Daily Defi #160: InstaDapp Lending Decentralized Finance Altcoin $INST Token Analysis (Crypto News)

welcome back to daily d5 today we're focusing on instagram now this is risen out of the top decentralized finance all coins that we track every single day in this daily d5 series here on d5 pulse you can see use what used to be number one number two number three was compound maker right here and uh ave was that number three spot but now insta-app has pushed up above compound just even yesterday it was above maker so insta-app has really risen to this top spot that's why today we're focusing in on what instant app is exactly sometimes we take a break from these kind of daily news stories the top decentralized finance old coins all these different things that we talk about on a daily basis on daily d5 sometimes we do have to take a break from that and that's what today is all about so instant app over here you can see this is when you actually click click on the instadap uh token here on coin on market cap um or sorry on d5 pulse um what you can see here is the total stats here around 6.46 billion dollars is locked in in east it's about 3 million and eth around 191 k in bitcoin i'm so interesting to look at they basically describe themselves as a smart wallet um with an into intuitive interface okay so cutting out the [ __ ] basically what insta app is all about is aggregating all these different things that you have in the decentralized finance market with all the different options right so it can be a bit overwhelming to look at okay what are the options on compound what are the options on maker what are the options on ave right so all these different things basically what layer two solutions provide is this the situation where essentially it will able to aggregate what is the best opportunity with the lowest risk right so you're always balancing risk and reward and in for investing especially like the type of investing that i do where i'm always looking at global investment strategies not just inside of crypto but in emerging markets and commodities and stocks and whatever it is that's what i look at and in today's video we're really focusing on how inside app is basically innovating in that space and really what they're doing is they're really automating this process so an amm or an automated market maker kind of does the work for you right so either you can go out and do your own research into all these projects which by the way whenever you're researching an amm to delegate the the uh the process for you you have to do your own research so with instant app i highly recommend you watch the video linked down below in the description talking about how to do your own research this is the most important thing and i cannot recommend this enough you need to understand that this is your own responsibility nobody's going to hold your hand in this process nobody nobody's going to call the cops on you as as we're hitting this uh siren here uh into belizea georgia we're not nobody's going to call the cops on here hopefully that ends here in a little bit but uh anyways uh that's the main thing right so it's your own responsibility that's the number one thing you have to remember here is uh whenever you're researching a project you need to make sure you're taking the own responsibility into your hands so it's all going through what is the actual like github what is the actual white paper what all these different things you can see that here on all things instant app which i highly recommend you checking out this blog for the sake of this video we're not going into in two depth detail because i'm kind of switching the daily d5 series to more five-minute style um episodes versus the 10-minute style you can let me know in the comments first of all what you think about uh instant app and then second of all which thing about daily d5 switching back to what we used to be on you know when i first started the series when i was in kosovo in the beautiful balkan region now i'm currently in in georgia kind of touring around some more of like eastern europe and heading to uh armenia and then ukraine and estonia next uh all looking at kind of real estate here but um let me know in the comments what you think five minute episodes or ten minute episodes that's what i'm curious on what you prefer this series again i plan to do for a very very long time so uh even if we have some problems in the short term i don't really care because uh it's a long term for me so moving on here to the actual in-stamp sites uh we're gonna have all links down below in the description by the way so make sure you're checking out the official links not some like not just searching instant app and then clicking on some like scammy website go make sure you're on the official links link down below in the description so they're basically talking about building decentralized finance infrastructure we've talked about this uh maybe we'll make a follow-up video on this but um we'll we'll finish it out here with the inst token um the inside app token about one thousand people two thousand one thousand two hundred people like this um it's right around three dollars and twenty six cents mark cap is sixty million dollars trading volume ninety nine thousand dollars so very very low in daily trading volume keep in mind this guys you know in the contrast of compound and maker and ave right so all these top dogs in the d5 space instant app is pushed up there in their all-time lows significantly all-time lows when they're first listed they were on 24 now they're looking at um what three dollars three dollars and seventy one cents so keep this in mind guys that's basically all for this daily d5 let me know what products you want me to uh to kind of like dig in deep on moving forward again these daily d5 series are more kind of short-term uh you know shorter versions of a long-term series on any individual project so let me know that down below in the description uh in the comments section so that's all for this one if you enjoyed it like hit the like button subscribe to the channel stay up to date hit the notification bell click all always join the telegram group link down below in the description that's all for this one invest global until next time enjoy your day

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