got some press down in me   that's why i'm watching on television i got 
some press down at me i got some fight in me if   you don't believe i got some press in me look 
back in my history and ask the folk who asked   the people who said i would never make it i got 
some press in me i made it without it i made it   make relationships count making your relationships 
count because everything is about relationships   you're first of all your relationship with god 
you're that's a very important thing to have   because as long as you know that there's somebody 
in charge you don't have to bear the brunt of the   responsibility and the weight of what's going on 
in your life you can talk to the boss okay number   two enjoy your relationship with yourself if you 
don't like you it makes it hard for me to like   you because people when you walk into their 
atmosphere they draw you into the cosmos of   their own drama and if they're full of drama 
without you when you come in you become   caught up in the cyclone of their drama enjoy your 
relationship with yourself and then anybody else   who comes in they enter into a party you already 
started you understand yeah yeah and then the the   relationship with your kids the relationship with 
your spouse the relationship with your friends   taking time to enjoy the relationships because 
there is no fruit nature teaches us that there   is no fruit without relationships you cannot be 
fruitful by yourself in business in home not in   life in church i don't care what it is you are no 
more than the relationships you surround yourself   with and make sure that those a good one you call 
comfort in your book a cage comfort in the cage   we used to be pioneers that's how the country was 
settled and and we stopped pioneering new things   we we stay where it's comfortable we play where 
it's safe we we don't really get out into the   wild of the possibilities we stay in the confined 
cage of that that is uh tangible and touchable   nine to five and that's it but we need more 
creativity and we need to follow our instincts   now without that you you may make some money but 
you won't find fulfillment always go to something   bigger than yourself i'm wondering 
if you've been defeated because   you have been giving yourself holy to 
something that was too small to hold you have you trust yourself into a glass of water   have you leaped off the diving 
board into a cereal bowl person are you not guilty of immersing yourself into 
things that were too small to hold your vision oh my god this so good i'm gonna get the cd myself jesus sent him to throw himself into 
something that was bigger than his condition   and he had to go to get to it he 
had to get out of his comfort zone   my problem is so many times you've thrown big 
ideas as small people you've given big commitment   to cereal bowl people and you're trying to get 
your site back from a source that's too small   to support what you're willing to put in 
is your investment bigger than the bank you should see the way you're looking at me is 
your is the reason you keep being disappointed   by people is that you have wholly thrown 
yourself into something that was too small jesus sends him to something that is 
bigger than himself so he can wash   his eye are you trying to take a bath in a bowl 
david was a shepherd boy out there trying to   take care of the sheep and didn't have nothing to 
work with and a lion came against him and and he   took a rag and said this is the kind of stuff 
you make to fight back with when you don't have   nothing to fight with have you ever gotten to a 
fight and you didn't have nothing to fight with   but you took what you had and you said such as 
i have i'm not gonna let you take my stuff my   job my opportunity my life my family's legacy you 
after my family's legacy i'm not gonna let you do   it and even though i don't have nothing fancy to 
fight with like a degree or like a million dollars   or like a bunch of friends but i'm gonna roll 
up what i got and i'm gonna throw it at you you kill the lion and kill the bear with this rag this rag whole dirty rag had thrown rocks 
and everything that ever come against you   if you live long enough a lot 
of stuff will come against you and you gotta you gotta throw what you got at it you can't throw what you wish you had you can't 
throw what your neighbor had you got to throw   what you got at it that's what separates the 
men from the boys because you you got to throw   what you got at it if you don't don't tell me that 
you want something if you're not willing to throw   what you got at it number one you have to own 
your own happiness uh take it away from other   people demanding that they make you happy your 
kids are not going to make you happy your spouse   is not going to make you happy a big house is not 
going to make you happy own your own happiness and   be responsible for doing those things that bring 
joy into your own heart independently of life and   people and money and all of that stuff it doesn't 
necessarily give you happiness you have to take   responsibility of that peace and that joy that 
lives inside of your heart and not inside of your   stuff when i was in south africa on a safari i was 
blessed to be on a safari after i had taught for   a group of black billionaires a seminar about 
faith and finances and uh they detained me over   and gave me the the privilege of staying uh out 
at j paul getty's place out there in the middle of   the jungle somewhere and to go on a safari with 
my son it was amazing so there i am in between a   zoologist who is giving me all of this information 
about all the animals their habitats and mating   practices how they live how they operate and 
sitting on the edge of the jeep with a shotgun   to protect us we weren't hunting 
we're just watching was a zulu   zulu says nothing at all the zoologist explains 
all the animals and we visit all the different   places and see a lot of the animals but we had not 
found the elephant he explained the elephant but   he could not find him finally the zulu stood up 
and he put his finger in there and he pointed up   he said the elephant is over there when he said it 
to me my head exploded larry it exploded because   all of a sudden i realized i'm sitting between 
intellect and instinct intellect can describe it   but only instinct can find it and from the premise 
of that ideology i begin to go back through all of   my life and begin to see not only me but others 
how if they position themselves between intellect   and instinct and know when to yield to which 
one that next big thing whether it's an elephant   an entrepreneurial pursuit or raising a family it 
is simply over there if you follow your instinct   to be anxious is to have anxiety about 
something that hadn't even happened yet   some of you are so worried about the threat of 
trouble you're not in trouble it's just that   trouble has threatened you and the threat 
of what might happen what could happen it's wearing you now half of the things that you 
thought were going to happen never did happen   but if you allow those thoughts to dwell in your 
mind it will succeed at robbing you of your peace   robbing you of your joy robbing you of 
your life just because you fought yourself   into a nervous breakdown you dumped yourself into 
depression you thought yourself into defeatism   the mind is the battleground the fight is in 
your mind so i want to challenge you to waste   no more effort wrestling with other 
people i never wanted to be uh famous   i prayed to be effective wow yeah i afraid to 
be affected and you were and you are you know   paul i found out that if you are effective 
effective will bring fame a fame is not anything   to be uh famous not anything to inspire 
toward it is something that you endure   yeah it's something that you endure fame 
robs you of something that money cannot buy   normalcy privacy uh seclusion which is a 
healthy part of mental health to be able   to have sabbaticals away from crowds even jesus 
escaped crowds at times to renew himself so to all   of you that are that may be out there thinking you 
know god make me famous change that prayer today   uh it's far better to be effective and i tell 
people all the time everybody famous isn't great   and everybody graded and famous a lot of people 
are afraid to build from the ground up because we   are shown instant success yes overnight wonders 
yes somebody put something on youtube and they   exploded and now they're famous and then we 
got people who are famous for being famous   it used to be you were famous because you 
were you did something now you're just   famous you're just famous and we got everybody 
who wants to walk around and just be famous   but but the first thing god said wasn't 
be famous it was be fruitful right be   fruitful yes and if being fruitful 
makes you famous and that's okay   as a young boy i was enthralled by airplanes 
and the wonder of whether i would ever embark   on a flight that would carry me to new exciting 
adventures and a life of limitless possibilities   i came to know i had the power within me to soar 
and that has made all the difference in my life   flying for the first time is a lot like 
creating your own business launching a startup   or establishing a non-for-profit organization 
both require a leap of faith and a willingness   to take a journey of unexpected variables in 
other words both require a little bit of crazy   and a whole lot of courage don't let fear 
hold you back from doing what you truly love   commit to your vision and be the ceo of your 
future enjoy the journey not the destination   a lot of us delay our happiness when i get to 
this level when i get my degree when i get the   kids when i get married i'm gonna be happy enjoy 
the journey enjoy the whole step the whole process   every day that you get up to strive for whatever 
it is you're after you know i'm a goal-oriented   guy yeah but you don't celebrate when you get 
to the finish line celebrate all along the way   celebrate all along the way now i've got a really 
special bonus clip that i think you're gonna enjoy   but before that it's time for the question 
of the day i wanna know what was your single   biggest takeaway from this video and write down 
in the comments below when you're going to take   action on that takeaway this week when you 
schedule in what day what time and what   place you're going to take action you have 
a 91 chance of actually following through   compared to just 35 if you just got motivated but 
never created a plan and when you share your plan   and have accountability you give yourself an 
even higher chance of following through so in   the comments below write down your single biggest 
takeaway as well as your specific plan of action   because i want to celebrate with you let's 
talk about the eagles for a minute because   the the mother eagle after sitting 
on eggs protecting it with her life   until they hatch and going out 
and swimming and attacking prey   and bringing back food until they grow then 
turns around the same beak that fed them   and the same body that warms them takes him 
out to cliffs and throws him over the edge   it is not that she has turned against her children   but she knows that they will 
never find their wings in safety the eaglet learns to fly by confronting its scary 
place and it's not even trying to fly it's falling   and flapping and thinking mama is crazy 
i'm calling child protective services   i gotta get out of this but in the process of 
falling and flapping and falling and flapping and   falling and flapping and flapping and flapping and 
flapping come on flapping and flapping flopping

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